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May 26, 20

Halifax tow - Kent Malo
 Sirocco5-25-11-km.jpg (61393 bytes)
 ITC tug Sirocco preparing to tow the Halifax at 5 a.m. Wednesday
FlorenceM5-25-11-km.jpg (54913 bytes)
Florence M on the stern of the former Halifax, ITC tug Sirocco lead tug, and the Ocean Georgie Bains lending a hand for departure from Montreal Quebec, for Aliaga, Turkey
Halifax5-25-11-b-km.jpg (60631 bytes)
Halifax sailing past the twin power line towers at Sorel, Quebec
Halifax5-25-11-km-c.jpg (69860 bytes)
The combo about to go under the Laviolette bridge at Trois Rivieres, Quebec, after a 3 pilot change
Montrealais5-25-11-km.jpg (53585 bytes)
Montrealais up bound for Hamilton at Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Sirocco5-25-11-km-b.jpg (73350 bytes)
Tug Sirocco, down bound at Sorel, Quebec, leading the way

Duluth-Superior on Wednesday
- Roger LeLievre
Algowood--5-23-11rl.jpg (70096 bytes)
Algowood loading grain.
Am-Victory-5-23-11rl.jpg (72562 bytes)
American Victory in long-term layup at Superior.
Am-Victory--stern-5-23-11rl.jpg (70701 bytes)
Stern view
Birchglen-5-23-11rl.jpg (60044 bytes)
Birchlen loads coal at SMET.
Irvin-Wm-A-5-23-11rl.jpg (57267 bytes)
Museum ship William A. Irvin in Duluth.
Kurt-Paul-5-23-11rl.jpg (67748 bytes)
Saltie Kurt Paul and tug North Carolina.
Meteor--5-21-11rl.jpg (63232 bytes)
Last whaleback, museum ship Meteor, casts a great reflection.
Ryerson-EL--5-21-11rl.jpg (49957 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson at Superior.
Speer-EDgar-5-23-11rl.jpg (74964 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer at the DMIR dock.
Windmill-hubs.jpg (65540 bytes)
Windmill hubs on the dock at Duluth.

South Chicago Tuesday evening
- Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-5-24-11-lgDSC-0696.jpg (100763 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaches 100th St. at 8:30 pm with The Innovation / Samuel De Champlain following.
Stmarchall-5-24-11-lgDSC-0703.jpg (46380 bytes)
Passing KCBX.
Stmarchall-5-24-11-lgDSC-0712.jpg (55152 bytes)
Approaching 106th St.
Stmarchall-5-24-11-lgDSC-0721.jpg (75274 bytes)
Past 106th St.
-Innovatio-5-24-11-lgDSC-072.jpg (39074 bytes)
Lafarge's Innovation / Samuel De Champlain clear 106th St right behind the Challenger.

Brockville  Wednesday
- Nick Vandervoort
1-WSeymour-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (57756 bytes)
Wilf Seymour and Alouette Spirit downbound at Blockhouse Island
2-AlouetteSpirit-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (58777 bytes)
Bow detail
3-WSeymour-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (60502 bytes) 4-WSeymour-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (65660 bytes) 5-Aragonborg-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (70099 bytes)
Aragonborg downbound
6-Spartan-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (71444 bytes)
Tug Spartan with Spartan II at Blockhouse
7-Spartan-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (69506 bytes) 8-Spartan-5-25-11-nv.jpg.jpg (53786 bytes)
Nearing the 3 Sisters

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-allsp-5-24-11-pb.jpg (131387 bytes)
Allouette Spirit and barge chugs by my house.  Yes, I'm bragging!
2-aragon-5-24-11-pb.jpg (75963 bytes)
Aragonborg below Lock 2.
3-aragon-5-24-11-pb.jpg (23354 bytes)
Wagenborg house flag and courtesy flag on the Aragonborg.
4-fedems-5-24-11-pb.jpg (73082 bytes) Federal Ems downbound toward Lock 7. 5-fedems-5-24-11-pb.jpg (50414 bytes) Crewmember preparing the mooring lines for the lock.
6-fedems-5-24-11-pb.jpg (99808 bytes)
Stealth technology has come a long way in a few years.  Just under the arrow is the stealth tug, but you can't see it.
7-songem-5-24-11-pb.jpg (76860 bytes)
Songa Emerald and Federal Ems pass above Lock 7.
8-songem-5-24-11-pb.jpg (59180 bytes)
Another view.
9-songem-5-24-11-pb.jpg (107720 bytes)
Lots of info here.  Manifold identification, Load Line, bulkhead markings, 'tug goes here' and two numbers you may not be familiar with.  On the right, just above 5C|4C is the number 106.  This indicates that frame number 106 is located here.  On the left, just above 6C|5C is the number 86, which indicates the location of frame 86.  The frames can be likened to the ship's skeleton.  They are numbered from aft toward the bow.
10-songem-5-24-11-pb.jpg (72738 bytes)
Songa Emerald at the Guard Gate on her way to Lock 8 and Lake Erie.

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-kawartha-24-05-11-rb.jpg (85979 bytes)
Kawartha Voyageur passing Mariatown.
2-kawartha-24-05-11-rb.jpg (78465 bytes)
She is headed for Ottawa and the tulip festival.
3-kongo-25-05-11-rb.jpg (50134 bytes)
Rigel Shipping of Germany sends Kongo Star into the Great Lakes for the first time.
4-kongo-25-05-11-rb.jpg (51610 bytes)
Kongo Star passing Mariatown.
5-spartan-25-05-11-rb.jpg (81469 bytes)
Spartan departs Iroquois Lock down bound for Three Rivers.
6-spartan-25-05-11-rb.jpg (62036 bytes)
Spartan pushes the tank barge Spartan II.

American Mariner at the Lower Harbor Shiras Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick. 
1amar_5_22_11_rb.jpg (59943 bytes)
 Lifting the boom
2amar_5_22_11_rb.jpg (62677 bytes)
Unloading coal

 H. Lee White dwarfs the ferry Madeline as they pass west of Madeline Island in Lake Superior  - Tim Eldred
HLeeWhite-007.jpg (90820 bytes)        

Herbert C. Jackson waiting to begin her load at Marquette - Lee Rowe
IMG_2349.jpg (97866 bytes)        

Post card ID - John van der Doe
ohiox.jpg (103927 bytes)
A picture from the 50's.
If you can ID the ships please post to the Search Page.

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