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May 24, 20

South Chicago Monday - Lou Gerard
Manitowoc-5-23-11-lgDSC-0630-.jpg (92413 bytes)
Manitowoc backing under EJ&E bridge bound for Beemsterboer's after coming from Burns Harbor.
Manitowoc-5-23-11-lDSC-0631.jpg (186373 bytes)
Stack and Pilot House detail.
Manitowoc-5-23-11-lgDSC-0637.jpg (84598 bytes)
Smoking it up like only Alco 251's can.
Manitowoc-5-23-11-lgDSC-0638.jpg (62970 bytes)
Clear of 92nd St.
Manitowoc-5-23-11-lgDSC-0640.jpg (82105 bytes)
Going through 95th St.

Hamilton - John McCreery
1-FederalYukon-5-22-11-jm.jpg (79712 bytes)
Federal Yukon entering the Burlington piers
2-FederalYukon-5-22-11-j-m.jpg (92478 bytes)
Another view
3-FedYukon-5-22-11-jm.jpg (126575 bytes)
Stern view
4-UnionProtest-5-22-11-jm.jpg (112447 bytes)
Union protesters on the lift bridge to delay the departure of Rt. Hon Paul Martin
5-Unionprotest-5-22-11-jm.jpg (93726 bytes)
Unhappy with the removal of materials from the Hilton Works
6-PaulMartin-5-22-11-jm.jpg (41431 bytes)
Paul Martin loaded and waiting in the harbour
7-Protest-5-22-11-jm.jpg (80480 bytes)
Support from the First Nations
8-FedRideau-5-22-11-jm.jpg (102195 bytes)
Federal Rideau loading at the Richardson Elevator
9-HellespontChieftain-5-22-11-jm.jpg (76952 bytes)
Hellespont Chieftain headed into her Eastport berth
10-FederalYukon-5-22-11-jm.jpg (78357 bytes)
Federal Yukon being unloaded

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-foss-5-22-11-pb.jpg (54413 bytes)
 Leslie Foss and barge clear of Lock 2.  Monday started out overcast with showers.
2-foss-5-22-11-pb.jpg (63110 bytes)
The guy on the after deck is preparing a small container for the people on the barge.  They will pull it up the tow line.
3-foss-5-22-11-pb.jpg (63732 bytes)
On the way to Lock 3.
4-ecoss-5-22-11-pb.jpg (67704 bytes)
Ecosse is the control tug.
5-gcl-5-22-11-pb.jpg (43681 bytes)
Once they took the unloading gear off the Leitch (when it was still the Ralph Misener) she became an attractive ship.
6-gcl-5-22-11-pb.jpg (88947 bytes)
Unfortunately, her days are numbered.  The day turned out to be sunny and hot.
7-gcl-5-22-11-pb.jpg (58494 bytes)
The Leitch forward house.  A unique design for lakers.
8-maple-5-22-11-pb.jpg (75162 bytes)
Mapleglen taking a smoke break below Lock 2.
9-maple-5-22-11-pb.jpg (55889 bytes)
On her way to Lock 1.
10-spruce-5-22-11-pb.jpg (63489 bytes)
 Spruceglen, another from the former Misener fleet, above Lock 1.
11-spruce-5-22-11-pb.jpg (81835 bytes)
 Two containers, one on either side of the stack.  Exhaust running upward from the container.  Is this a portable generator?
12-vale-5-22-11-pb.jpg (59104 bytes)
Vale approaching the Homer bridge.
13-vale-5-22-11-pb.jpg (79392 bytes)
The end of the anchor chain is painted yellow so the crew can see it coming toward the surface when the anchor is weighed. 
14-vale-5-22-11-pb.jpg (67975 bytes)
 Under the highway bridge.

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
SAGINAWb08052311mn.jpg (63973 bytes)
Saginaw unloading at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
SAGINAWs04052311mn.jpg (66643 bytes) ALGOWAYb03052311mn.jpg (50944 bytes)
Algoway loading at Morton Salt in  WIindsor.
ARAGONBORGb14052311mn.jpg (52959 bytes)
Aragonborg (Netherlands) unloading at Morterm in Windsor.
DIAMONDBELLEQUEEENb21CBF7A.jpg (94532 bytes)
Diamond Belle and Diamond Queen at the Rivard Street Dock in Detroit.
DIAMONDBELLEB25052311mn.jpg (89669 bytes) DIAMONDBELLEQUEEENs21CBF82.jpg (72710 bytes) DIAMOND-BELLEs23052311mn.jpg (83963 bytes)    

Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_7089.jpg (75058 bytes)
Sauniere laid up on Saturday. The name was painted out lately, also the funnel markings.
IMG_7090.jpg (68447 bytes)
New nameboard on the dredge used as a floating dock by Montreal Boatman. The official name of this former dredge built in Toronto almost 100 years ago is Dredge Primrose.
IMG_7092.jpg (62303 bytes)
Hellespont Charger at the anchorage and awaiting for the okay to go up the Seaway on Monday. Sister ship to Hellespont Chieftain.
IMG_7093.jpg (66553 bytes)
IMG_7098.jpg (80654 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes on Monday

Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin
1-algo-5-23-11-mg.jpg (57554 bytes)
Algoeast just left lock 1
2-canad-5-23-11-mg.jpg (59710 bytes)
 Canadian Transport about to enter lock 2
3-def-5-23-11-mg.jpg (64147 bytes)
Sichem Defiance ties up below lock 4 west
4-algo-5-23-11-mg.jpg (81808 bytes)
Algolake just left lock 3
5-kami-5-23-11-mg.jpg (76867 bytes)
Kaministiqua about to enter lock 3
6-algo-5-23-11-mg.jpg (67882 bytes)
Algosar about to enter lock 1
7-algo-5-23-11-mg.jpg (48971 bytes)
Algolake about to enter lock 2
8-flint-5-23-11-mg.jpg (50220 bytes)
Flintermar approaching Homer bridge
9-flint-5-23-11-mg.jpg (73355 bytes)
stern view
10-algo-5-23-11-mg.jpg (77513 bytes)
Algosar approaching lock 2

James R. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick 
1jrb_5_21_11_rb.jpg (57037 bytes)
Unloading coal on a foggy morning

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