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May 25, 20

Christening of the Hon James L. Oberstar in Duluth Tuesday - Roger LeLievre
1-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (64378 bytes)
Oberstar awaits the ceremony.
2-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (80010 bytes)
Decorated with plenty of bunting.
3-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (88692 bytes)
4-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (67826 bytes)
Controls for new diesel engines.
5-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (69678 bytes)
Redecorated passenger lounge.
6-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (77381 bytes)
Library, off of the lounge.
7-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (65424 bytes)
Crew's mess.
8-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (101222 bytes)
Engine room, with the new diesels.
8a-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (68601 bytes)
Everything was painted up and shipshape for the christening.
9-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (73950 bytes)
Ceremony begins.
10-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (66390 bytes)
James L. Oberstar in front of his namesake.
11-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (71591 bytes)
Jean Oberstar makes a splash with the champagne.
12-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (58328 bytes)
Oberstar's Capt. Joe Ruch with his vessel in the background.
13-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (66757 bytes)
Interlake president Mark Barker presents Cong. Oberstar with a Paul C. LaMarre painting of the vessel.
14-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (68881 bytes)
Oberstar poses as the dock.
15-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (52871 bytes)
Three christening plaques affixed on the front of the pilothouse.
16-Oberstar-5-24-11RL.jpg (60236 bytes)
Side view of the Oberstar.

Chicago Tuesday -
Tom Kort
01-greatlakes-05-24-11-tk.jpg (84329 bytes)
Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes
02-greatlakes-05-24-11-tk.jpg (74930 bytes) 03-tug-05-24-11-tk.jpg (193572 bytes) 04-CTC1-5-24-11.jpg (117981 bytes)
CTC 1 is still moored and awaiting its next career
05-CTC1-5-24-11.jpg (67878 bytes)
06-CTC1-5-24-11.jpg (103996 bytes) 7-barge-5-24-11-tk.jpg (131882 bytes)
Loaded barges.
08-wagenborg-05-24-11-tk.jpg (97823 bytes)
Wagenborg line ships
09-keizeisoorg-05-24-11-tk.jpg (72732 bytes)
10-mississippiborg-05-24-11-tk.jpg (73528 bytes)
11-hold-05-24-11.jpg (104444 bytes)
Hold of the Mississippiborg.  Note the bobcat in the hold.  They have just swapped equipment on the crane to remove the bobcat.   What did they unload?

Welland Canal Monday -
Paul Beesley
1-east-5-23-11-pb.jpg (69248 bytes)
Algoeast and Pineglen pass below Lock 3.  Back in the day when I was 3rd mate on board CCGS Tupper we used to escort the Algoeast through ice into various ports in PEI and Northern New Brunswick.  She was the Texaco Brave and Le Brave then.
2-lake-5-23-11-pb.jpg (62613 bytes)
Algolake below the flight locks.  Tuesday was a busy day in the Canal. 
3-sar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (54965 bytes)
Algosar is now an infrequent visitor to the canal but as the Gemini she often passed through.
4-sar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (79821 bytes)
The bear is getting an overhaul.
5-sar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (64845 bytes)
Twin rudders for extra manoeuverability.
6-mar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (82176 bytes)
Flintermar below the flights.
7-mar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (39455 bytes)
For a small ship the Flintermar can lift a good load, 60 tonnes.
8-mar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (76064 bytes)
If necessary she can up that to 152 tonnes.
9-pine-5-23-11-pb.jpg (73219 bytes)
Pineglen at the QEW bridge.  She looks good all painted up.
10-pine-5-23-11-pb.jpg (113284 bytes)
Despite being very early in the morning she already had the hoses going to prevent hogging.
11-topaz-5-23-11-pb.jpg (58610 bytes)
Songa Topaz above Lock 1.
12-pine-5-23-11-pb.jpg (53813 bytes)
Pineglen above Lock 3.
13-dawg-5-23-11-pb.jpg (96635 bytes)
The Boatwatching Dog gets a closer view and sniff from the homer bridge while demonstrating aerodynamic lift with her ears.
14-sichdefi-5-23-11-pb.jpg (52423 bytes)
Sichem Defiance above Lock 3.
15-sichdefi-5-23-11-pb.jpg (59288 bytes)
Sichem Defiance approaching Lock 4 west as the Flintermar waits to lower on the east side.
16-topaz-5-23-11-pb.jpg (59180 bytes)
Another view above Lock 1.  The pilots were quite busy all day.
17-pine-5-23-11-pb.jpg (57487 bytes)
Pineglen approaching 4 west.  Waiting in 4 east is the Algolake, while the Algoma Spirit is in 6 west.
18-sar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (55904 bytes)
Another view of the Algosar.
19-topaz-5-23-11-pb.jpg (66912 bytes)
Songa Topaz heads for Lock 2.
20-mar-5-23-11-pb.jpg (66042 bytes)
Action above Lock 1.  When two ships pass near a bridge the bridge is kept up until they have both gone by.  This frustrates the locals no end.  U-turns on the bridge approaches increase dramatically.  The drivers hurry to the next bridge along the canal, often to find it raised too.

Tug Huron Service and barge Energy 6506 in the Belle Isle Anchorage - Mike Nicholls
ENERGY6506b49052311mn.jpg (47114 bytes) ENERGY6506HURONSERVb1CBF67.jpg (64160 bytes) HURONSERVICEs43052311mn.jpg (67180 bytes) HURONSERVICEb34052311mn.jpg (48482 bytes) ENERGY6506HURONSERVs1CBF75.jpg (47535 bytes)

Sunday and Monday at Brockville, Morrisburg and Iroquois - Dave Bessant
01-Kaministiqua-05-22-11-WDB.jpg (74499 bytes)
Kaministiqua approaching Brockville
02-Kaministiqua-05-22-11-WDB.jpg (49706 bytes)
heading upriver into the Brockville Narrows
03-Vale-05-23-11-WDB.jpg (37256 bytes)
Monday afternoon and Vale leaving the lock at Iroquois with Canadian Enterprise upbound in the distance and Mapleglen even further away
04-CanadianEnterprise-05-23-11-WDB.jpg (75011 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise between Morrisburg and Iroquois
05-CanadianEnterpriseVale-05-23-11-WDB.jpg (88781 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise meeting Vale near Iroquois
06-Vale-05-23-11-WDB.jpg (117194 bytes)
Vale at Loyalist park downbound
07-Vale-05-23-11-WDB.jpg (60541 bytes)
Vale accommodations and stack in the rain
08-CanadianEnterprise-05-23-11-WDB.jpg (83386 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise heading through the Iroquois Lock

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island - Dianne Donati
Ojibway-5-24-11-dd.jpg (105003 bytes) Canadian-Progress--5-24-11-dd.jpg (84505 bytes) Ostrander-Integrity-5-24-11-dd.jpg (102136 bytes)    

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