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May 6, 20

St. Marys Challenger departs South Chicago Thursday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-5-5-11-lgDSC-0662.jpg (72094 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger clears Torrence Ave. bridge after leaving winter layup in Lake Calumet.
Stmarchall-5-5-11-lgDSC-0670.jpg (60229 bytes)
Rounding Cargill Bend.
Stmarchall-5-5-11-lgDSC-0708.jpg (66603 bytes)
Passing CSL Laurentien loading at KCBX at 7:40 p.m.
Stmarchall-5-511-lgDSC-0746.jpg (82184 bytes)
Clear of NS 5 bridges she approaches 95th before a storm hits.
Stmarchall-5-5-11-lgDSC-0759.jpg (56174 bytes)
Clear of 95th St.
Stmarchall-5-5-11-lgDSC-0762.jpg (32808 bytes)
Coming through 92nd St. bend heading for Lake Michigan.

Toledo docks -
Steven Feher
pierson5-5-11-sf4.jpg (98911 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson just finished last hatch at #4 coal machine
pierson5-5-11-sf5.jpg (82655 bytes)
Apron going up.
pierson5-5-11-sf9.jpg (54264 bytes)
Pulling out.
pierson5-5-11-sf13.jpg (55204 bytes) paulmartin5-5-11-sf.jpg (68923 bytes)
Rt. Hon Paul Martin unloading ore at Torco then Coming over to #4 for a load of coal.

Bay Shipbuilding Tuesday -
Charlie Nelson
Wide-view-of-Bayship.jpg (75982 bytes) St.-Clair-getting-work-done..jpg (63316 bytes) John-J.-Boland-in-lay-up..jpg (55400 bytes) American-Courage-getting-a-fresh-coat-of-paint..jpg (94466 bytes) Newly-painted-bow-of-the-American-Courage.jpg (59642 bytes)
McKee-Sons-in-lay-up..jpg (79116 bytes) Invincible-out-of-the-notch..jpg (70931 bytes) Engines-sitting-in-Bayship.-Possibly-from-the-Gott1..jpg (99940 bytes) Spare-Rudder-for-the-Roger-Blough.jpg (95878 bytes) Mobile-Bay-leaving-to-do-work-in-the-Bay-of-Green-Bay.jpg (72236 bytes)

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
marquette5-5-11-lr-(2).jpg (82665 bytes)
Joseph Thompson unloading stone in Marquette
marquette5-5-11-lr-(1).jpg (83326 bytes) marquette5-5-11-lr-(4).jpg (54305 bytes)
Kaye E Barker approaching windy Marquette
marquette5-5-11-lr-(3).jpg (45087 bytes)  

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-challenge-05-05-11-rb.jpg (74140 bytes)
Sichem Challenge slides the wall below Iroquois Lock.
2-sapphire-05-05-11-rb.jpg (69282 bytes)
Songa Sapphire in the bay below Iroquois Lock.

Hon. James L. Oberstar at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1hjlo_5_3_11_rb.jpg (85311 bytes)
Loading ore at sunset

Algoma Spirit entering the St. Clair River from Lake Huron -
David Kaye
2-Algoma-Spirit-5-5-11-dk.jpg (74660 bytes)        

Ships at Peru -
Bill Hoey
25-Rotterdam5-4-11wah.jpg (41267 bytes)
Cruise ship Rotterdam in from Fort Lauderdale.
21-Pisac5-3-11wah.jpg (77107 bytes)
Harbor tug Pisac
22-PilppoBrunelleschi5-3-11wah.jpg (67944 bytes)
Suction dredge Pilppo Brunelleschi
24-MorningChristina5-3-11wah.jpg (47809 bytes)
Auto carrier Morning Christina
23-CapJackson5-3-11wah.jpg (131136 bytes)
Hamburg Sud container ship Cap Jackson

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