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June 15, 20

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
PRAIRIELANDs01061411mn.jpg (101991 bytes)
Gradel tug Prairieland at Nicholson Ecorse.
MAPLEGLENb04061411mn.jpg (45248 bytes)
Mapleglen upbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
MAPLEGLENs06061411mn.jpg (53107 bytes) MISSISSAGIb09061411mn.jpg (53129 bytes)
Mississagi downbound in the Fighting Island Channel bound for Kingsville.
PHOEYSHELLYCLARKE03061411mn.jpg (63838 bytes)
Philip R Clarke J W Shelley and Patricia Hoey in the Detroit River. Clarke preparing to back into the Rouge River to the Carmeuse Lime Dock.  
CLARKEPHILIPRb05061411mn.jpg (58573 bytes) GREATLAKESTRADERb06061411mn.jpg (65876 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader upbound off Brighton Beach Power Station bound for Mistersky's.
HOEYPATRICIACLARKE071D5359.jpg (71583 bytes) CLARKEPHILIPRb09061411mn.jpg (46888 bytes)  

Repainting progress of the Willis B Boyer museum ship in Toledo -
Greg H.
01-Boyer-6-13-11.jpg (74473 bytes) 05-Boyer-Bow-6-13-11.jpg (76646 bytes)
Bow view
04-Boyer_bow-6-13-11.jpg (58668 bytes)
Close up of bow and work barge
02-Boyer-6-13-11.jpg (80224 bytes)
Col. James Schoonmaker name visible
03-Boyer_stern-6-13-11.jpg (81404 bytes)
Stern view in cliffs colors
06-Biscayne_Bay-6-13-11.jpg (83754 bytes)
Biscayne Bay docked Downtown

Detroit River -
Ken Borg
IMG_1010.jpg (56770 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell getting ready to depart Sterling Fuel in Windsor, Ont.  
IMG_1005.jpg (75659 bytes)
Algosoo down the Detroit River with the old english "D" on top of the Ren Cen
 IMG_1011.jpg (57346 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes up the Detroit River off Delray Park.
IMG_1019.jpg (57117 bytes)
J.W. Shelly turning around in Detroit River off Riverside Park
IMG_1029.jpg (71378 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke down and J.W. Shelly backing down to Sterling fuel

Tall ship Lynx arriving in Clayton, N.Y. Tuesday -
Michael Folsom
IMG_9361.jpg (64222 bytes) IMG_9375.jpg (142462 bytes)
 Lynx, a War of 1812 replica sailing vessel, will be in Clayton as part of Sailing Seaway Clayton Tuesday through Monday,
IMG_9377.jpg (76340 bytes) IMG_9397.jpg (89468 bytes) IMG_9408.jpg (69549 bytes)

Salarium undergoing work at Montreal last month -
Adrian Platts
Sal2.jpg (70503 bytes) Sal1.jpg (75341 bytes) Sal3.jpg (70921 bytes)    

Evans McKeil with cement barge Metis unloading at the Port of Rochester, NY -
Richard Cooper
Even-McKil-Port-Roch-5-2011-Panorama-copy.jpg (76363 bytes)        

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