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June 8, 20

Point Edward& Sarnia -  Marc Dease
1-sed-6-05-11-md.jpg (62440 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes downbound at 1 & 2.
2-cath-6-06-11-md.jpg (67773 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes down Point Edward.
1-sag-6-6-11-a-md.jpg (80670 bytes)
Saginaw arriving at the elevator Monday to load wheat for Toledo, Ohio. She departed Tuesday afternoon.
2-sag-6-6-11-b-md.jpg (68311 bytes)
The turn complete, she nears the dock.
3-sag-6-6-11-c-md.jpg (62943 bytes)
4-sag-6-6-11-d-md.jpg (47901 bytes)
 Loading at night.
5-sag-6-6-11-e-md.jpg (59482 bytes)
Closer view.
6-sag-6-7-11-f-md.jpg (70671 bytes)
Loading almost complete.
7-sag-6-7-11-g-md.jpg (62913 bytes)
 Backing away from the elevator.
8-sag-6-7-11-h-md.jpg (59143 bytes)
Skillfully maneuvered her stern into the north slip and heading downbound.

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
CSLLAURENTIENb03060711mn.jpg (49780 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound off Zug Island bound for Belledune, NB.
CSLLAURENTIENs04060711mn.jpg (56685 bytes) THOMPSONJOSEPHHb07060711mn.jpg (54877 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson downbound off Fort Wayne.
THOMPSONJOSEPHHs09060711mn.jpg (63450 bytes) MACASSABAYb10060711mn.jpg (112505 bytes)
Macassa Bay at Windsor.
TREGURTHAPAULRs11060711mn.jpg (55050 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha downbound above the Ambassador Bridge.

Algoma Navigator downbound at the Soo Tuesday -
Herm Klein
1-AGN-6-7-11-HK.jpg (72360 bytes)
Algoma Navigator down bound at Mission Point
2-AGB-6-7-11-HK.jpg (69356 bytes)
3-AGS-6-7-11-HK.jpg (68879 bytes)
4-ANA-6-7-11-HK.jpg (88274 bytes)
Stern view
5-AGS-6-7-11-HK.jpg (49402 bytes)
Algoma Navigator and American Spirit pass below Mission Point

Algoway unloading salt in Toronto Tuesday -
John van der Doe
Toronto-7-June-2011-Algoway.jpg (81660 bytes) Toronto-7-June-2011-(29)-Algoway.jpg (69080 bytes) Toronto-7-June-2011-(21)-Algoway.jpg (59223 bytes) Toronto-7-June-2011-(25)Algoway-Can.-Miner.jpg (54339 bytes)
With Canadian  Miner
Toronto-7-June-2011-Sea-Eagle-II-(3).jpg (69478 bytes)
Sea Eagle II
Toronto-7-June-2011-Sea-Eagle-II-(7).jpg (68743 bytes) Toronto-7-June-2011-William-Rest-(1).jpg (161277 bytes)
William Rest 
Toronto-7-June-2011-William-Rest-(2).jpg (106276 bytes)    

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-bbc-05-06-11-rb.jpg (62067 bytes)
BBC Orinoco in the Seaway above Mariatown.
2-bbc-05-06-11-rb.jpg (92311 bytes)
She has unusual stack markings.
3-sclleman-07-06-11-rb.jpg (55214 bytes)
SCL Leman passing Mariatown loaded with grain for Italy.
4-mumbai-07-06-11-rb.jpg (52779 bytes)
Sichem Mumbai passing Mariatown on her way to Houston.
5-sedna-07-06-11-rb.jpg (56250 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes passing Mariatown loaded with grain for Quebec City.

Newly Renamed Great Republic at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1GrtRep_6_5_11_rb.jpg (81545 bytes)
Arriving to load ore
2GrtRep_6_5_11_rb.jpg (103303 bytes)
Stern view

Halifax scrap tow - Kent Malo
halifaxscraptow6-7-11-(1).jpg (22938 bytes)
Tug Sirocco the position is 38 39 N 026 05 W East of the Azores and North of Punta Delgado they report all is ok aboard the former Halifax's final tow to Aliaga, Turkey.
halifaxscraptow6-7-11-(2).jpg (18289 bytes)      

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