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May 14, 20

St. Lambert Lock - Michel St-Denis
01-Salvor-Lambert-Spirit110512MSD.jpg (82682 bytes)
Tug Salvor pushing barge Lambert Spirit at St. Lambert Lock (upper wall downbound).
02-Salvor-Lambert-Spirit110512MSD.jpg (95052 bytes) 03-Salvor-Lambert-Spirit110512MSD.jpg (67238 bytes) 04-Salvor-Lambert-Spirit110512MSD.jpg (77734 bytes) 05-Halifax110512MSD.jpg (44985 bytes)
Halifax (ex Frankcliffe Hall) at Montreal section 44. Name and smokestack cover by paint.
06-Halifax110512MSD.jpg (92936 bytes)
Now registered under the Liberia flag. Waiting for tug Sirocco for tow to Alianga Turkey for scrapping.

Sarnia Thursday
- John McCreery
1-HarbourCloud-5-12-11-jm.jpg (92696 bytes)
Harbour Cloud preparing to depart Imperial Oil dock
2-HarbourCloud-5-12-11-jm.jpg (70997 bytes)
Harbour Cloud downbound the St. Clair River
3-HarbourCloud-5-12-11-jm.jpg (59178 bytes) 4-VegaDesgagnes-5-12-11-jm.jpg (101645 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes at the Shell dock
5-Algoway-5-12-11-jm.jpg (135997 bytes)
Algoway unloading stone at Lafarge in Courtwright
6-Michipicoten-5-12-11-jm.jpg (55026 bytes)
Michipicoten in the North slip
7-Michipicoten-5-12-11-jm.jpg (57902 bytes)
Bow view, reportedly her engine job about two weeks from completion
8-Phyl.Marlene-5-12-11-jm.jpg (110234 bytes)
Phyl.Marlene at Purdy dock
9-L&R-5-12-11-jm.jpg (80442 bytes)
Stern view of the L&R
10-L&R-5-12-11-jm.jpg (98407 bytes)
L&R at the Purdy dock

St. Marys River Friday
- Roger LeLievre
Algowood-5-13-11rl.jpg (38865 bytes)
Algowood lines up at the Rock Cut.
Birchglen-5-13-11rl.jpg (31601 bytes)
Birchglen down at Nine Mile.
Cuyahoga-5-13-11rl.jpg (53164 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound.
Cuyahoga-Birchglen-5-13-11rl.jpg (67357 bytes)
Birchglen (astern) and Cuyahoga passing.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-mississagi-5-12-11-ts-a.jpg (72291 bytes)
Mississagi inbound passing through Downtown Bay City
2-mississagi-5-12-11-ts-b.jpg (60959 bytes)
Stern view at Veteran's Memorial Bridge
3-olmoore-5-12-11-ts-a.jpg (62397 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound at Veteran's Memorial Bridge
4-olmoore-5-12-11-ts-b.jpg (52830 bytes)
Stern view

W. N. Twolan clearing Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-twolan-12-05-11-rb.jpg (92577 bytes)
She picked up two BIG barges at Prescott Elevators.
2-twolan-12-05-11-rb.jpg (88865 bytes) 3-twolan-12-05-11-rb.jpg (69344 bytes)
W. N. Twolan pushing BIG 543 & BIG 546, loaded with corn, down the river.

 The JW Shelley loads at the ADM elevators on a warm, sunny afternoon in Toledo -
Luke Archer 
1-JWShelley-5-13-11-la.jpg (65780 bytes) 2-JWShelley-5-13-11-la.jpg (120216 bytes)      

Victory and James L. Kuber at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1Vjlk_5_9_11_rb.jpg (102328 bytes)
Loading ore

Sam Laud in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday -
Dianne Donati
Sam-Laud-5-13-11-dd.jpg (121837 bytes)        

Kaye E Barker inbound the Rouge River to Severstal Steel passing the Gaelic Tug Dock - Mike Nicholls
BARKERKAYEEs03051311mn.jpg (75804 bytes)        

Algowood downbound into the Rock Cut Friday -
Roger LeLievre

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