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May 19, 20

St. Marys River, Wednesday - Roger LeLievre
AmCourage-5-18-11rl-1.jpg (41186 bytes)
American Courage makes its first trip since 2009 and its first painted entirely in American Steamship Co. colors.
AmCourage-5-18-11rl-2.jpg (53245 bytes) AmCourage-5-18-11rl-3.jpg (54778 bytes) AmCourage-5-18-11rl-4.jpg (65708 bytes) Sugar-Islander-1rl.jpg (30776 bytes)
Sugar Islander II loses steering Wednesday night.
About a half mile down from her dock, on the island side.
Sugar-Islander-2rl..jpg (68489 bytes)
Underway, with U.S. Coast Guard looking on.
Sugar-Islander-3rl..jpg (69960 bytes)
Dropping cars off at the island dock before returning to mainland and awaiting a technician.

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-John-J-CarrickVictorious-05-18-11-mb.jpg (113037 bytes)
John J Carrick & Victorious up approaching Crossover Island
2-Kurt-Paul-05-18-11-mb.jpg (63641 bytes)
Kurt Paul up at Brockville
3-Kurt-Paul-05-18-11-mb.jpg (80906 bytes)
Kurt Paul heading for the narrows

Mariatown -
 Ron Beaupre
1-kurtpaul-18-05-11-rb.jpg (57526 bytes)
Kurt Paul passing Mariatown with windmill parts secured inside containers.
2-mississippi-18-05-11-rb.jpg (63378 bytes)
Mississippiborg makes her first trip into the Great Lakes.
3-mississippi-18-05-11-rb.jpg (59612 bytes)
Mississippiborg entering Iroquois Lock.

Interlake Fleet Mates at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1kebhjlo_5_17_11_rb.jpg (142741 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker departing with Hon. James L. Oberstar preparing to back away from the ore dock

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