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May 28, 20

Algontario towed by tug Seahound into Eisenhower Lock Friday morning - Gary Smoyer
algontario5-27-11-gs.jpg (55460 bytes) algontario5-27-11-gsf.jpg (41216 bytes) algontario5-27-11-gsb.jpg (61767 bytes) algontario5-27-11-gsc.jpg (48160 bytes) algontario5-27-11-gsd.jpg (102264 bytes)
algontario5-27-11-gse.jpg (57844 bytes)        

Algontario tow -
Ron Beaupre
1-algontario-27-05-11-rb.jpg (51437 bytes)
Tony Mackay takes Algontario down the Seaway to Montreal.
2-algontario-27-05-11-rb.jpg (52363 bytes)
Vigilant 1 & Seahound are on the tail of the tow.
3-algontario-27-05-11-rb.jpg (49043 bytes)
Algontario burned on Lake Superior as Cartiercliffe Hall.  She will be taken to Turkey for scrapping.

Algontario Tow passing Cape Vincent - Nick Vandervoort
1-AlgoOnt-Tow-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (32879 bytes)
At Cape Vincent, with Tony Mackay leading, Seahound portside and Vigilant I astern.
2-SednaDesg-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (38892 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes at the lighthouse, about to overtake.
3-AlgoOnt-Tow-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (50277 bytes)
Seahound, (far right) in position to come alongside Algontario.
4-AlgoOnt-Tow-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (34882 bytes)
Seahound at the bow.
5-SednaDesg-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (32760 bytes)
Pilot boat heads out after the overtake.
6-AlgoOnt-Tow-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (25537 bytes)
The tow, with Seahound aft, near the ferry docks.
7-TonyMackay-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (56539 bytes)
Pilot boat alongside Tony MacKay.
8-AlgoOnt-Tow-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (42535 bytes)
Bow detail.
9-Seahound-Vig-I-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (85235 bytes)
Pilot boat away.
10-AlgoOnt-Tow-26-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (55054 bytes)
Stern detail;  Farewell.

South Chicago Friday -
Lou Gerard
Mckeesons-5-27-11-lgDSC-0743.jpg (107755 bytes)
McKee Sons bow on from 92nd St. bridge while she waited for NS railroad traffic to clear.
Mckeesons-5-27-11-lgDSC-0745.jpg (72857 bytes)
Waiting between 92nd and 95th St.
 Mckeesons-5-27-11-lgDSC-0002.jpg (66719 bytes)
Invincible / McKee Sons approaching 95th after railtraffic cleared.
Mckeesons-5-27-11-lgDSC-0019.jpg (108127 bytes)
About to pass through 5 bridges.
Mckeesons-5-27-11-lgDSC-0034.jpg (73365 bytes)
Backing past CSL Niagara loading at KCBX.
Mckeesons-5-27-11-lgDSC-0037.jpg (81075 bytes)
Arriving at Beemsterboer's at 106th St.

Halifax under tow on May 25 off Sorel-Tracy - 
Rene Beauchamp
Halifax-5-25-11-rb7104.jpg (49559 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7105.jpg (56042 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7106.jpg (53874 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7107.jpg (59810 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7108.jpg (54535 bytes)
Halifax-5-25-11-rb7109.jpg (59064 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7110.jpg (56402 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7111.jpg (54497 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7113.jpg (62352 bytes) Halifax-5-25-11-rb7114.jpg (53171 bytes)

Toledo docks -Steven Feher
toledo5-11-sf-(3).jpg (80494 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson unloading ore at Torco dock
toledo5-11-sf-(1).jpg (50263 bytes) toledo5-11-sf-(4).jpg (53628 bytes) toledo5-11-sf-(2).jpg (62441 bytes)
Manistee getting some help to head up river

Ojibway at Brockville Friday - Nick Vandervoort
1-Ojibway-27-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (55006 bytes) 2-Ojibway-27-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (49625 bytes) 3-Ojibway-27-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (59500 bytes) 4-Ojibway-27-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (63238 bytes) 5-Ojibway-27-05-11-nv.jpg.jpg (58811 bytes)

SCL Leman upbound between Locks One and Two on May 15 -  Eira Voth
SCLLÉMAN-20110515emv.jpg (53927 bytes) SCLLÉMAN-20110515emv-(1).jpg (52267 bytes)      

Hellespont Charger upbound at Mariatown Friday on her first trip into the Lakes - Ron Beaupre
1-charger-27-05-11-rb.jpg (52668 bytes)        

Post card ID
sluizeninhetwellandkana.jpg (126243 bytes)
Which Canaller and tanker are passing through the locks in the Welland Canal?
sirjamesdunn50jaargeled.jpg (100962 bytes)
Sir James Dunn

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