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June 4 - 6, 20

H Lee White in Muskegon - Greg and Amanda Barber
1-HLWhite-6-5-11-GB.jpg (75140 bytes)
H Lee White heading down Lake Michigan for Muskegon
2-HLWhite-6-5-11-GB.jpg (57681 bytes)
H Lee White inbound the piers
3-HLWhite-6-5-11-AB.jpg (60094 bytes) 4-HLWhite-6-5-11-GB.jpg (68436 bytes) 5-HLWhite-6-5-11-AB.jpg (58884 bytes)

Michipicoten make her first trip up the St Marys River this season - Herm Klein
1-MIU-6-5-11-HK.jpg (67221 bytes)
 Michipicoten up bound at Mission Point with new diesel power.
2-MIB-6-5-11-HK.jpg (51472 bytes) 3-MIA-6-5-11-HK.jpg (85206 bytes)    

St. Marys Challenger in Manitowoc Sunday afternoon - Peter Groh
1-SMC-6-5-11-PG.jpg (69826 bytes)
It was spotting unloading another cargo of Type 1 cement at St. Marys Cement.

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1hjlo_5_30_11_rb.jpg (132990 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar waiting to load ore
2keb_6_2_11_rb.jpg (114662 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore

Canadian Ranger tow Saturday morning above St. Lambert Lock - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_7159.jpg (74563 bytes)        

Iroquois and Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (89269 bytes)
Seahound is ready to go to work.
2-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (54178 bytes)
Tow departing Iroquois Lock.
3-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (59432 bytes)
The first attempt at heading down river is aborted as the ship is too close to a channel marker.
4-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (67122 bytes)
The turn begins.
5-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (61148 bytes)
 Tony Mackay brings the bow around in the eddy below the lock.
6-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (64493 bytes)
The Seahound and Vigilant I worked on the stern.
7-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (35294 bytes)
The tow reaches Mariatown.
8-ranger-03-06-11-rb.jpg (45070 bytes)
Saying goodbye old girl.
1-yukina-04-06-11-rb.jpg (67075 bytes)
Federal Yukina passing Mariatown on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-yukina-04-06-11-rb.jpg (52783 bytes)
Cabin detail.
3-yukina-04-06-11-rb.jpg (71348 bytes)
Federal Yukina is registered in Hong Kong. She flies two flags on her jackstaff.

Goderich, Ont. Friday
- Bruce Douglas
1-CHJackson-6-3-11-bjd.jpg (93455 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman loading salt, view from the castle.
2-CCG-Kelso-6-3-11-bjd.jpg (117870 bytes)
CCG vessel Kelso clearing Goderich.
3-CCG-Kelso-6-3-11-bjd.jpg (97930 bytes)
CCG vessel Kelso, view South pier.
4-CHJackman-6-3-11-bjd.jpg (149040 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman view near the lighthouse.
5-CdnTransfer-6-3-11-bjd.jpg (137821 bytes)
Canadian Transfer idle.
6-Goderich-6-3-11-bjd.jpg (152960 bytes)
Goderich lighthouse, constructed 1847.

Mariatown and Crossover Island, Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Vega-Desgagnes-06-04-11-mb.jpg (60122 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes down at Mariatown, Ont.
2-Vega-Desganes-06-04-11-mb.jpg (61092 bytes) 3-Federal-Yukina-06-04-11-mb.jpg (49716 bytes)
Federal Yukina up at Mariatown
4-Federal-Yukina-06-04-11-mb.jpg (48163 bytes) 1-SCL-Bern-06-03-11-mb.jpg (80430 bytes)
 SCL Bern up at Crossover Island
2-Pine-Glen-&-SCL-Bren-06-03-11-mb.jpg (64894 bytes)
Pineglen & SCL Bern meet at Crossover
3-Pine-Glen-06-03-11-mb.jpg (62741 bytes) Pineglen down at Crossover      

Oshawa, Ontario - Andre Blanchard
1-Heloise-6-2-11-ab.jpg (67779 bytes)
Stern view of Heloise
2-Heloise-6-2-11-ab.jpg (75596 bytes)
Welding on the port side stern of Heloise.
3-HEnergy-6-2-11-ab.jpg (76327 bytes)
Hamilton Energy moving away after refueling Heloise. Hamilton Energy backed out of the harbor and turned towards Hamilton after this photo was taken.

Great Republic in St. Marys River -
Herm Klein
1-Greatrepublic-6-4-11-HK.jpg (72511 bytes)
 Great Republic upbound below Mission Point
2-Greatrepublic--6-4-11-HK.jpg (66481 bytes)
Great Republic bow
3-Greatrepublic--6-4-11-HK.jpg (96118 bytes)
Stern view

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
BARNACLEMICHIGANBORG1D08C5.jpg (71762 bytes)
Barnacle and Michiganborg unloading at DMT in Detroit.
MICHIGANBORGb24060311mn.jpg (76720 bytes)
Michiganborg unloading at DMT Detroit.
BARNACLEb21060211mn.jpg (70927 bytes)
Barnacle (Cyprus) at DMT Dock in Detroit.
BARNACLEs19060211mn.jpg (60098 bytes) BARNACLEMICHIGANBORG1D08C6.jpg (63984 bytes)
AMSTELBORGs27060311mn.jpg (61276 bytes)
Amstelborg (Netherlands) unloading at Morterm in Windsor.
MICHIGANBORGs21060311mn.jpg (63999 bytes) CARRICKJOHNJb19060311mn.jpg (53105 bytes)
Barge John J Carrick at Mistersky's in Detroit.
VICTORIOUSb16060311mn.jpg (64621 bytes) VICTORIOUSs14060311mn.jpg (77633 bytes)
CARRICKJOHNJs12060311mn.jpg (64574 bytes)
Victorious and barge John J Carrick at Mistersky's.
KUBERJAMESLb03060311mn.jpg (52496 bytes)
James L Kuber downbound off the Rouge Short Cut.
VICTORYb05060311mn.jpg (59558 bytes)
Tug Victory downbound off the Rouge Short Cut.
VICTORYs06060311mnJPG.jpg (69975 bytes) KUBERJAMESLs08060311mn.jpg (59360 bytes)
INTEGRITYINNOVATIONb1D048C.jpg (74654 bytes)
Barges Innovation, tug Samuel D Champlain and Integrity and tug G L Ostrander at the Springwells and Koenig Dock in Detroit.
INNOVATIONb06053111mn.jpg (67714 bytes)
Innovation at the Koenig Dock in Detroit.
OSTRANDERGLs12060211mn.jpg (76715 bytes) INNOVATIONs04053111mn.jpg (55617 bytes) INNOVATIONINTEGRITYs1D048A.jpg (51673 bytes)
ANDERSONARTHURMb03060211mn.jpg (77680 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson unloading into the hopper at Zug Island.
ANDERSONARTHURMs02060211mn.jpg (97583 bytes) PIERSONROBERTSb28053111mn.jpg (65506 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
PIERSONROBERTSs30053111mn.jpg (64344 bytes) truckferrySTORMONTs11D08D0.jpg (97919 bytes)
Truck ferry & Stormont downbound off Zug Island.

DeTour, Mich. -
Marc VanderMeulen
JohnSherwin_ArthurKAtkinson_DeTour_05312011_mvm.jpg (66237 bytes)
John Sherwin and Arthur K. Atkinson remain at the Spring Bay coal dock in DeTour.
CasonJCallaway_DeTour_05312011_mvm.jpg (60156 bytes)
Downbound Cason J. Callaway heads into Lake Huron and fog at DeTour.
Saginaw_DeTour_05312011_mvm.jpg (54795 bytes)
Upbound Saginaw passes Frying Pan Island at DeTour.

CSL Tadoussac downbound for Pointe Noire, above Cote-Ste-Catherine Lock -  Roland Van Bulck
IMG_0068.jpg (92315 bytes) IMG_0072.jpg (72938 bytes)      

Welland Canal Friday -
John van der Doe
Birchglen-(6).jpg (40370 bytes) Birchglen-&-Rt.-Hon-Paul-J.-Martin.jpg (39251 bytes) Algocanada-&-RT.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin.jpg (65549 bytes) Algocanada-(5)1.jpg (74041 bytes) Lock-2-Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin1.jpg (65959 bytes)
John-B.-Aird-(2).jpg (46890 bytes) Lock-2-John-B.-Aird.jpg (77041 bytes) John-B.-Aird-(6).jpg (44184 bytes) Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin-(10).jpg (84684 bytes) Lock-4-Stephan-B.-Roman.jpg (115585 bytes)
Unity-(2).jpg (89621 bytes) Lock-4-(3).jpg (99234 bytes)      

Port Stanley
- Monty Young
Eau-Clipper---Port-Stanley.jpg (91698 bytes)
Eau Clipper
Eau-Clipper---Stern.jpg (75384 bytes) Jeanette-M---Port-Stanley.jpg (89892 bytes)
Jeanette M
Lasher-O-+-Port-Stanley.jpg (142907 bytes)
Lasher O
Lasher-O---Stern.jpg (66959 bytes)
Jeanette-M---LFrt---Port-Stanley.jpg (104592 bytes)
Jeanette M
G-H-Simmons-+-Port-Stanley.jpg (123979 bytes)
G H Simmons
G-H-Simmons---Stern.jpg (101532 bytes) Welland---Port-Stanley.jpg (94517 bytes)
Tug Welland
Welland-----Port-Stanley.jpg (165049 bytes)

Canadian Ranger tow turning on Friday morning -
Dave Bessant
01--CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (68256 bytes)
 Canadian Ranger starting to be pulled out from the lock wall at Iroquois
02--CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (77605 bytes) 03-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (62076 bytes) 04-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (77493 bytes)
Tony Mackay pulling at the bow and Vigilant1 at the stern, Seahound out to the side
05-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (77107 bytes)
06-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (72349 bytes) 07-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (80572 bytes) 08-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (88217 bytes)
Getting lined up
09-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (45081 bytes) 10-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (157787 bytes)
Fans looking awfully sad
11-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (90558 bytes)
Taking lots of photos too
12-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (40586 bytes) 13-SeahoundVigilant1-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (76651 bytes)
 Heading to Morrisburg
14-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (38414 bytes) 15-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (38498 bytes)
Coming to Loyalist Park
16-SeahoundVigilant1-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (72254 bytes) 17-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (46187 bytes) 18-CanadianRanger-06-03-11-WDB.jpg (59807 bytes)
Turning to Morrisburg

 Lake Express in Kewaunee Saturday -
Wendell Wilke
lakeexI0001.jpg (49448 bytes)
Entering Kewaunee
lakeexII0001.jpg (73698 bytes)
Making the dock
lakeexIII0001.jpg (77420 bytes)
Onboard the Lake Express on L. Michigan on the cruise
lakeexIIII0001.jpg (86517 bytes)
Returning after the cruise to make her turn in front of the museum tug Ludington

Historical Perspectives Canadian Ranger
- Jeff Barber
2-cranger-7-12-2008-jb.jpeg.jpg (61638 bytes)
Upbound at nine mile point
1-cranger-7-9-2008-jb.jpeg.jpg (62905 bytes)
Downbound below Mission Point

S.S. Badger video
- Roger Lelievre

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