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May 12 - 13, 20

St. Marys River Thursday - Roger LeLievre
Algoway5-12-11rl.jpg (57785 bytes)
Algoway upbound at Nine Mile.
CanProvider-5-12-11rl-1.jpg (64859 bytes)
Canadian Provider in the Mac Lock. She is still wearing Upper Lakes colors.
CanProvider-5-13-11rl-2.jpg (38103 bytes)
Canadian Provider exits the lock. This picture was taken with a small Nikon Coolpix that fits between the fence bars, with a rotatable LCD screen for viewing. The fence will not allow the use of larger cameras with long lenses.
Desgagnes,-Sedna-5-12-11rl.jpg (68924 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes upbound.
Federal-Maas-5-12-11rl.jpg (53241 bytes)
Federal Maas downbound at dusk.
Federal-Maas-5-12-11rl2.jpg (60889 bytes)
Sun sets behind the Federal Maas.
Jackson,-HC-5-12-11rl.jpg (50361 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson upbound with limestone.
Viewing-Platform.jpg (74744 bytes)
Work continues on the new viewing platform. It looks as if the lower level will be fronted entirely by Plexiglas but the upper level may only have Plexiglas in the middle.

Detroit River Thursday -
 Ken Borg
chiefshingwauk-5-12-11-kb.jpg (99081 bytes)
Chief Shingwauk under the Ambassador Bridge
. Going to the Thousand Island area.
chiefshingwauk-b-5-12-11-kb.jpg (140487 bytes) metis-5-12-11-kb.jpg (28431 bytes)
Metis with tug Tony Mackay
departing Windsor, Ont going to Hamilton, Ont.

J.W. Shelley leaving Lock 1 Wednesday -
Rob Hartley
JWShelley-5-11-11-rh-(2).jpg (77423 bytes) JWShelley-5-11-11-rh-(3).jpg (91261 bytes) JWShelley-5-11-11-rh-(1).jpg (99804 bytes)    

W N Twolan downbound for Prescott at Brockville with two grain barges - N Vandervoort
1-Twolan-11-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (77145 bytes) 2-Twolan-11-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (79165 bytes) 3-Twolan-11-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (78834 bytes)    

Federal Ems passing Mariatown
- Ron Beaupre
2-fedems11-05-11-rb.jpg (44328 bytes)
She is heading for Ashtabula
1-fedems-11-05-11-rb.jpg (66331 bytes)      

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