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May 22, 20

St. Marys River Saturday - Roger LeLievre
Algocape-5-21-11rl.jpg (60315 bytes)
Algocape in the the Rock Cut.
Algocape-stern-5-21-11rl.jpg (71775 bytes)
Stern view.
Amer-Spirit-5-21-11rl.jpg (55419 bytes)
American Spirit.
Dorothy-Ann-5-21-11rl.jpg (29729 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder in morning fog.
Flintermar-5-21-11rl.jpg (75460 bytes)
Flintermar exits the Mac Lock.
GL-Trader-5-21-11rl.jpg (38407 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader
Isadora-5-21-11rl.jpg (64530 bytes)
Kurt-Paul-5-21-11rl.jpg (54299 bytes)
Kurt Paul
Passing-1-5-21-11rl.jpg (60912 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha and CSL Laurentien pass.
Tregurtha,-Lee-5-21-11rl.jpg (69770 bytes)
Lee A. in the Rock Cut.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Bill Bird
1-J.W.Cooper-05-21-11-bb.jpg (104024 bytes)
Pilot boat returning from duty just outside the piers at Port Colborne
2-Emilie-05-21-11-a-bb.jpg (62865 bytes)
 Salty Emilie inbound the harbour
3-Emiliestack-05-21-11-bb.jpg (62827 bytes)
Stack detail
4-Emilie-05-21-11-b-bb.jpg (62788 bytes)
Emilie heading to Lock 8
05-Awaiting-their-fate-05-21-11.jpg (49799 bytes)
Foggy weather in harbour as Canadian Leader, former crane ship D.C.Everest and barge Windoc await their final disposition.
6-Birchglen-05-21-11-a-bb.jpg (52814 bytes)
Birchglen clear of Lock 3
7-Birchglen--521-11-b-bb.jpg (59082 bytes)
Birchglen had to wait the better part of an hour because bridge at Lock 4 was not operational. 

Iroquois and Prescott -
Murray Blancher
1-Leslie-Foss-05-21-11-mb.jpg (77379 bytes)
Leslie Foss up in the lead approaching Iroquois
2-Ecosse-05-21-11-mb.jpg (82944 bytes)
Ecosse on the stern of the barge pulled by the Foss.
3-Hellespont-Chieftain-05-21-11-mb.jpg (71566 bytes)
 Hellespont Chieftain up on the wall at Iroquois
4-Hellespont-Chieftain-05-21-11-mb.jpg (63705 bytes) 5-Heelespont-Chieftain-05-21-11-mb.jpg (80081 bytes)
 life boat
6-Hellespont-Cheiftain-05-21-11-mb.jpg (70844 bytes)
Exiting Iroquois Lock
7-Federal-Schelde-05-21-11-mb.jpg (76632 bytes)
Federal Schelde down at Prescott Ont.
8-MCT-Altair-05-21-11-mb.jpg (68239 bytes)
MCT Altair down at Prescott
9-Jana-Desgagnes-05-21-11-mb.jpg (50992 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes down at Prescott.
10-Osprey-Nesting-Box-05-21-11-mb.jpg (79207 bytes)
Osprey return to Iroquois Lock

St. Marys Challenger in Manitowoc - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0148.jpg (32593 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passing Manitowoc South Breakwall light Friday morning.
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0184.jpg (75605 bytes)
Passing Sub Cobia at Manitowoc Maritime Museum.
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0238-.jpg (55862 bytes)
Going around Ryerson Bend.
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0291.jpg (80761 bytes)
Docking at St. Marys Cement.
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0408.jpg (88630 bytes)
 In the evening she is backing away from dock toward turning basin.
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0428.jpg (78357 bytes)
After turning she passes by the remains of the old Soo Line Bridge.
Stmarchall-5020-11-lgDSC-0435.jpg (58688 bytes)
Coming through Ryerson Bend.
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0457.jpg (49562 bytes)
Approaching the 10th St. Bridge.
Stmarchall-5-20-11-lgDSC-0476.jpg (54335 bytes)
Passing through the 10th St. bridge and heading for fog and the lake.

Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-leslie-21-05-11-rb.jpg (68056 bytes)
Leslie Foss brings barge Foss 343 up the river.
2-leslie-21-05-11-rb.jpg (102323 bytes)
She was built in 1970.
3-leslie-21-05-11-rb-005.jpg (96151 bytes)
The tow is headed for Milwaukee.
4-ecosse-21-05-11-rb.jpg (84090 bytes)
Ecosse on the tail end.
5-hellespont-21-05-11-rb.jpg (56516 bytes)
Hellespont Chieftain on her first trip up the Seaway.
6-hellespont-21-05-11-rb.jpg (46707 bytes)
Not exactly the Papachristidis stack of the former Great Lakes company

Detroit River -  Mike Nicholls
STURGEONb03052111mn.jpg (44147 bytes)
Sturgeon upbound in the Wyandotte Channel.
STURGEONs04052111mn.jpg (54222 bytes) DIAMONDQUEENb02052011mn.jpg (98896 bytes)
Diamond Queen at the Rivard Street Plaza in Detroit.

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1hjlo_5_17_11_rb.jpg (117001 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar loading ore
2acour_5_19_11_rb.jpg (73578 bytes)
American Courage, on her first trip in ASC colors, waiting to load ore

Birchglen below Lock 2 upbound - Eric Holmes
1-Birchglen-21-05-11-eh.jpg (70713 bytes) 2-Birchglen-21-05-11-eh.jpg (88532 bytes)      

Capt. Henry Jackman docked at the Andersons facility in Toledo - Luke Archer
1-CaptHJackman-5-21-11-la.jpg (51917 bytes)        

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