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May 19, 20

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Leeatregurtha-5-12-11-lg-1031.jpg (68062 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha past 100th st. ready to dock at KCBX on the morning of 5/12.
Leeatregurtha-5-12-11-lg-1024.jpg (69906 bytes)
Preparing to dock at KCBX where she would remain until the morning of 5/17 due to NS bridge trouble.
Stmarchall-5-16-11-lg-0061.jpg (38650 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger at anchor in Calumet Harbor waiting out the NS bridge repairs on 5/16.
Cantrans-5-16-11-lg-0070.jpg (73049 bytes)
Canadian Transport tied up at North America dock with The Challenger in the harbor and H. Lee White at anchor in the lake all waiting out NS bridge repairs on 5/16.
Manistee-5-16-11-lg-0096.jpg (65584 bytes)
Manistee at anchor in Calumet Harbor with Joseph L. Block heading north from Indiana Harbor in early evening 5/16. Ships started moving in the early morning hours of 5/17 after NS completed bridge repairs.
Cslassiniboine-5-18-11-lg-0102.jpg (80920 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine loading petroleum coke at Beemsterboer's at 106th st. as the Aggie C. pushing a barge passed by on Wednesday afternoon.

Algoway in Lorain, Ohio
- Jim Bobel
1-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (136926 bytes)
Algoway makes her way under the NS railroad bridge after turning around up river.
2-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (57429 bytes)
Makes the turn at the Black River Festival Site.
3-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (58935 bytes)
In the late evening sun just before ducking under the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge.
4-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (77333 bytes) Heads out from under the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge. 5-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (51749 bytes)
Makes the last turn in the river heading out into the inner harbor.
6-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (33871 bytes)
Past the Lorain Lighthouse
7-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (39489 bytes)
Pours on the power as it heads into Lake Erie
8-Algoway-5-18-2011-JCB.jpg (28710 bytes)
Making the turn to head northeast into lake Erie.

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-sontop-5-08-11-pb.jpg (63357 bytes)
Songa Topaz below Lock 2.  It seems like there are a lot more foreign tankers in the system this year.
2-sontop-5-08-11-pb.jpg (58270 bytes)
Songa Topaz approaching Lock 1.
3-aragon-5-18-11-pb.jpg (68246 bytes)
Aragonborg leaving Lock 2.
4-aragon-5-18-11-pb.jpg (30831 bytes)
Some of the crew watching a laker slide by.
5-aragon-5-18-11-pb.jpg (55329 bytes)
Montrealais slides the wall as the Aragonborg passes.
6-mont-5-18-11-pb.jpg (47808 bytes)
Montrealais above Lock 2.  Her signal light on the mast is the Papachristidis symbol (Pi) turned upside down.
7-mont-5-18-11-pb.jpg (57962 bytes)
Upper Lakes flag on the tiny mast forward of the bridge and Algoma flag above the bridge.
8-mont-5-18-11-pb.jpg (145264 bytes)
 Papachristidis marks still on the hull.
9-mont-5-18-11-pb.jpg (59505 bytes)
Upper lakes logo on the stack.  Poor ship is having an identity crisis.

Kaye E Barker outbound the Rouge River at the Fort Street Bridge - Mike Nicholls
BARKERKAYEEb04051911mn.jpg (41758 bytes) BARKERKAYEEs05051911mn.jpg (44722 bytes)      

Hellespont Chieftain anchored in Montreal before proceeding up the Seaway for Hamilton - Rene Beauchamp
Hellespont-Chieftain5-19-11-rb.jpg (67480 bytes)
This chemical tanker is owned by Papachristidis Ltd which used to have a fleet of lakers. The funnel markings did not change since the company was created.

Gananoque Boatlines Thousand Islander & Thousand Islander II at the dock in Gananoque - Murray Blancher
1-Thousander-Islander-&-Thousand-Islander-II-05-19-11-mb.jpg (112650 bytes)        

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