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June 12, 20

Saturday along the St. Clair River - Dave Wobser
15-Michi-djw-6-11-11.jpg (60910 bytes)
Michipicoten down at St. Clair
16-Michi-djw-6-11-11.jpg (53607 bytes)
Forward cabins
17-Michi-djw-6-11-11.jpg (71084 bytes)
Receiving a wave from the bronze people in St. Clair park
18-Michi-djw-6-11-11.jpg (72690 bytes)
Stern view
19-SongaSap-djw-6-11-11.jpg (53238 bytes)
Songa Sapphire down at St. Clair
20-Algoeast-djw-6-11-11.jpg (51168 bytes)
Algoeast upbound
21-FedMargaree-djw-6-11-11.jpg (62071 bytes)
Federal Mararee down
22-Munson-djw-6-11-11.jpg (53484 bytes)
|John G. Munson down at Marysville
23-Munson-djw-6-11-11.jpg (67232 bytes)
Forward cabins
24-Munson-djw-6-11-11.jpg (49480 bytes)
Munson stern view
25-Clarke-djw-6-11-11.jpg (52502 bytes)
Photographer cluster under the Blue Water Bridges
26-Clarke-djw-6-11-11.jpg (51531 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke down
27-Clarke-djw-6-11-11.jpg (119842 bytes)
Clarke under the bridges
28-Clarke-djw-6-11-11.jpg (75566 bytes)
Clarke stern view
29-GrRepublic-djw-6-11-11.jpg (63688 bytes)
Great Republic following the Clarke
30-GrRepublic-djw-6-11-11.jpg (150008 bytes)
Under the bridges
31-GrRepublic-djw-6-11-11.jpg (63533 bytes)
Huron Lady II getting a close look at Great Republic

St. Clair River
- Roger LeLievre
Algomarine-6-10-11rl.jpg (68640 bytes)
Algomarine downbound past St. Clair on Friday.
Algomarine-6-10-11-2rl.jpg (60995 bytes) Clarke,-PR-6-11-11rl.jpg (45259 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke at Port Huron Saturday afternoon.
Great-Republic-6-11-11rl.jpg (46736 bytes)
Great Republic, downbound on Saturday.
Great-Republic-6-11-11-2rl.jpg (60144 bytes)
Stack still black.
Great-Republic-6-11-11rl-3.jpg (56088 bytes)
Stern view.

Panoramic of three tankers in a row at Sarnia
- Matt Miner
TankPano-06-11-11-MM.jpg (89925 bytes)
Algosea, MCT Altair, Chemtrans Havel.

Rouge River -
Ken Borg
IMG_0976.jpg (56634 bytes) IMG_0979.jpg (33139 bytes)      

Toledo Docks
- Steven Feher
toledo6-11-11-(1).jpg (65646 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson loading at #4 coal machine
toledo6-11-11-(2).jpg (61733 bytes)
H Lee White coming in to follow the Jackson
toledo6-11-11-(4).jpg (95144 bytes)
CSL Niagara unloading ore at CSX Torco ore dock ? stern view
toledo6-11-11-(3).jpg (56232 bytes) toledo6-11-11-(5).jpg (51494 bytes)
Stacking the Niagara's  ore

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
3-ljkuber-6-10-11-ts-a.jpg (68607 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber inbound at Lafayette Bridge
2-floyd-6-10-11-ts-a.jpg (159415 bytes)
Tug Floyd Sr. at the Stender Marine dock
1-jmarie-6-10-11-ts-a.jpg (142791 bytes)
Tug Jill Marie at the Stender Marine dock

Detroit Traffic -
 Mike Nicholls
ROMANSTEPHENBb14061011mn.jpg (56961 bytes) ROMANSTEPHENBs16061011mn.jpg (54128 bytes) FRIENDSHIPb04061011mn.jpg (68150 bytes) FRIENDSHIPs06061011mn.jpg (73136 bytes) FANTINOJULIANB11061011mn.jpg (74096 bytes)

Finger Lakes region of New York -
 J LaDue
Seneca-Legacy-Seneca-Lake-Watkins-Glen-6-7-2011-J-LaDue.jpg (83885 bytes)
Seneca Legacy on  Seneca Lake at Watkins Glen, NY. 
Seneca-Legacy-Seneca-Lake-Watkins-Glen-port-6-7-2011-J-LaDue.jpg (93480 bytes)
Seneca Legacy, formerly the Cross Rip which operated out of Hyannis, Massachusetts
Stroller-IV-Seneca-Lake-June-2011-J-LaDue.jpg (112434 bytes)
Stroller IV at Seneca Lake, launched in 1934
Judge-Ben-Wiles-sm-Sk-lake-6-2011-J-LaDue.jpg (90177 bytes)
Judge Ben Wiles at Skaneateles Lake

Historical Perspectives -
Robert Klamerus
Scan_15.jpg (137853 bytes)
Tub Boat Gloria (?) in Milwaukee Wisconsin, year unknown.
Scan.jpg (57203 bytes)
Windsor, Ontario from Detroit River, year unknown

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