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May 21, 20

St. Marys River, Friday - Roger LeLievre
Leitch,-Gordon-C.-5-19-11rl-1.jpg (48293 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch at the Rock Cut
Leitch,-Gordon-C.-5-19-11rl-2.jpg (50725 bytes)
Stern view
Leitch,-Alaskaborg-5-19-11rl.jpg (41140 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch meets Alaskaborg
Alaskaborg-5-19-11rl.jpg (72932 bytes)
Alaskaborg up at Mission Point with wind turbine parts.
Alaskaborg-5-19-11rl-2.jpg (64574 bytes)
Stern view
Amer-Courage-fog-5-20-11rl.jpg (22602 bytes)
American Courage looks like she's knifing through Soo Harbor fog.
Amer-Courage-stern-5-20-11rl.jpg (38270 bytes)
American Courage stern, with tug Missouri tailing.
Gott,-Edwin-H.-5-20-11rl.jpg (63101 bytes)
Gott and Ojibway through the mist.
Gott-Ojibway5-20-11rl.jpg (45284 bytes)
Ojibway returns from provisioning Edwin H. Gott on a misty evening.
Missouri-fog-5-20-11rl.jpg (25415 bytes)
Tug Missouri at Mission Point as the fog moves in and out.

St. Marys Challenger on a Foggy Friday in Manitowoc Wis. -
Matt Stram
DSCN0390.jpg (27708 bytes) DSCN0397.jpg (27238 bytes) DSCN0398.jpg (28518 bytes)    

The barge Metis with the tug Evans McKeil Friday at Essroc's dock, Rochester, NY
- Tom Brewer
100_1389.jpg (68938 bytes) 100_1390.jpg (64670 bytes) 100_1392.jpg (112335 bytes) 100_1393.jpg (102121 bytes)  

American Courage in Marquette - Lee Rowe
IMG_2281.jpg (78385 bytes) IMG_2283.jpg (65368 bytes)      

Ojibway and CSL Assiniboine in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday - Dianne Donati
Ojibway-5-20-11-dd.jpg (55294 bytes) CSL-Assiniboine-5-20-11-dd.jpg (78791 bytes)      

CCGS Griffon in Midland, Ontario on Thursday - Andre Blanchard
1-Griffon-5-19-11-ab.jpg (83506 bytes)
Night time photo of CCGS Griffon tied up at the city docks

Canadian Transfer in Goderich Friday - Bruce Douglas.
1-CdnTransfer-5-20-11-bjd.jpg (146240 bytes)

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