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June 10, 20

Marquette Thursday - Lee Rowe
IMG_8523.jpg (110294 bytes)
Great Republic arriving at the dock.
IMG_8528.jpg (85487 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and Joyce Van Enkevort turning in the lower harbor basin.
IMG_8530.jpg (73751 bytes)
Joyce Van Enkevort

Canal Corp Tugboat Seneca on the Erie Canal
(Seneca Cayuga Canal) at Lock 1 on June 7 - Jason LaDue
Seneca-Cayuga-Seneca-Canal-Mud-Lock-6-7-2011-J-LaDue.jpg (140608 bytes)
Seneca at Lock 1 (Mud Lock), Cayuga Seneca Canal
Seneca-CS-canal-mud-lock-jun-7-2011-J-LaDue.jpg (158532 bytes) Seneca-E-Canal-CS-mud-lock-6-7-2001-J-LaDue.jpg (160632 bytes) Seneca-Stack-sm-Cayuga-Seneca-Canal-6-2011-J-LaDue.jpg (62620 bytes)
Seneca's classic stack and emblem

Canadian Transfer has been renamed Algoma Transfer while in lay-up at Goderich on June 9 -
Peter Luney
Algoma-Transfer,-in-Goderich,-June-09,-2011-1.jpg (56108 bytes) Algoma-Transfer,-in-Goderich,-June-09,-2011-2.jpg (74732 bytes)      

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-cangarda-08-06-11-rb.jpg (45143 bytes)
The steam yacht Cangarda is 109 years old. She was built for Charles Canfield, a Michigan lumber baron.
2-happy-08-06-11-rb.jpg (61062 bytes)
Happy River departing Iroquois Lock down bound.
3-happy-08-06-11-rb.jpg (62790 bytes)
Happy River heading down the Seaway.
4-happy-08-06-11-rb.jpg (54042 bytes)
It is hot and hazy.

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
ALGOLAKEb02060811mn.jpg (53705 bytes)
Algolake downbound the Detroit River off Fort Wayne.
ALGOLAKEs04060811mn.jpg (59715 bytes) KAMINISTIQUAb12060811mn.jpg (43726 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound off Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
KAMINISTIQUAs14060811mn.jpg (49281 bytes) AMSTELBORGb19060811mn.jpg (62004 bytes)
Amstelborg (The Netherlands) at Morterm.
SHELLYJWb26060811mn.jpg (53983 bytes)
J W Shelly at Sterling Fuels in Windsor.
SHELLYJWs22060811mn.jpg (54482 bytes) SINBADb28060811mn.jpg (87431 bytes)
Sinbad downbound off Hart Plaza.
PRAIRIELANDb29060811mn.jpg (75186 bytes)
Prairieland in Nicholson's Ecorse.
CEDARGLENb13060711mn.jpg (41867 bytes)
CEDARGLENs15060711mn.jpg (49431 bytes) BBCORINOCOb20060711mn.jpg (47376 bytes)
BBC Orinoco
BBCORINOCOs22060711mn.jpg (53187 bytes)    

South Chicago Tuesday -
 Lou Gerard
Hleewhite-6-7-11-lgDSC-0221.jpg (67383 bytes)
H. Lee White approaching 92nd St. after departing KCBX bound for Milwaukee.
Hleewhite-6-7-11-lg,DSC-0236.jpg (94018 bytes)
The White in Calumet Harbor heading for the lake on hot sultry morning.
Mckeesons-6-7-11-lgDSC-0230.jpg (58651 bytes)
Invincible / McKee Sons loading at Beemsterboer's at 106th St.
Honjamesoberstar-6-7-11-lgDSC-0239.jpg (124676 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar entering Calumet Harbor after coming from Indiana Harbor.
 Honjloberstar-6-7-11-lgDSC-0268.jpg (75424 bytes)
The Oberstar comes under the EJ&E Bridge
Honjloberstar-6-7-11-lgDSC-0298.jpg (107503 bytes)
Clear of NS 5 bridges she approaches 100th St.
Jloberstar-6-7-11-lgDSC-0319.jpg (77744 bytes)
Arriving at KCBX the McKee Sons can be seen in the distance.
Jloberstar-6-7-11-lgDSC-0327.jpg (85672 bytes)
Preparing to dock at KCBX.

Tug Krista S. at Essroc Wednesday - Todd Shorkey
1-kristas-6-8-11-ts-a.jpg (94249 bytes) 2-kristas-6-8-11-ts-b.jpg (107694 bytes)      

Tall ship Lynx is up bound for Ogdensburg, New York -
Kent Malo
TallshipLynx6-08-11-km.jpg (72745 bytes) TallshipLynx6-08-11-km-a.jpg (82302 bytes)      

CSL Tadoussac arriving Cote-Ste-Catherine wharf -
Francoise Mathews
Tad-6-9-2011-DSF0842.jpg (69987 bytes) Tad-6-9-2011-DSF0859.jpg (50976 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -
Greg Barber
1-Sauniere-8-13-89-GB.jpg (76169 bytes)
Sauniere downbound off the Blue Water Bridge 8-13-89
2-Sauniere-8-16-89-GB.jpg (51742 bytes)
Sauniere backing into Grand Haven with a load of salt 8-16-89
3-CMiner-7-6-07-GB.jpg (39928 bytes)
Canadian Miner downbound St. Marys River 7-6-07

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