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May 23, 20

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Sichem-Defiance-05-22-11-mb.jpg (79099 bytes)
 Sichem Defiance in Prescott anchorage
3-Pineglen-&-Sichem-Defiance-05-22-11-mb.jpg (45984 bytes)
Pineglen up passing Sichem Defiance
5-Emilie-05-22-11-mb.jpg (44769 bytes)
Emilie down at Maitland Ont.
6-Pineglen-05-22-11-mb.jpg (50309 bytes)
Pineglen up at Blockhouse Island Brockville Ont.
8-Clipper-Legend-&-Pineglen-05-22-11-mb.jpg (47474 bytes)
Clipper Legend meets Pineglen at Blockhouse Island
10-Clipper-Legend-05-22-11-mb.jpg (60380 bytes)
Clipper Legend down at Blockhouse Island

Herbert C. Jackson in Buffalo - Brian W.
1-H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (67722 bytes)
 Jackson transiting the Watson Turning Basin and passing the Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock as the tug Washington leads her up the river.
2-H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (53480 bytes)
The tow abeam of the old Penn-Dixie (Burnette Trucking) dock on the Buffalo River. The tug is switching her lines around in preparation for the tough turn at Ohio St.
3--H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (162299 bytes)
The #1 Buffalo Boatnerd shows his approval as the Jackson lines up for the Ohio St. Bridge.
4--H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (78052 bytes)
The bow section is slowly being led to Port as the Jackson is headed deeper into the turn upriver towards the bridge.
5--H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (63449 bytes)
 Tight turn in the river when the ship completely fills the camera lens and there's no other angle to shoot photos from.
6--H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (103756 bytes)
How close the ships come to making contact with the dock walls near a turn as the Jackson barely fits.
7--H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (92563 bytes)
The stern has now swung clear of the wall and the ship is now fully into the turn. Engine engaged ahead, rudder hard over to Port, bow thruster and tug bringing the forward section around.
8--H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (101600 bytes)
The tug Washington is now backing full as she pulls the Jackson's bow to Port and away from the old Electric Elevator dock. The line up looks skewed to one side but it's the only way to get the length of the ship to make the turn and slide under the lift span at the same time.
9--H.C.-Jackson-5-21-11-BW.jpg (107606 bytes)
Jackson almost through the toughest part of the turn and about 3/4 of the way under the Ohio St. Bridge. From here it's about two more ship lengths up to the dock at the ADM Standard Elevator.

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-kurt-5-19-11-pb.jpg (77110 bytes)
Kurt Paul slides the wall toward Lock 3.
2-kurt-5-19-11-pb.jpg (130751 bytes)
And squeezes into the lock.
3-kurt-5-19-11-pb.jpg (60206 bytes)
Above Lock 3.
4-victor-5-19-11-pb.jpg (80786 bytes)
John J Carrick slides the wall toward Lock 3.
5-lake-5-20-11-pb.jpg (52721 bytes)
Algolake below Lock 2.
6-way-5-20-11-pb.jpg (65560 bytes)
Algoway above Lock 1.
7-schelde-5-20-11-pb.jpg (61609 bytes)
The canal provides many opportunities for great reflection photos, such as this one of the Federal Schelde below Lock 2.
8-schelde-5-20-11-pb.jpg (69792 bytes)
Approaching Lock 1.
9-birch-5-21-11-pb.jpg (47850 bytes)
Birchglen above Lock 2. 

Spruceglen and Gordon C.  Leitch above Lock 2 Sunday -
Rob Hartley
welland5-22-11-(2).jpg (70127 bytes) welland5-22-11-(4).jpg (94460 bytes) welland5-22-11-(3).jpg (125989 bytes) welland5-22-11-(1).jpg (101493 bytes)  

Detroit Saturday - Mike Nicholls
VALEb10052111mn.jpg (72913 bytes)
Tanker Vale (Singapore) downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
VALEs11052111mn.jpg (67591 bytes) ARAGONBORGs01052111mn.jpg (48715 bytes)
Aragonborg at Morterm in Windsor.
ENERGY6506b07052111mn.jpg (56147 bytes)
Hornbeck barge Energy 6506 and tug Huron Service in the Belle Isle anchorage.

Welland Canal Saturday - Michel Gosselin
1-birch-5-21-11-mg.jpg (56327 bytes)
Birchglen departing Lock 7
2-birch-5-21-11-mg.jpg (60488 bytes)
Stern view
3-emilie-5-21-11-mg.jpg (45426 bytes)
Emilie heading toward lock 2
4-emilie-5-21-11-mg.jpg (51215 bytes)
 bow view

Marquette Sunday -
Lee Rowe
IMG_2310.jpg (92846 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson loading
IMG_2305.jpg (74742 bytes)
American Mariner approaching while the Robert S Pierson loads.
IMG_2315.jpg (69881 bytes)
American Mariner approaching the north side of the dock.

Cleveland, Ohio Saturday - Thomas Seiler
1-Keizersborg-5-21-11-ts.jpg (62545 bytes)
Wagenborg's Keizersborg departs from Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday afternoon.
2-Keizersborg-5-21-11-ts.jpg (55483 bytes)
Keizersborg passes the lights as she departs
3-Mississagi-5-21-11-ts.jpg (69867 bytes)
Mississagi departs headed down the Cuyahoga River with a load of salt

Rouge River - Ken Borg
algoway-5-22-11-kb.jpg (68011 bytes)
Algoway unloading salt at Morton Salt Dock, Victorious/ John J. Carrick loading asphalt at Marathon and a Canadian Pacific auto rack train crossing on the NS Bridge over the Rouge River

CG Limnos & Samuel Risley at Soo - Jerry Masson
CG-Limnos-Samuel-Risley-at-Soo-.jpg (50379 bytes)        

Soo video - Roger LeLievre

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