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June 2, 20

Iroquois and Prescott - Dave Bessant
01-Cuyahoga-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (101717 bytes)
Cuyahoga viewed from Highway 2
02-Cuyahoga-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (93895 bytes)
Bow on at the north side of the Prescott elevators
03-Cuyahoga-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (80113 bytes)
A very windy day as Cuyahoga unloads
01-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (74584 bytes)
Canadian Ranger being towed in the Galop Canal towards Iroquois, Tony Mackay leading the way and Vigilant 1 bringing up the rear, with Seahound.
02-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (84488 bytes)
03-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (84618 bytes)
stack markings painted out
04-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (112975 bytes)
Seahound is the closest tug and Vigilant 1 is behind her
06-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (121576 bytes)
Having trouble entering the canal due to the high winds. She is like a big sail here and difficult for the tugs to manage.
10-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (90649 bytes)
The lines are taut behind Canadian ranger to Vigilant 1
11-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-WDB.jpg (97200 bytes)
Closer view with both tugs behind Canadian Ranger

Iroquois and Prescott - Murray Blancher
1-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-mb.jpg (43130 bytes)
Canadian Ranger down at Brockville Ont.
2-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-mb.jpg (51328 bytes) 3-Tony-Mackay-06-01-11-mb.jpg (41381 bytes)
Tony Mackay with Ranger in tow
4-Amstelborg-06-01-11-mb.jpg (67440 bytes)
Amstelborg up at Prescott Ont. elevator
5-Cuyahoga-06-01-11-mb.jpg (70982 bytes)
Cuyagoga unloading salt at Port of Prescott
6-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-mb.jpg (82845 bytes)
Canadian Ranger facing 90 degrees to the wall above the Ioquois Lock
7-Canadian-Ranger-06-01-11-mb.jpg (72304 bytes)
After being tuned 180 to clear the channel

Alpena in Waukegan Ill. Wednesday - Lou Gerard
Alpena-6-1-11-lgDSC-0128.jpg (76535 bytes)
When the Alpena is docked at the Lafarge dock in Waukegan she is a real traffic stopper.
Alpena-6-1-11-lgDSC-0081.jpg (103633 bytes)
Crewmen doing some hull painting while she unloads.
Alpena-6-1-11-lgDSC-0131.jpg (75120 bytes)
 Alpena backing into harbor past Waukegan Marina.
Alpena-6-1-11-lgDSC-0148.jpg (52255 bytes)
 She always attracts attention when she backs out along the pier.
Alpena-6-1-11-lgDSC-0169.jpg (49275 bytes)
Backing into the lake she passes the lighthouse and pleasure craft.
Alpena-6-1-11-lgDSC-0198.jpg (39645 bytes)
Turning around in the lake she heads for Alpena for another load.

Sturgeon Bay and Manitowoc -
Peter Groh
1-SMCPB-6-1-11-PG.jpg.jpg (79002 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest and Tug Prentiss Brown with the St. Clair.
2-LFBMSC-6-1-11-PG.jpg (125508 bytes)
The Tug Leslie Foss with the Tug Bradshaw, McKee in the floating dry-dock and St. Clair.
3-Clair-6-1-11-PG.jpg (65571 bytes)
St. Clair sitting in the yard.
4-SMCPB-6-1-11-pg.jpg (79901 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest and Tug Prentiss Brown sitting in the yard.
5-SMC-6-1-11-pg.jpg (185740 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger unloading at Manitowoc.
6-SMC-6-1-11-PG.jpg (78642 bytes) 7-NEE-6-1-11-PG.jpg (91717 bytes)
Neeskay was outbound for the lake

Cason J. Callaway at the Upper Harbor in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1cjc_5_30_11_rb.jpg (71956 bytes)
Morning arrival on Memorial Day
2cjc_5_30_11_rb.jpg (91484 bytes)
Approaching the ore dock
3cjc_5_30_11_rb.jpg (105613 bytes)
Docking to load ore
4cjc_5_30_11_rb.jpg (94970 bytes)
Charging the dock on arrival

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