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June 11, 20

Evening traffic in Port Huron Friday - Dave Wobser
1-Integrity-djw-6-10-11.jpg (90746 bytes)
 Samuel de Champlain and Integrity downbound
2-Integrity-djw-6-10-11.jpg (80944 bytes) 3-Spruceglen-djw-6-10-11.jpg (46300 bytes)
 Spruceglen downbound
4-Spruceglen-djw-6-10-11.jpg (77922 bytes) 5-Spruceglen-djw-6-10-11.jpg (66933 bytes)
6-Altair-djw-6-10-11.jpg (64973 bytes)
MCL Altair downbound
7-Altair-djw-6-10-11.jpg (101837 bytes) 8-HLWhite-djw-6-10-11.jpg (60133 bytes)
H. Lee White downbound at dusk
9-HLWhite-djw-6-10-11.jpg (88568 bytes) 10-HCJackson-djw-6-10-11.jpg (60869 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson headed for the Rouge River
11-HCJackson-djw-6-10-11.jpg (75767 bytes) 12-Algosar-djw--6-10-11.jpg (58245 bytes)
Algosar headed to Thunder Bay with a load of gasoline
13-Algosar-djw--6-10-11.jpg (49421 bytes)    

Detroit Traffic Friday -
Mike Nicholls
ALGOSTEELb01060911mn.jpg (44459 bytes)
Algosteel upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
ALGOSTEELs02060911mn.jpg (47753 bytes) ALGOWAYb04060911mn.jpg (52781 bytes)
Algoway loading salt at Ojibway.
BISCAYNEBAYb09061011mn.jpg (70661 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Biscayne Bay downbound off Zug Island.
BISCAYNEBAYs10061011mn.jpg (81849 bytes)

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette after repowering
- Rod Burdick
1mich_6_7_11_rb.jpg (86157 bytes)
Loading ore

Port Stanley fishing tugs -
Peter Luney
William-T.R.-docked-at-Port-Stanley-June-9,-2011-1.jpg (75792 bytes) G-H-Simmons-at-Port-Stanley-June-9,-2011-3.jpg (116336 bytes) Royka-Bros.-at-Port-Stanley-June-9,-2011-2.jpg (70730 bytes) Ashton-Mac-entering-Port-Stanley,-June-9,-2011-4.jpg (51048 bytes) Lasher-O,-Port-Stanley-June-9,-2011-3.jpg (77393 bytes)
L-&-R-and-Josh-II-in-Grand-Bend-June-8,-2011.jpg (91406 bytes)
Josh ll and L & R are fishing out of Grand Bend on Lake Huron.

Historical Perspective -
Gordon Vieth
01432_s_10aebt28782491.jpg (37058 bytes)
Reserve approaches the Soo Locks in the early 60's
100_1175.jpg (102727 bytes)
Car ferry Robert Noble enroute to Washington Island.  July 2007

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