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May 9, 20

Cuyahoga arriving at Sombra, Ontario Sunday -  George Lee
Cuyahoga-05-08-11-gl.jpg (85032 bytes) Cuyahoga-05-08-11-gl.61.jpg (79447 bytes) Cuyahoga-05-08-11-gl62.jpg (85854 bytes) Cuyahoga-05-08-11-gl63.jpg (72452 bytes) Cuyahoga-05-08-11-gl66.jpg (58796 bytes)

Soo Locks -
 Lee Rowe
soo-5-8-11-lr-(3).jpg (50910 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(2).jpg (51452 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(5).jpg (61233 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(6).jpg (73813 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(9).jpg (75830 bytes)
soo-5-8-11-lr-(4).jpg (77401 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(12).jpg (69664 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(13).jpg (56753 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(14).jpg (43971 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(15).jpg (71562 bytes)
soo-5-8-11-lr-(18).jpg (60239 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(19).jpg (65070 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(10).jpg (69791 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(11).jpg (74382 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(1).jpg (56483 bytes)
soo-5-8-11-lr-(21).jpg (64503 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(16).jpg (50883 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(17).jpg (62304 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(8).jpg (57677 bytes) soo-5-8-11-lr-(7).jpg (65201 bytes)
soo-5-8-11-lr-(20).jpg (48185 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-eylul-4-27-11-pb.jpg (77775 bytes)
Eylul K below Lock 1.
2-eylul-4-27-11-pb.jpg (64060 bytes)
Making her way toward Lake Ontario.
3-eylul-4-27-11-pb.jpg (58177 bytes)
Pilot change below Lock 1.
4-algsp-4-29-11-pb.jpg (57620 bytes)
Algoma Spirit and Sea Eagle II pass above Lock 7.
5-algsp-4-29-11-pb.jpg (55943 bytes)
Algoma Spirit above Lock 7.
6-algwd-4-29-11-pb.jpg (58170 bytes)
Algowood clear of the Glendale bridge and approaching Lock 4 west.
7-lkont-4-29-11-pb.jpg (55063 bytes)
Lake Ontario changing pilots below Lock 1.
8-lkont-4-29-11-pb.jpg (60735 bytes)
Until this month she was the Federal Manitou.
9-isold-4-29-11-pb.jpg (57913 bytes)
Isolda approaching Lock 1, upbound.
10-phone-4-29-11-pb.jpg (123423 bytes)
Big windstorm the day before did all sorts of damage in the area, including to this relic of pre-cell phone era.  The one still standing is for small craft to call the Seaway and arrange their transits through the canal.

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Algoma-Spirit-05-08-11-mb.jpg (56230 bytes)
Algoma Spirit on the hook in Prescott anchorage
2-Vale-&-Sichem-Challenge-05-08-11-mb.jpg (61670 bytes)
Vale & Sichem Challenge meet at the Gallop Canal
3-Vale-05-08-11-mb.jpg (86355 bytes)
Vale up approaching Prescott
4-BBC-Oregon-05-08-11-mb.jpg (105691 bytes)
BBC Oregon secured in the Iroquois Lock
5-BBC-Oregon-05-08-11-mb.jpg (88895 bytes)
BBC Oregon below the Iroquois Lock
6-Sichem-Challenge-05-08-mb.jpg (89400 bytes)
Sichem Challenge secured in the Iroquois Lock
7-Sichem-Challenge-05-08-11-mb.jpg (95927 bytes)
Sichem Challenge below the Iroquois Lock
8-Algoma-Spirit-05-08-11-mb.jpg (85046 bytes)
Algoma Spirit underway at Prescott Elevator
9-Norman-McLeod-&-Everlast-05-08-11-mb.jpg (75909 bytes)
Norman Mcleod & Everlast down at Prescott
10-Tim-S-Dool-05-08-11-mb.jpg (78877 bytes)
Tim S Dool down at Prescott

Saturday - Mike Nicholls
STMARYSCONQUESTb29050711mn.jpg (85918 bytes)
St Marys Conquest and Prentiss Brown loading at the St. Marys Cement Plant at Charlevoix.
KEWEENAWSTARb21050711mn.jpg (74341 bytes)
Keweenaw Star in Round Lake, Charlevoix Harbor.
MEGHANBb22050711mn.jpg (83909 bytes)
Tug Meghan B at the Irish Boat Yard, Lake Charlevoix.
EMERALDISLEb01050711mn.jpg (44452 bytes)
Emerald Isle inbound Charlevoix, MI on a hazy day.
EMERALDISLEs08050711mn.jpg (35955 bytes)

Erie Canal tugs -
Jason LaDue
Pittsford-Erie-Canal-Albion-NY-5-8-2011-sm-J-LaDue.jpg (173118 bytes)
Pittsford at Albion, NY
Pittsford-port-Erie-Canal-Albion-NY--5-8-2011-sm-J-LaDue.jpg (194451 bytes)
Pittsford one of four sister tugs owned by the Canal Corp
Pittsford-Stern-sm-Erie-Canal-Albion-NY-J-LaDue.jpg (199865 bytes) Lockport-Erie-Canal-Spencerport-NY-5-8-2011sm-JLaDue.jpg (164730 bytes)
Lockport at Spencerport, NY

Buffalo, N.Y. -
 Brian W.
1-Lynn-5-8-11-BW.jpg (100897 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn in the notch of her barge A-397 while transiting the Buffalo Main Entrance Channel as they head inbound from the lake past the Outer Harbor Seawalls.
2-Lynn-5-8-11-BW.jpg (132589 bytes)
Passing the breakwater off the Erie Basin as they head through the Black Rock Canal Entrance Channel. The remains of the old Horse Shoe Reef Light can be seen half way out in the Niagara River.
3-Lynn-5-8-11-BW.jpg (80868 bytes)
Pushing from the notch of her barge as she starts her turn to Port to line up with the channel going into the Black Rock Canal. The Canadian shore at Fort Erie, Ontario can be seen in the background.
4-Lynn-5-8-11-BW.jpg (79437 bytes)
Lined up on the buoys that the Lynn is going to head through to get to the first turn near the Peace Bridge in Buffalo.

Tugs and barges at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
2Victjlk_5_6_11_rb.jpg (125053 bytes)
Victory and James L. Kuber in for ore
1jht_5_5_11_rb.jpg (116718 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson unloading stone into the hopper

Calumet off Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Calmt-BCM-5-8-11-01.jpg (83080 bytes)
Calumet turning in the bay
Calmt-BCM-5-8-11-02.jpg (94287 bytes)
backing towards Lafarge

Saturday at the Welland -
Bill Bird
1-BBC-Oregon-05-07-11-a-bb.jpg (67180 bytes)
BBC Oregon heading to Lock 7
2-BBC-Oregon-05-07-11-b-bb-.jpg (62373 bytes)
Stern view
3-Algosteel-05-07-a-bb.jpg (48485 bytes)
Algosteel at Allanburg
4-Algosteel-05-07-11-b-bb.jpg (74261 bytes)
Salute from the skipper as she passes through Bridge 11
5-Birchglen-05-07-11-a-bb.jpg (51096 bytes)
Birchglen heading to Lock 3
6-Birchglen-05-07-11-b-bb.jpg (57534 bytes) 7-Atlantic-Huron-05-07-11-a-bb.jpg (69770 bytes)
Atlantic Huron clear of Lock 2 heading to Nova Scotia.  
8-Atlantic-Huron-05-07-11-b-bb.jpg (61401 bytes)    

Toledo Docks Saturday
- Steven Feher
American-Mariner-5-7-11-sf.jpg (68093 bytes)
 American Mariner loading at #4 coal machine
American-Mariner-5-7-11-sf4.jpg (106756 bytes) H-Lee-White4-7-11-sf.jpg (93277 bytes)
H Lee White waiting for the Mariner to finish

Samuel de Champlain and Innovation inbound Green Bay Saturday -
Wendell Wilke
innovI0001.jpg (73640 bytes)
Transiting the Walnut St. Bridge on her way to the Mason St. Bridge
innovII0001.jpg (67750 bytes)
Approaching the Mason St. Bridge
innovIII0001.jpg (71830 bytes)
Stopped facing the Mason St. Bridge.

Cleveland Saturday -
Paul Magyar
1-AMERICAN-CENTURY-5-7-11-PM.jpg (52294 bytes)
Passing the lighthouse on her way out to the Lake.
2-AMERICAN-CENTURY-5-7-11-PM.jpg (34171 bytes)
American Century departing the Cleveland Bulk Terminal after unloading taconite.
3-AMERICAN-CENTURY-5-7-11-PM.jpg (42816 bytes)
Approaching the old Coast Guard Station

Chemtrans Havel passing Loyalist Park below the lock at Iroquois -
Ron Beaupre
1-havel-07-05-11-rb.jpg (61183 bytes)        

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