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May 16, 20

St. Marys River Sunday - Roger LeLievre
Algoway-5-15-11rl.jpg (38174 bytes)
Algoway above the Rock Cut.
Barker,-Kaye-E.-5-15-11rl.jpg (49311 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker below Mission Point.
Burns-Harbor-5-15-11rl.jpg (67072 bytes)
Burns Harbor upbound.
Burns-Harbor-Richelieu-pass-5-15-11rl.jpg (72705 bytes)
Burns Harbor and Richelieu pass.
Frontenac-5-15-11rl.jpg (57338 bytes)
Frontenac-Barker-pass-5-15-11rl.jpg (82885 bytes)
Frontenac meets Kaye E. Barker.
Frontenac-stern-5-15-11rl.jpg (65222 bytes)
Frontenac, stern view.
Missouri-Florida-5-15-11rl.jpg (107504 bytes)
Tugs Missouri and Florida.
Richelieu-5-15-11rl.jpg (68703 bytes)
Richelieu downbound at Mission Point.

Foggy weekend in St. Clair -
 Dave Wobser
20-Algowood-5-14-11-djw.jpg (40058 bytes)
Algowood downbound in the heavy fog.
21-Spruceglen-5-14-11-djw.jpg (69437 bytes)
Spruceglen following
22-Spruceglen-5-14-11-djw.jpg (55666 bytes)
Stern view
23-Algosteel-5-14-11-djw.jpg (45436 bytes)
Algosteel up bound
24-Algosteel-5-14-11-djw.jpg (62908 bytes)
Algosteel forward house
25-Oberstar-5-14-11-djw.jpg (44847 bytes)
Hon. James M. Oberstar down bound
26-Oberstar-5-14-11-djw.jpg (59076 bytes)
27-Kaye-E-5-14-11-djw.jpg (50566 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound
28-Meet-5-14-11-djw.jpg (73392 bytes)
Oberstar and Kaye E. meet in front of the St. Clair Inn
29-Meet-5-14-11-djw.jpg (55887 bytes)
Successful pass
30-Kay-E-5-14-11-djw.jpg (60551 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker forward cabins
31-A-Marine-5-14-11-djw.jpg (59034 bytes)
Algomarine downbound
32-A-Marine-5-14-11-djw.jpg (58747 bytes)
Stern view
33-Martin-5-15-11-djw.jpg (60345 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul M. Martin downbound on Sunday morning

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-lake-5-02-11-pb.jpg (49785 bytes)
Algolake below Lock 1.
2-chj-5-05-11-pb.jpg (59705 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman clear of Lock 4 west.
3-kelso-5-05-11-pb.jpg (85517 bytes)
CCGS Kelso heading for Lake Erie.
4-kelso-5-05-11-pb.jpg (98256 bytes)
Kelso approaching Lock 2.
5-fedkus-5-05-11-pb.jpg (59596 bytes)
Federal Kushiro below Lock 3.
6-reblyn-5-05-11-pb.jpg (53822 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn, on one of her many trips, approaching Lock 2.
7-soley-5-05-11-pb.jpg (77037 bytes)
Soley-2 passing under the St Catharines Skyway.
8-soley-5-05-11-pb.jpg (62575 bytes)
Approaching Lock 3.
9-soneme-5-05-11-pb.jpg (59780 bytes)
Songa Emerald below Lock 2.
10-soneme-5-05-11-pb.jpg (60205 bytes)
 Next stop, Lock 1.
11-feddan-5-06-11-pb.jpg (61802 bytes)
Federal Danube and Catherine Desgagnes below Lock 3.
 12-catdes-5-06-11-pb.jpg (71815 bytes)
Close up of the Desgagnes
13-emil-5-06-11-pb.jpg (54522 bytes)
Emilie unloading in Port Weller.
14-feddan-5-06-11-pb.jpg (62495 bytes)
Federal Danube above Lock 2.
15-sonsap-5-06-11-pb.jpg (65765 bytes)
Songa Sapphire at Port Robinson.
16-bridge-5-06-11-pb.jpg (106445 bytes)
The cross-canal ferry Bridge-It approaches her dock at Port Robinson.  If you are coming to the Canal for a visit this is an ideal location to take photographs.  The operator will deliver you to the other side if the sun is 'wrong'.
17-wood-5-07-11-pb.jpg (61726 bytes)
 Algowood above Lock 1.
18-wood-5-07-11-pb.jpg (63279 bytes)
Ready to slide the wall into Lock 2.
19-oreeg-5-07-11-pb.jpg (71312 bytes)
BBC Oregon below Lock 2.
20-oreeg-5-07-11-pb.jpg (77386 bytes)
Some of the cargo on the Oregon.

St. Marys Challenger anchored in Calumet Harbor - 
Peter Groh
1-Challenger-5-15-2011-PG.jpg (77087 bytes) 2-Challenger-5-15-2011-PG.jpg (60605 bytes) 3-Challenger-5-15-2011-PG.jpg (64066 bytes) 4-Challenger-5-15-2011-PG.jpg (62092 bytes)  

Alpena out in the bay off Alpena, Mich. -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Alp-5-15-11-BCM-01.jpg (73822 bytes) Alp-5-15-11-BCM-02.jpg (80376 bytes)      

Sarah Desgagnes May 14 upbound from St-Romuald to Montreal
- Bruno Boissonneault
Sarah-Desgagnes-14-05-11.jpg (74277 bytes)        

MHSD Annual Dinner meeing
9-MHSD-2011.jpg (66146 bytes)
Advisory Council member Jim Jackson (left) presents Walter Lewis as the 2011 Historian of the Year
10-MHSD-2011.jpg (78521 bytes)
Paul LaMarre III present a program on the transformation of the Willis B. Boyer museum ship in Toledo.

St. Marys River -
Roger LeLievre

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