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May 27, 20

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
WESTCOTTJWIIb01052611mn.jpg (107683 bytes)
J W Westcott II under the Ambassador Bridge Thursday.
FEDERALMARGAREEb05052611mn.jpg (67459 bytes)
Federal Margaree (Marshall Islands) unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
FEDERALMARGAREEs07052611mn.jpg (66621 bytes) CANADIANOLYMPICb10052411mn.jpg (42615 bytes)
Canadian Olympic unloading in Windsor Tuesday.
CANADIANOLYMPICs11052411mn.jpg (51011 bytes)
ALGOSTEELb13052411mn.jpg (51210 bytes)
Algosteel at Sterling Marine Fuel in Windsor.
ALGOSTEELs16052411mn.jpg (62518 bytes) ANDERSONARTHURMb04052411mn.jpg (74603 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson unloading in the hopper on Zug Island.
ALGORAILb07052411mn.jpg (54923 bytes)
Algorail upbound off the RenCen.
ALGORAILs09052411mn.jpg (46381 bytes)
MACASSABAYb51052311mn.jpg (108521 bytes)
Macassa Bay in Windsor Monday.
MACASSABAYs52052311mn.jpg (99006 bytes) STATEOFMICHIGANb53052311mn.jpg (49722 bytes)
State of Michigan downbound off Cobo Hall.
STATEOFMICHIGANs54052311mn.jpg (66507 bytes) BARKERKAYEEb18052311mn.jpg (51897 bytes)
Kaye E Barker upbound off Fort Wayne in the Detroit River.
BARKERKAYEEs21052311mn.jpg (69537 bytes) NEPTUNEIIIb17052311mn.jpg (74847 bytes)
Tug Neptune III at Sterling Fuelo.
STORMONTs09052311mn.jpg (69560 bytes)
Tug Stormont and truck barge at Ojibway.

Welland Canal
- John McCreery
1-GCLeitch-5-22-11-jm.jpg (90621 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch downbound at the Homer bridge
2-GCLeitch-5-22-11-jm.jpg (95574 bytes)
Clear of the Skyway
3-GCLeitch-5-22-11-jm.jpg (58569 bytes)
Bound towards lock 2
4-GCLeitch-5-22-11-jm.jpg (87893 bytes)
Exiting lock 1
5-Leitch-5-22-11-jm.jpg (74279 bytes)
Another view at Port Weller
6-GCLeitch-5-22-11-jm.jpg (94703 bytes)
Stern view headed for the open waters of Lake Ontario
7-Mapleglen-5-22-11-jm.jpg (102911 bytes)
Mapleglen clearing lock 4 east with the Mississagi above
8-Mapleglen-5-22-11-jm.jpg (117603 bytes)
Closer view of the Mapleglen
9-Mapleglen-5-22-11-jm.jpg (91907 bytes)
Mapleglen exiting lock 2
10-JaniceCno1-5-22-11-jm.jpg (129779 bytes)
Janice C no 1 at Port Weller

Sedna Desgagnes at Brockville - Dave Bessant
01-SednaDesgagnes-05-26-11-WDB.jpg (40246 bytes)
Downbound at Blockhouse Island, Brockville
02-SednaDesgagnes-05-26-11-WDB.jpg (47634 bytes)
Exhibiting a little bit of a roll

Algoway unloaded salt at the Verplanks Dock in Muskegon - Herm Phillips
IMG_0153.jpg (56568 bytes)
Unloading at Verplanks
IMG_0179.jpg (35342 bytes)
Departing at dusk.

Manitowoc in Green Bay with a load of limestone Thursday -
Matt Ludvigson
Manit-5-26-11-ML.jpg (74589 bytes)        

Canadian Olympic on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on Thursday - Dianne Donati
Canadian-Olympic-5-26-11-dd.jpg (89176 bytes)        

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