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May 15, 20

Foggy weekend on the St. Clair River - Dave Wobser 
1-FedMaas-5-13-2011-djw.jpg (52968 bytes)
Federal Maas downbound before the fog thickened.
2-Algorail-5-14-11-djw.jpg (71927 bytes)
Algorail upbound in the early morning fog.
3-Algorail-5-14-11-djw.jpg (67238 bytes) 4-Algorail-5-14-11-djw.jpg (62767 bytes) 5-Birchglen-5-14-11-djw.jpg (43404 bytes)
Birchglen working her way down
6-Birchglen-5-14-11-djw.jpg (58680 bytes) 7-Birchglen-5-14-11-djw.jpg (49126 bytes) 8-Manistee-5-14-11-djw.jpg (42814 bytes)
 Manistee, a gray boat, on a grey morning, in the fog.
9-Manistee-5-14-11-djw.jpg (50527 bytes) 10-Manistee-5-14-11-djw.jpg (64088 bytes)
11-Manistee-5-14-11-djw.jpg (54787 bytes) 12-Manistee-5-14-11-djw.jpg (54866 bytes) 13-IndyHarbor-5-14-11-djw.jpg (41595 bytes)
Indiana Harbor headed back to Superior.
14-Manitowoc-5-14-11-djw.jpg (44022 bytes)
 Manitowoc downbound
15-Manitowoc-5-14-11-djw.jpg (65710 bytes)
16-Mac-5-14-11-djw.jpg (8340 bytes)
Mackinaw down bound in the thick fog.
17-Mac-5-14-11-djw.jpg (36647 bytes) 18-Mac-5-14-11-djw.jpg (142788 bytes) 19-Mac-5-14-11-djw.jpg (172997 bytes)  

Mackinaw and Boat Crew at Marine City
- Don Detloff
mack-14may11-djd-1.jpg (51754 bytes)
Mackinaw moving slowly down bound at Marine City on a foggy Saturday afternoon
mack-14may11-djd-2.jpg (40832 bytes) mack-14may11-djd-3.jpg (46725 bytes)
Boat crew from the Mackinaw giving a safety inspection to some fishermen in front of the Marine City DNR boat launch.

Montreal -
Sylvia Masson
montreal5-12-11-sm-(9).jpg (58354 bytes)
Nord Goodwill at Shell Dock
montreal5-12-11-sm-(1).jpg (59790 bytes) montreal5-12-11-sm-(6).jpg (60981 bytes)
Sauniere waiting for her last voyage
montreal5-12-11-sm-(8).jpg (72439 bytes) montreal5-12-11-sm-(4).jpg (113099 bytes)
montreal5-12-11-sm-(3).jpg (166175 bytes) montreal5-12-11-sm-(2).jpg (76053 bytes) montreal5-12-11-sm-(5).jpg (47042 bytes)
Petrolia Desgagnes Sold to foreign interest, name already hidden.

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