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May 18, 20

St. Marys River Tuesday - Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Discovery-5-17-11rl.jpg (82326 bytes)
Algoma Discovery at Mission Point.
Clarke,-Philip-R.-5-17-11rl.jpg (55168 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke in the Rock Cut.
PML-2501-5-17-11rl.jpg (56454 bytes)
Tug WIlfred M. Cohen and PLM 2501 upbound
Cohen,-Wilfred-M.-5-17-11rl.jpg (68399 bytes) Mapleglen-5-17-11rl.jpg (60582 bytes)
Mapleglen at Nine Mile.
Mapleglen-stern-5-17-11rl.jpg (54281 bytes)
Mapleglen, stern
Oberstar-stern-5-17-11rl2.jpg (47268 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar downbound for Detroit. On her next upbound trip she will be stopping in Duluth for a rechristening ceremony.
Oberstar-stern-5-17-11rl.jpg (63526 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar, stern

Algorail arrived at the Verplank Dock in Muskegon Monday - Herm Phillips
Algorail-5-16-11-hp.jpg (63408 bytes)
Outbound the piers.
Algorail-5-16-11-hp2.jpg (73891 bytes)
Passing the Muskegon Lighthouse.
Algorail-5-16-11-hp3.jpg (49378 bytes)
Stern details.
Algorail-5-16-11-hp4.jpg (61383 bytes)
Heading out into the Lake.
Algorail-5-16-11-hp5.jpg (47661 bytes)
Off into the sunset.

USCG cutter Alder docked at the waterfront in Houghton, Mich. -
Danielle Adams
1-uscga-5-17-11da.jpg (96312 bytes)
Hancock View from across the canal
2-uscga-5-17-11da.jpg (53214 bytes)
View in Houghton
3-uscga-5-17-11da.jpg (98709 bytes)
Stern View from Waterfront Park
4-uscga-5-17-11da.jpg (74691 bytes)  

The newly rename tug Bradshaw McKee (former Susan W. Hannah) - Wendell Wilke
Bradshaw-McKee-5-17-11-WW.jpg (85672 bytes) Bradshaw-McKee-5-17-11-WWs.jpg (79726 bytes)      

 Alaskaborg passing Mariatown on her first trip into the Great Lakes
- Ron Beaupre
1-alaska-17-05-11-rb.jpg (62648 bytes) 2-alaska-17-05-11-rb.jpg (65416 bytes)
Sliding the wall into Iroquois Locks.

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Tuesday -
Dianne Donati
John-G-Munson-5-17-11-dd.jpg (120433 bytes) Algorail-5-17-11-dd.jpg (71330 bytes)      

Zelada Desgagnes at Goderich Elevators Monday - Jacob Smith
Zelada-Desgagnes.jpg (72360 bytes)        

TowBoat U.S. Rochester commissions new response boat
towboatusrochester.jpg (90405 bytes)        

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