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May 31, 20

Memorial Weekend in Duluth/Superior - Brad Krekelberg
5-11-bk-01.jpg (68211 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader at CN in Duluth
5-11-bk-02.jpg (58664 bytes)
Mississippiborg at Hallet #5
5-11-bk-03.jpg (74267 bytes)
American Century at Midwest Energy
5-11-bk-04.jpg (51987 bytes)
Quebecois unloading at St. Lawrence Cement
5-11-bk-05.jpg (79140 bytes)
Saltie Kurt Paul at Port Terminal with windmill components
5-11-bk-06.jpg (83997 bytes)
American Century departing with her load of coal
5-11-bk-07.jpg (75265 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke arriving with limestone for Cutler
5-11-bk-08.jpg (68851 bytes)
Clarke at the turning buoy
5-11-bk-09.jpg (69248 bytes)
Polsteam's Isa at Cargill B1
5-11-bk-10.jpg (90985 bytes)
Indiana Harbor arriving for Midwest Energy
5-11-bk-11.jpg (74770 bytes)
Keizerborg departing with grain from Peavey in Superior
5-11-bk-12.jpg (51512 bytes)
Mesabi Miner, yet another thousand-footer for Midwest Energy
5-11-bk-13.jpg (57429 bytes)
Clarke shifted to Two Harbors for taconite under the old-school gravity chutes
5-11-bk-14.jpg (37198 bytes)
Fleetmate Presque Isle arriving for the modern conveyor dock
5-11-bk-15.jpg (36233 bytes)
After some tricky maneuvering, she moves into place
5-11-bk-16.jpg (40925 bytes)
Completing the "borg" invasion, Alaskaborg waiting for a berth at anchor

Seaway at Blockhouse Island - Dave Bessant
01-TonyMackay-05-29-11-WDB.jpg (47208 bytes)
Tony Mackay leading Vigilant1 and Seahound up towards Brockville after taking Algontario to Montreal
02-TonyMackay-05-29-11-WDB.jpg (51714 bytes)
 Tony Mackay at Blockhouse Island
03-Vigilant1Seahound-05-29-11-WDB.jpg (65794 bytes)
Vigilant 1 and Seahound seem to be rafted together
04-Vigilant1Seahound-05-29-11-WDB.jpg (53775 bytes)
 Closeup with stack markings
05-Barnacle-05-29-11-WDB.jpg (59188 bytes)
Barnacle approaching Blockhouse Island
06-Barnacle-05-29-11-WDB.jpg (71584 bytes)
Barnacle bow
07-Barnacle-05-29-11-WDB.jpg (65836 bytes)
Barnacle stack and accommodations

St. Clair River Sunday, from the Diamond Jack - Roger LeLievre
State-of-Michigan-5-29-11rl.jpg (41551 bytes) State-of-Michigan-5-29-11rl-2.jpg (42738 bytes) Algosoo-5-29-11rl.jpg (49236 bytes) Algobay-5-29-11rl2.jpg (44637 bytes) Algobay-5-29-11rl.jpg (47202 bytes)
Calumet-5-29-11rl.jpg (49798 bytes) CSL-Niagara-5-29-11rl.jpg (42572 bytes)      

Welland Canal May 28 - John McCreery
1-HellespontCharger-5-28-11-jm.jpg (95323 bytes)
Hellespont Charger at the Homer bridge
2-HellespontCharger-5-28-11-jm.jpg (82739 bytes)
Another view
3-HellespontCharger-5-28-11-jm.jpg (85827 bytes)
Hellespont Charger entering lock 3
4-HellespontCharger-5-28-11-jm.jpg (67313 bytes)
Stern view on the approach to 4

Hamilton - Eric Holmes
1-Hellespontchieftan-05-24-11-eh.jpg (75401 bytes)
 Hellespont Chieftan in the Hamilton anchorage.
2-Hellespontchieftan-05-24-11-eh.jpg (59002 bytes)
Departing Hamilton.
3-Hellespontchieftan-05-24-11-eh.jpg (80039 bytes)
Stern view
4-Kenteau-05-24-11-eh.jpg (109696 bytes)
Work tug Kenteau arriving Hamilton
5-Kenteau-05-24-11-eh.jpg (138206 bytes)
Stern view.
6-Canenterprise-05-24-11-eh.jpg (70345 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise arriving Hamilton
7-Canenterprise-05-24-11-eh.jpg (77467 bytes)
Close up
8-Canenterprise-05-24-11-eh.jpg (85351 bytes)
Stern view

Diamond Jack Lake St. Clair & River Cruise- Bob Vincent
1-RogerLeLievre-5-29-11-bv.jpg (40167 bytes) 2-StateofMichigan-5-29-11-bv.jpg (36319 bytes) 3-StateofMichigan-5-29-11-bvStern-view.jpg (43252 bytes) 4-WalpoleIslander-5-29-11-bv.jpg (50168 bytes) 5-Algosoo-5-29-11-bv.jpg (44466 bytes)
6-Algosoo-5-29-11-bv.jpg (44610 bytes) 7-Ontamich-5-29-11-bv.jpg (62462 bytes) 8-Calumet-5-29-11-bv.jpg (48886 bytes) 9-Calumet-5-29-11-bv.jpg (43142 bytes) 10-DiamondBelle-5-29-11-bv.jpg (87948 bytes)
11-DiamondBelle-5-29-11-bv.jpg (69534 bytes) 12-DiamondBelle-5-29-11-bv.jpg (89745 bytes) 13-Diamond-Belle-5-29-11-bv.jpg (62356 bytes) 14-Bus-5-29-11-bv.jpg (63572 bytes) 15-Rivercruisegroup-5-29-11-bv.jpg (81709 bytes)
16-Bus-5-29-11-bv.jpg (57712 bytes) 17-Algobay-5-29-11-bv.jpg (36971 bytes) 18-CSLNiagara-5-29-11-bv.jpg (56409 bytes)    

Saginaw River- Todd Shorkey
1-zeus-5-30-11-ts-a.jpg (46219 bytes)
Tug Zeus and barge Robert F. Deegan outbound from Dow Chemical
2-zeus-5-30-11-ts-b.jpg (75743 bytes)
Zeus close up 
3-zeus-5-30-11-ts-c.jpg (77072 bytes)
Another view

Seiche at the Soo Monday - Herm Klein
1-PRT-5-30-11-HK.jpg (92943 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha stopped in channel above the locks approach.
2-ABL-5-30-11-Hk.jpg (99992 bytes)
Ashmun Bay boat launch.

Green Bay - Wendell Wilke
fossI0001.jpg (53104 bytes)
Leslie Foss and barge Foss 343 inbound for Bay Shipbuilding Monday.
fossII0001.jpg (58626 bytes) chemtranII0001.jpg (58489 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel inbound at Green Bay Saturday.
chemtranI0001.jpg (52567 bytes)  

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
belle-29may11-djd-1.jpg (62684 bytes)
Diamond Belle and Algosoo at Marine City on Sunday morning
belle-29may11-djd-2.jpg (52629 bytes) ariz-30may11-djd-1.jpg (52759 bytes)
BBC Arizona with a load of windmill parts at Marine City on Memorial Day 2011.

Iroquois and Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-ruby-t-29-05-11-rb.jpg (64791 bytes)
Ruby-T passing Loyalist Park below Iroquois on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-ruby-t-29-05-11-rb.jpg (57755 bytes)
built in Turkey last year.
3-nadro-29-05-11-rb.jpg (55157 bytes)
Nadro Marine tugs Vigilant I and Seahound passing Mariatown.
4-tony-29-05-11-rb.jpg (45867 bytes)
Tony Mackay passing Mariatown.

Isarstern at the Petro Canada Pier in Bronte - Eric Homes
1-Isarstern-05-3-11-eh.jpg (48850 bytes)        

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-boldworld-28-05-11-rb.jpg (49246 bytes)
Bold World passing Mariatown upbound for Lake Ontario.
2-boldworld-28-05-11-rb.jpg (51297 bytes)
She is the former Stolt Kent
3-boldworld-28-05-11-rb.jpg (66626 bytes)
Original funnel markings and the house flag to match.
4-isarstern-28-05-11-rb.jpg (48511 bytes)
Isarstern up bound in the Seaway below Iroquois Lock.
5-isarstern-28-05-11-rb.jpg (49657 bytes)
Isarstern making the turn below Iroquois Lock.
6-isarstern-28-05-11-rb.jpg (57765 bytes)
Isarstern slides the wall below the lock.

Algoma Mariner under construction in China
Algoma-Mariner-1.jpg (59142 bytes) Algoma-Mariner-2.jpg (44355 bytes)      

Herbert C. Jackson Loading Ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick 
1hcj_5_25_11_rb.jpg (106002 bytes)
Bow view with dock locomotive

Algontario tow in the Seaway near Montreal, May 28 - Rene Beauchamp
Algontario5-28-11-121.jpg (99047 bytes) Algontario5-28-11-125.jpg (57670 bytes) Algontario5-28-11-127.jpg (93252 bytes) Algontario5-28-11-129.jpg (100678 bytes) Algontario5-28-11-130.jpg (89580 bytes)
Algontario5-28-11-132.jpg (92496 bytes) Algontario5-28-11-133.jpg (94243 bytes)      

Algontario Tow - Kent Malo
Algontario5-28-11-km.jpg (55467 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - Jeff and Greg Barber
HALIFAX-(4)_2.jpg (52556 bytes)
Halifax downbound St. Marys River 7-25-05
ALGONTARIO-018.jpg (63473 bytes)
Algontario Upbound Soo Locks 11-05-08
frankcliffe-hall.jpg (105290 bytes)
Frankcliffe Hall downbound Blue Water Bridge 10-13-87

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