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June 17, 20

South Chicago Thursday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0523.jpg (106798 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger comes under Torrence Ave. and abandoned C&WI R.R. bridges at 10:53 am. as she heads for Lake Michigan.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0529.jpg (95878 bytes)
Another view with the bridges.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0550.jpg (73594 bytes)
Rounding Cargill Bend
Cslniagara-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0574.jpg (79717 bytes)
G tug Massachusetts pulls the CSL Niagara as they approach 106th St. after leaving DTE.
Cslniagara-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0600.jpg (101921 bytes)
They pass KCBX approaching 100th St.
6. DSC-0619.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0619.jpg (68108 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passing KCBX
Cslniagara-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0638.jpg (93199 bytes)
Tug Colorado and CSL Niagara waiting for rail traffic to clear at NS 5.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0646.jpg (128513 bytes)
The Challenger joins the CSL Niagara waiting as NS 5 goes up after a lengthy wait.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0674.jpg (107864 bytes)
The Challenger follows CSL NIagara and tugs through NS 5.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0702.jpg (107134 bytes)
 The Challenger has to wait short of 95th so traffic can clear up and for the Niagara to go through 92nd st bend.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0722.jpg (69836 bytes)
From 92nd St. The Challenger and CSL Niagara head for the Lake with the Kasteelborg at North American.
Stmarchall-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0748.jpg (43985 bytes)
The Challenger and CSL Niagara head for the lake and Manitowoc waits to head into the river.
Manitowoc-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0792.jpg (85688 bytes)
Manitowoc waits between 92nd and 95th for NS rail traffic to clear before she heads for KCBX
Peremarqu-6-16-11-lg-DSC-0793.jpg (97739 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 / Undaunted wait under EJ&E bridge for NS 5 to go up.

South Chicago Thursday -
Steve Bauer
1-Chlngr-6-16-11-sb.jpg (101845 bytes)
Outbound for Lake Michigan, the St. Marys Challenger passes under the Torrance Avenue and the old C&WI bridges under dark skies on Thursday.
2-Chlngr-6-16-11-sb.jpg (74705 bytes)
Detail of stern.
3-Chlngr-6-16-11-sb.jpg (212004 bytes)
Holding at 106th Street bridge as she has caught up to the CSL Niagara heading out to the lake. 
4-Chlngr-6-16-11-sb.jpg (90828 bytes)
Approaching the bend at 103rd Street as the tug Zuccolo duck in the clear to make way for the Challenger and the tug Bonnie G. Selvick behind.
5-Chlngr-6-16-11-sb.jpg (116530 bytes)
Passing under the passing through the NS bridge after a lengthy delay held up both her and the CSL Niagara.
6-Chlngr-6-16-11-sb.jpg (75575 bytes)
Outbound east of 92nd Street, following the CSL Niagara with the Kasteelborg unloading steel at the North American Dock.
7-Ngra-6-16-11-sb.jpg (93591 bytes)
The CSL Niagara gets an assist at the Wisconsin Steel Bend from the G Tugs Massachusetts and Colorado after departing DTE.
8-Nigra-6-16-11-sb.jpg (89294 bytes)
The Massachusetts is almost up against the wall as she works hard to line up the Niagara for the tight turn under 106th Street.
9-Nigra-6-16-11-sb.jpg (95687 bytes)
Halfway through 106th Street. 
10-nigra-6-16-11-sb.jpg (150822 bytes)
After a very lengthy delay at the NS bridge, the Niagara finally gets under way, with the Challenger hot on its heels.
11-nigra-6-16-11-sb.jpg (81794 bytes)
Through 95th Street and approaching 92nd St.
12-Mtwc-6-16-11-sb.jpg (73821 bytes)
With the Challenger and Niagara gone, the Manitowoc spins for its trip upriver to KCBX.  The fisherman has other things on his mind, like the Bass he has on the other end of his line.  He did ask afterwards about all the boat traffic.
13-Mtwc-6-16-11-sb.jpg (130721 bytes)
After yet another lengthy delay at the NS, the Bonnie G. Selvick heads upriver ahead of the Manitowoc at 95th St.
14-Mtwc-6-16-11-sb.jpg (97538 bytes)
Backing through 95th Street bridge enroute to KCBX.
15-Mtwc-6-16-11-sb.jpg (162804 bytes)
Approaching 100th Street.
16-Mtwc-6-16-11-sb.jpg (79643 bytes)
Crew member watching outside the pilot house at 100th St.
17-PrMqt-6-16-11-sb.jpg (159163 bytes)
The Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 joins the party as she approaches 100th Street behind the Manitowoc.
18-PrMqt-6-16-11-sb.jpg (106781 bytes)
Tug Undaunted as she passes the Manitowoc at KCBX.

Detroit Thursday -
Mike Nicholls
ALGOLAKEs01061611mn.jpg (42545 bytes)
Algolake unloading coal on Zug Island in the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
ORSULAb05061611mn.jpg (58299 bytes)
Orsula (Marshall Islands) unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
ORSULAs02061611mn.jpg (70711 bytes) MCLEODNORMANb07061611mn.jpg (57797 bytes)
Norman Mc Leod and Everlast unloading at Sterling Fuels in Windsor.
MCLEODNORMANs0061611mn8.jpg (51970 bytes)
HURONSERVICEb14061511mn.jpg (62835 bytes)
Tug Huron Service and barge Energy 6506 at Nicholson's Detroit.
HURONSERVICEs09061511mn.jpg (68997 bytes) ENERGY6506b16061511mn.jpg (57708 bytes) MCKEESONSb25061511mn.jpg (47367 bytes)
Mc Kee Sons upbound off Belle Isle.
MCKEESONSs26061511mn.jpg (52788 bytes)
KUBERJAMESLb28061511mn.jpg (62208 bytes)
Barge James L Kuber and tug Victory downbound near the Ambassador Bridge.
VICTORYs29061511mn.jpg (55190 bytes) KUBERJAMESLs30061511mn.jpg (59584 bytes) MISSISSAGIb33061511mn.jpg (65521 bytes)
Mississagi upbound near the Ambassador Bridge.
MISSISSAGIs35061511mn.jpg (64822 bytes)

South Chicago Wednesday -
Steve Bauer
1-MryHan-6-15-11-sb.jpg (74101 bytes)
After a considerable delay at the NS bridge, the tug Mary E. Hannah pushes a tank barge outbound on the Calumet River for Indiana Harbor.
2-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (90055 bytes)
The St. Marys Challenger passes under CN bridge 710 on the Calumet River in a light rain late Wednesday afternoon.
3-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (67455 bytes)
A crewmember's rain suit adds a speck of color as the Challenger slowly approaches the 95th St bridge.
4-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (110228 bytes)
Winches, utility boat, and crewmember appropriately dressed for the weather, unlike the photographers.
5-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (86369 bytes)
Approaching the NS-5 bridge.
6-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (101585 bytes)
A brief peek of the sun adds a bit of warmth to the scene as the Challenger approaches 100th St.
7-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (62590 bytes)
Passing the H. Lee White taking on a load at KCBX.
8-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (98694 bytes)
The Challenger carefully negotiates between barges on both sides of the river after making the turn near 104th St.
9-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (83026 bytes)
Getting ready to set up for the bend right under 106th St. Bridge.
10-Chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (82474 bytes)
Crewman closely watching the clearance at 106th.  The clearance can be measured in inches with some of the larger vessels.
11-chlngr-6-15-11-sb.jpg (98323 bytes)
Clear of 106.  Next up is Wisconsin Steel bend and passing the CSL Niagara at CFT.

Hamilton and Welland Canal Thursday
- John McCreery
1-Federal-Kivalina-6-15-11-jm.jpg (80511 bytes)
Federal Kivalina entering the Burlington piers
2-Federal-Kivalina-6-15-11-jm.jpg (72050 bytes)
Kivalina arriving at Hamilton for pier 21
3-Federal-Kivalina-6-15-11-jm.jpg (117852 bytes)
Stern view
4-Federal-Kivalina-6-15-11-jm.jpg (22785 bytes)
Passing the outbound Algowood, the John D Leitch waiting to take Algowood's place.
5-Eider-6-15-11-jm.jpg (76035 bytes)
Eider exiting lock 6 west
6-Eider-6-15-11-jm.jpg (78396 bytes)
Eider upbound above 7
7-Eider-6-15-11-jm.jpg (60457 bytes)
Stern view
8-Isolda-6-15-11-jm.jpg (92194 bytes)
Isolda at the entrance to lock 3
9-Isolda-6-15-11-jm.jpg (61572 bytes)
Isolda approaching the Glendale bridge
10-Isolda-6-15-11-jm.jpg (70558 bytes)
Stern view on the way to lock 4 west 

Marquette Thursday -
Lee Rowe
IMG_2498.jpg (73210 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving at the dock
IMG_2501.jpg (134841 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal

USGS R/V Grayling at the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland, Ohio
USGeologicalSurveyVessel-Grayling.jpg (89866 bytes)        

American Mariner in Buffalo -
Patrick Cappola
American-Mariner-at-General-Mills,-Buffalo-June-2011.jpg (67730 bytes)        

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