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June 3, 20

Iroquois to Montreal and back Thursday - Dave Bessant
01-Ruby-T-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (69312 bytes)
Ruby-T downbound through the lock at Iroquois with Canadian Ranger tied up behind her, pointing the wrong way
04-CanadianEmpress-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (78776 bytes)
Canadian Empress rubbing the wall and losing a bolster
05-CanadianEmpress-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (128494 bytes)
Recovery of the bolster
06-CanadianRanger-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (61560 bytes)
Canadian Ranger bow showing the marks from hitting the cement of the lock wall Wednesday
07-TonyMackay-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (135742 bytes)
Tony Mackay tied up alongside of Canadian Ranger that morning
08-CanadianRangerTonyMackay-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (62647 bytes)
Canadian Ranger and Tony Mackay
09-Sauniere-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (57387 bytes)
At the Port of Montreal the Don Felix
(former Petrolia Desgagnes)
11-OceanexAvalon-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (74059 bytes)
Containership Oceanex Avalon with Algontario behind her
13-Algontario-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (71190 bytes)
 Algontario stack painted out
14-Algontario-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (60509 bytes)
Algontario bow also painted out markings
15-Algontario-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (63414 bytes) 16-JanaDesgagnes-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (79794 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes nearby
17-CanadianRanger-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (76698 bytes)
Back in Iroquois taking the photo from the Iroquois beach and seeing the smaller tugs tied up behind Canadian Ranger
18-SeahoundVigilant1-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (68221 bytes)
Tugs Seahound and Vigilant 1
19-TonyMackay-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (65480 bytes)
BBQ onboard Tony Mackay
20-TonyMackay-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (67567 bytes)
Keeping in shape on the Mackay
21-CanadianRanger-06-02-11-WDB.jpg (84985 bytes)
She is expected to depart Friday morning.

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-amstelborg-01-06-11-rb.jpg (48944 bytes)
 Amstelborg passing Mariatown on her way to Windsor.
2-ruby-t-02-06-11-rb.jpg (62520 bytes)
Ruby-T passing the Canadian Ranger scrap tow below Iroquois Lock.
3-empress-02-06-11-rb.jpg (89690 bytes)
Canadian Empress passing Tony Mackay at Iroquois Lock.
4-ranger-02-06-11-rb.jpg (65633 bytes)
Algocanada slides the wall while Seahound, Vigilant I, Tony Mackay wait for morning and the resumption of the trip to Montreal.

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
MANISTEEb14060111mn.jpg (60788 bytes)
Manistee upbound in the Fighting Island Channel
MANISTEEs15060111mn.jpg (56075 bytes) DESGAGNESSEDNAb09060111mn.jpg (58846 bytes)
edna Desgagnes
DESGAGNESSEDNAs1006011mn.jpg (49321 bytes) OBERSTARJAMESLHONb011CF74C.jpg (41721 bytes)
 Hon James L Oberstar
OBERSTARJAMESLHONs061CF75B.jpg (49117 bytes)        

Sedna Desgagnes upbound below Mission Point - Herm Klein
1-SDU-6-2-11-HK.jpg (77278 bytes) 2-SDB-6-2-11-HK.jpg (101776 bytes) 3-SDS-6-2-11-HK.jpg (73574 bytes) 4-SDA-6-2-11-HK.jpg (87796 bytes)  

Port Dover - Monty Young
Janice-C-No-1---Port-Dover.jpg (159152 bytes)
Janice C No1 at Oakville 16 Mile Creek
Janice-C-No-1-Port-Dover-Stern.jpg (79734 bytes) Amherst-Islander---Port-Dover.jpg (82503 bytes)
Amherst Islander
Amherst-Islander---Stern---Port-Dover.jpg (100214 bytes) G-Costal.jpg (141390 bytes)
G Costal - This is a pleasure craft built in 2006
G-Costal-Stern.jpg (118458 bytes)        

Great Republic at the former Interlake Iron Dock Toledo, Ohio Tuesday - Jim Hoffman
greatrepublicb6-2-11-jh.jpg (50426 bytes) greatrepublic6-2-11-jh.jpg (62810 bytes)
Stern view

Detroit - Ken Borg
johngmunson6-2-11-kb.jpg (60075 bytes)
Unloading stone at Carmuse Lime in River Rouge.
michipicoten6-2-11.jpg (72380 bytes)
Down the Detroit River on her first trip after repowering with a diesel engine.

Marquette Thursday evening - Lee Rowe
kayeebarker6-2-11-lr-(2).jpg (72734 bytes)
Kaye E Barker at the Marquette ore dock.
kayeebarker6-2-11-lr-(1).jpg (80733 bytes)
Bow view

Fish tug Clifford J. coming into Waukegan Harbor Wednesday morning - Lou Gerard
Cliffordj-6-1-11-lgDSC-0059.jpg (71617 bytes) Cliffordj-6-1-11-lgDSC-0063.jpg (113284 bytes)      

 National Park Service barges built at the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland
nationalparkbarge.jpg (70680 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Sauniere - Rod Burdick
sauniere_89ph_rb.jpg (82039 bytes)
Downbound Port Huron, Summer 1989

Historical Perspective - Mackinaw under construction and launch - Jim Repka
mackinaw43-44-(1).jpg (70961 bytes)
At the Toledo Ship Yard.  Jim's grandfather, Paul Okenka took these photos during the winter of 1943-1944.
mackinaw43-44-(6).jpg (36471 bytes) mackinaw43-44-(2).jpg (152847 bytes) mackinaw43-44-(3).jpg (58087 bytes) mackinaw43-44-(4).jpg (53010 bytes)
mackinaw43-44-(7).jpg (58110 bytes) mackinaw43-44-(5).jpg (54833 bytes)      

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