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June 13, 20

Welland Canal Sunday - Bill Bird
1-Michipicoten-06-12-11-a-bb.jpg (62001 bytes)
Michipicoten clear of Lock 4
2-Michipictoen-06-12-11-b-bb.jpg (60024 bytes)
Stern view after passing through the Glendale Avenue bridge
3-MichipicotenAlgomaSpirit-06-12-11-bb.jpg (57240 bytes)
Michipicoten on the wall as Algoma Spirit leaves Lock 3
4-AlgomaSpirit-06-12-11-a-bb.jpg (58572 bytes)
Algoma Spirit
5-AlgomaSpiritname-06-12-11-bb.jpg (76296 bytes)
One of Spirit's previous names still visible on the stern.
6-AlgomaSpirit-06-12-11-b-bb.jpg (65609 bytes)
 heading to the flight locks
7-BBC-Arizona-06-12-11-a-bb.jpg (87300 bytes)
BBC Arizona sliding into Lock 3
8-BBCArizona-06-12-11-b-bb.jpg (59718 bytes)
close up
9-MCTArcturus-06-12-11-a-bb.jpg (69364 bytes)
MCT Arcturus departing Lock 3
10-MCTArcturus-06-12-11-b-bb.jpg (57766 bytes)
Stern shot

Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
ALGOEASTb12061111mn.jpg (67042 bytes)
Algoeast upbound off Windsor.
ALGOLAKEb28061111mn.jpg (36224 bytes)
Algolake upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
ALOUETTTESPIRITb10061111mn.jpg (74373 bytes)
Alouette Spirit and Wilf Seymour unloading aluminum ingots at Nicholson's Detroit.
ALOUETTTESPIRITs07061111mn.jpg (62877 bytes) SEYMOURWILFs08061111mn.jpg (58382 bytes)
INTEGRITYb02061111mn.jpg (51552 bytes)
Intergrity and G L Ostrander downbound off USS Great Lakes Works, Ecorse.
OSTRANDERGLs04061111mn.jpg (60934 bytes) INTEGRITYs05061111mn.jpg (55580 bytes) MICHIPICOTENb26061111mn.jpg (44427 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound off Zug Island.
MICHIPICOTENs27061111mn.jpg (47841 bytes)
ROMANSTEPHENBb14061111mn.jpg (56412 bytes)
Stephen B Roman unloading at the Premier Concrete Dock in Windsor.
ROMANSTEPHENBs17061111mn.jpg (62914 bytes) SONGASAPPHIREb22061111mn.jpg (49276 bytes)
Songa Sappphire (Marshall Islands) downbound off ther Rouge Short Cut.
SONGASAPPHIREs24061111mn.jpg (51274 bytes) WHITEHLEEs01061110mn.jpg (51937 bytes)
H Lee White unloading at Wyandotte and preparing to turn off Nicholoson's Ecorse. 
WHITEHLEEb18061111mn.jpg (35549 bytes)
WHITEHLEEs20061111mn.jpg (42150 bytes) ISLEROUGEb33061111mn.jpg (96057 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Isle Rouge at the Amherstburg Coast Guard Base.
ISLEROUGEs32061111mn.jpg (97674 bytes) CSLTADOUSSACb06061211mn.jpg (53158 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac approaching Sterling Fuels in Windsor.
CSLTADOUSSACs08061211mn.jpg (55266 bytes) PIERSONROBERTSb09061211mn.jpg (53919 bytes)
 Robert S Pierson loading coke at Nicholson's Ecorse.
PIERSONROBERTSb11061211mn.jpg (66492 bytes) PIERSONROBERTSs15061211mn.jpg (74984 bytes) TITANb12061211mn.jpg (63995 bytes)
Tug Titan at Nicholson's Ecorse.
ALGOMANAVIGATORb02061211mn.jpg (56483 bytes)
Algoma Navigator upbound under the Ambassador Bridge.
ALGOMANAVIGATORs04061211mn.jpg (69190 bytes)      

Great Republic at the Soo Friday -
Doug Leffler
great-republicb-6-10-11.jpg (79557 bytes) great-republicsoo-locks-6-10-11.jpg (92370 bytes) great-republic-c-6-10-11.jpg (89909 bytes) great-republic-6-10-11.jpg (86621 bytes)  

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-enchanter-12-06-11-rb.jpg (80699 bytes)
Enchanter slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
2-enchanter-12-06-11-rb.jpg (66732 bytes)
She has cargo for Burns Harbor.
3-eider-12-06-11-rb.jpg (66909 bytes)
Eider secured below Iroquois Lock due to a breakdown.
4-eider-12-06-11-rb.jpg (66509 bytes)
Mapleglen passing Eider.

Manistee at Holland Sunday - 
Bob VandeVusse
1-Manistee-6-12-11-bv.jpg (57404 bytes)
Passing Kollen Park in Holland.
2-Manistee-6-12-11-bv.jpg (63198 bytes)
Putting crew on the dock to set lines.

Great Republic at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1grtrep_6_9_11_rb.jpg (119318 bytes)
Arriving to load ore
2grtrep_6_9_11_rb.jpg (126342 bytes)
Bow view, gravity chutes down

Samuel Risley placing buoys at the Soo -
Jerry Masson
Samuel-Risley_1.jpg (43493 bytes)        

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