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May 11, 20

Iroquois and Mariatown- Ron Beaupre
1-bouchard-10-05-11-rb.jpg (73820 bytes)
Barge B NO 210 pushed by tug Frederick E. Bouchard slides the wall at Iroquois.
2-bouchard-10-05-11-rb.jpg (83278 bytes)
Frederick E Bouchard is on her first trip into the Lakes.
3-bouchard-10-05-11-rb.jpg (97735 bytes)
Frederick E. Bouchard has twin engines. She was built in 1975 at New Orleans.
4-soley-10-05-11-rb.jpg (59021 bytes)
Soley-2 heads down the Seaway at Mariatown.
5-soley-10-05-11-rb.jpg (55751 bytes)
Soley-2 sails past Mariatown.
6-zélada-10-05-11-rb.jpg (42809 bytes)
Zelada Desgagnes sails up the Seaway at Mariatown.
7-zélada-10-05-11-rb.jpg (86712 bytes)
Cabin & stack detail.
8-zélada-10-05-11-rb.jpg (50570 bytes)
Sails into the sunset.

Port Dover
- John McCreery
1-Lef-Dover-5-5-11-jm.jpg (78596 bytes)
The aptly named tug Lef-Dover
2-Frisky-5-5-11-jm.jpg (95212 bytes)
Tug Frisky
3-NoName-5-5-11-jm.jpg (132708 bytes)
Don't have a name for this one
4-R&G-5-5-11-jm.jpg (93689 bytes)
R&G backing into her slip
5-JamesD-5-5-11-jm.jpg (88210 bytes)
James D
6-JHMisner-5-5-11-jm.jpg (136773 bytes)
J H Misner
7-Angler-5-5-11-jm.jpg (107531 bytes)
8-MrMinor-5-5-11-jm.jpg (102904 bytes)
Mr Minor
9-TJamesT-5-5-11-jm.jpg (104029 bytes)
 T James T
10-Ironfish-5-5-11-jm.jpg (107580 bytes)

Chemtrans Havel in the Cheboygan River Tuesday -
Fred Stone
DSCN2789.jpg (66905 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel at US Oil Terminal
DSCN2790.jpg (61285 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel stern view
DSCN2791.jpg (77606 bytes)    

Chemtrans Havel in Cheboygan River -
Dianne Donati
Chemtrans-Havel-1-5-10-11-dd.jpg (105664 bytes)
Chemtrans-Havel-2-5-10-11-dd.jpg (56583 bytes)
Chemtrans-Havel-3-5-10-11-dd.jpg (87124 bytes) Chemtrans-Havel-5-10-11-dd.jpg (58547 bytes)  

Stephen B Roman unloading at Premier Concrete in Windsor.  She is tied to the barge Metis -Mike Nicholls
ROMANSTEPHENBb03051011mn.jpg (58557 bytes) ROMANSTEPHENBs04051011mn.jpg (63310 bytes)      

Frontenac in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Tuesday -
Dianne Donati
FRONTENAC-5-10-11-dd.jpg (117155 bytes)        

Stone being placed at the bottom of the power canal at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. May 5
- Nathan Gregorich
01.SSMPowerCanelWork.5.5.11.NJG.jpg (86362 bytes)
Stone being place at bottom of canal.
25.SSMPowerCanelWork.5.5.11.NJG.jpg (78081 bytes)
Bucket into the water.
28.SSMPowerCanelWork.5.5.11.NJG.jpg (113464 bytes)
Placing the stone.
34.SSMPowerCanelWork.5.5.11.NJG.jpg (114645 bytes)
That load is in place
44.SSMPowerCanelWork1.5.5.11.NJG.jpg (85393 bytes)
Barge moving to load more stone
47.SSMPowerCanelWork.5.5.11.NJG.jpg (88238 bytes)
Loading the barge

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