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June 14, 20

South Chicago Monday - Steve Bauer (115517 bytes)
Lower Lakes Towing Victory/James L. Kuber back out of the Calumet River with the help from the G tug Colorado.
2-Kubr-61311-sb.jpg (93927 bytes)
Having turned and heading to Lake Michigan, they pass fleetmate the Manitowoc inbound for the Calumet River.
3-Mtwc-61311-sb.jpg (70718 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound on the Calumet River approaching the Ewing Avenue (92nd St) bridge with a trace of that classic exhaust that ALCO 251 engines are known for.
4-Mtwc-61311-sb.jpg (182422 bytes)
Crewman on the bow passing 100th St bridge.
5-Mtwc-61311-sb.jpg (88345 bytes)
Passing another fleetmate, the Manistee, loading at KCBX.  The crews exchanged greetings outside while the Captains exchanged whistle salutes.
6-Mtwc-61311-sb.jpg (137866 bytes)
Turning in the basin near 122nd St, where she will head back toward either CFT or DTE south of 106th St.

Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
DIAMONDQUEENb02061311mn.jpg (69036 bytes)
Diamond Queen upbound off the Detroit Yacht Club.
ALGOMASPIRITb04061311mn.jpg (52985 bytes)
Algoma Spirit upbound off Detroit.
SAGINAWb09061311mn.jpg (68444 bytes)
Saginaw unloading at the ADM Elevator in Windsor.
SAGINAWs10061311mn.jpg (76311 bytes)  

Salarium at the Soo
- Herm Klein
1-SAU-6-13-11-HK.jpg (70292 bytes)
 Salarium upbound in the Little Rapids Cut.
2-SAB-6-13-11-HK.jpg (77943 bytes)
3-SAX-6-13-11-HK.jpg (79800 bytes)
stern view
4-SAS-6-13-11-HK.jpg (93707 bytes)
Entering Soo Harbor

Welland Canal Monday -
John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(1).jpg (89093 bytes) Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(3).jpg (62607 bytes) Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(10).jpg (92888 bytes) Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(17).jpg (87250 bytes) Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(26).jpg (74856 bytes)
Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(37).jpg (69839 bytes) Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(39).jpg (89402 bytes) Welland-Canal-13-June-2011-(51).jpg (79777 bytes)    

Frontenac in Windsor Sunday -
Robert Steele
frontenac_12jun2011.jpg (70246 bytes)        

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