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June 18 - 20, 20

Marquette Activity - Luke Archer
1-GRepublic-6-19-11-la.jpg (76578 bytes)
Great Republic and Robert S.Pierson docked at the LS&I ore dock.
2-GRepublic-6-19-11-la.jpg (78816 bytes)
Great Republic, now sporting the silver and black stack of Great Lakes Fleet.
3-RSPierson-6-19-11-la.jpg (79334 bytes)
Bow view
4-RSPierson-6-19-11-la.jpg (67530 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson
5-RSPierson-6-19-11-la.jpg (72770 bytes)

St. Mary's Challenger arriving at Charlevoix Sunday
-  Brianna Fleet
097.jpg (57775 bytes) 103.jpg (51592 bytes) 110.jpg (48257 bytes)    

Integrity and G.L. Ostrander in Green Bay Sunday
- Matt Ludvigson
1-Integ-6-19-11-ml.jpg (60322 bytes)
Integrity and G.L. Ostrander
2-Integ-6-19-11-ml.jpg (65548 bytes)
Pulling into the Lafarge slip next to the idle storage vessel S.T. Crapo

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_2540.jpg (53081 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson preparing to depart the dock.
IMG_2544.jpg (91420 bytes)
Bow view
IMG_2558.jpg (57591 bytes)
Turning to depart the harbor
IMG_2545.jpg (79182 bytes)
Great Republic arriving at the dock.
IMG_2548.jpg (67768 bytes)
wide view
IMG_2568.jpg (113847 bytes)
Michipicoten taking the place of the Pierson at the dock.

Seaway at Mariatown Ont.
- Murray Blancher
1-CCG-Griffin-06-19-11-mb.jpg (54884 bytes)
CCG Griffon secured at Prescott Coast Guard Base
2-Assiniboine-06-19-11-mb.jpg (49417 bytes)
Assiniboine up at Rideau Bulk Dock Mariatown On.
 3-Pacific-Huron-06-19-11-mb.jpg (63947 bytes)
Pacific Huron up at Mariatown
4-Pacific-Huron-06-19-11-mb.jpg (45198 bytes) 5-Pacific-Huron-06-19-11-mb.jpg (64594 bytes)
6-Pacific-Huron-06-19-11-mb.jpg (72531 bytes)
Pacific Huron under Prescott - Ogdensburg Bridge
 7-Mapleglen-06-19-11-mb.jpg (35902 bytes)
Mapleglen down at Maitland On.
8-Mapleglen-06-19-11-mb.jpg (40444 bytes)    

Welland Canal Sunday -
John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(33)-Algoma-Navigator.jpg (50204 bytes)
Algoma Navigator
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(41)-Algoma-Navigator.jpg (87126 bytes) Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(22)-Algoma-Navigator.jpg (77965 bytes) Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(27)--Spruceglen.jpg (63436 bytes)
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(23)-Spruceglen.jpg (63854 bytes)
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(31)--Spruceglen.jpg (61676 bytes) Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(41)-John-B.-Aird.jpg (52927 bytes)
John B. Aird
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(43)-John-B.-Aird.jpg (62233 bytes) Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(48)-Algowood.jpg (71984 bytes)
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(44)-Algowood.jpg (63353 bytes)
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(46)-Algowood.jpg (56748 bytes) Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(75)-Everlast.jpg (61801 bytes)
Everlast with Norman McLeod
Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(69)-Everlast.jpg (66646 bytes) Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(73)-Everlast.jpg (65836 bytes) Welland-Canal-June-19-2011-(47)-Ecosse.jpg (141703 bytes)

Erie Sunday -
Hugh Gillett
C7-023.jpg (42442 bytes)
Slow at the shipyard with only the new tug to be seen.
C7-027.jpg (58944 bytes)
PI barge laying at the dock with some work being done below anchor pocket while tug is undergoing 5year in Canada.
C7-028.jpg (68427 bytes)    

St. Marys River Saturday -
Roger LeLievre
Amer-Integrity-6-18-11r.jpg (44802 bytes)
American Integrity downbound.
LeVoyageur-6-18-11rl.jpg (75928 bytes)
Tour boat LeVoyageur heads for DeTour Saturday morning. She will be embarking on a lighthouse tour back up river on Sunday.
LeVoyageur-6-18-11rl-stern.jpg (62582 bytes) McKee-Sons-6-18-11rl.jpg (59793 bytes)
McKee Sons
McKee-Sons-and-Speer-6-18-11rl.jpg (44366 bytes)
Invincible in the notch.
Speer-Edgar-6-18-11rl.jpg (43707 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer
Speer-Edgar-stern-6-18-11rl.jpg (35536 bytes)
Stern view, with under a mare's tail sky.
Great-Republic--6-18-11rl.jpg (46448 bytes)
Great Republic upbound
Great-Republic--6-18-11rl.stack.jpg (60711 bytes)
Stack has been painted Great Lakes fleet silver.
Great-Republic--6-18-11rl-3.jpg (46608 bytes)
Stern view, behind the American Century.
Tregurtha,-Paul-R.-6-18-11rl.jpg (54349 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha downbound.
Tregurtha,-Paul-R.-6-18-11rl-2.jpg (54109 bytes)
Stern shot under a beautiful evening sky. 

Manitowoc, Wis. Saturday - Steve Bauer
1-bdgr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (53644 bytes)
The LMC carferry Badger arrives passes the entrance to Manitowoc Harbor at 11:45am on a hazy Saturday
2-Bdgr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (76287 bytes)
Starting her 90 degree turn getting ready to back up to the unloading slip.
3-Bdgr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (107618 bytes)
Backing towards the slip.
4-Bdgr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (103825 bytes)
Unloading the automobiles and riders.
5-Bdgr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (105351 bytes)
View of the port side from the street. 
6-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (62448 bytes)
The St. Marys Challenger arriving at Manitowoc about an hour and a half after the Badger for the two hour trip up the river.  She has been a frequent visitor since the Conquest has been out of service.
7-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (85236 bytes)
Passing the Badger entering the Manitowoc River.  The Captain traded whistle salutes the the Badger.
8-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (72400 bytes)
Passing the submarine USS COBIA at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum.
9-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (77096 bytes)
Proceeding through the 8th Street Bridge.  Transiting the tricky part of the river is about to begin.
10-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (89824 bytes)
The bow of the Challenger eases through the bridge pilings near the location of the old Soo Line carferry yard. She is in the first horseshoe bend at this point and has to come through the pilings at an extreme angle, and then use the pilings to actually help get the boat through the tight turn.  She is facing north at this point
11-Chlngr-6-11-18-sb.jpg (60856 bytes)
Through the first bend and facing northeast as she approaches the turning basin and the second horseshoe.
12-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (89962 bytes)
Making it through the second bend, she facing west again.
13-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (168060 bytes)
Prop kicking up the river bottom.  Due to the river depth the Challenger only brings in a partial load and progress through the river is often at less than crawling speed.
14-Chlngr-6-18-11-sb.jpg (84527 bytes)
Now facing south

Algoma Navigator upbound at Brockville Saturday - Viktor Kaczkowski
1-Algoma-Navigator-18-06-11-vk.jpg (94751 bytes) 2-Algoma-Navigator-18-06-11-vk.jpg (65187 bytes) 3-Algoma-Navigator-18-06-11-vk.jpg (75482 bytes)    

John D. Leitch departing Hamilton Saturday -
Ted Wilush
1-JDLeitch-6-18-11-TW.jpg (76898 bytes)
Approaching the piers
2-JDLeitch-6-18-11-TW.jpg (68084 bytes)
3-JDLeitch-6-18-11-TW.jpg (56861 bytes)
Into Lake Ontario

Marine City
- Don Detloff
ande-17jun11-djd.jpg (39521 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson Saturday
birc-17jun11-djd.jpg (35354 bytes)
mary-17jun11-djd.jpg (72591 bytes)
Tug Mary Ellen I and her barge
tado-19jun11-djd-1.jpg (50631 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac Sunday
tado-19jun11-djd-2.jpg (47283 bytes)

St. Clair River traffic Saturday -
Dawn Roberts
2-Cuy-6-18-11-dcr.jpg (45616 bytes)
Cuyahoga speeds on downriver
3-IndHar-6-18-11-dcr.jpg (22233 bytes)
Indiana Harbor making a  leisurely turn
5-CSLNiag-6-18-11-dr.jpg (65304 bytes)
CSL Niagra
6-AtlHur-6-18-11-dcr.jpg (32146 bytes)
Atlantic Huron after meeting fleetmate Niagra at Marine City

Goderich - Jacob Smith
Saltie-Miedwe-loading-grain-at-Goderich,-June-2011.jpg (60406 bytes)
Miedwe Saturday
Saltie-Amstelborg,-in-Goderich,-June-18-2011.jpg (62748 bytes)
Amstelborg June 16

Tug Invincible and Barge McKee Sons on Lake Superior
- Rod Burdick
1mckee_6_17_11_rb.jpg (90714 bytes)
Unloading coal in Munising
2mckee_6_17_11_rb.jpg (79072 bytes)
Loading ore in Marquette later in the day

Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
GRANDEMARINERb04061811mn.jpg (69260 bytes)
Grande Mariner at Bishop Park, Wyandotte.
ALGOWOODb06061811mn.jpg (51913 bytes)
Algowood downbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
ALGOWOODs07061811mn.jpg (56832 bytes) CANTRSPORTCSLNIAGARA1D6CAE.jpg (58771 bytes)
Downbound CSL Niagara passing Canadian Transport just below Grassy Island Light.
PML9000s33061711mn.jpg (78719 bytes)
PML 9000, Avenger IV and Patricia Hoey delivering a barge of components for the Marathon Refinery in Detroit.  Pictures taken from the Fort Street Bridge in the Rouge River.
AVENGERIVs30061711mn.jpg (106975 bytes) HOEYPATRICIAb19061711mn.jpg (101568 bytes) HOEYPATRICIAs24061711mn.jpg (113070 bytes) MUDPUPPYIIb44061711mn.jpg (61993 bytes)
U.S.E.P.A. Mudpuppy II in the Wyandotte Channel.
AMERICANCENTURYs47061711mn.jpg (96379 bytes)
American Century unloading on Zug Island.
DESGAGNESROSAIREAb831D645F.jpg (45995 bytes)
Rosaire A Desgagnes downbound at the Livingstone Channel crossing.
DESGAGNESROSAIREAs861D645C.jpg (65043 bytes) CSLTADOUSSACb90061711mn.jpg (58814 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac downbound in the Ballards Reef Channel.
CSLTADOUSSACs94061711mn.jpg (42324 bytes) FRONTENACb97061711mn.jpg (55964 bytes)
Frontenac downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
FRONTENACs99061711mn.jpg (58807 bytes) CALLAWAYCASONJb02061911mn.jpg (72362 bytes)
Cason J Callaway at the Zug Island Hopper Dock Sunday.

Straits of Mackinaw Friday -
Luke Archer
1-Algorail-6-18-11-la.jpg (39933 bytes)
Algorail passing the Algomah of the Arnold Lines through the fog.
2-WSykes-6-18-11-la.jpg (67716 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes at speed approaching Mackinac Island
3-WSykes-6-18-11-la.jpg (80301 bytes)
Close up profile of the Sykes
4-WSykes-6-18-11-la.jpg (75025 bytes)
Sykes approaching the lights
 5-MMiner-6-18-11-la.jpg (36793 bytes)
Mesabi Miner passing through the straits at dusk

St. Clair River Friday
- Violet Bostwick
DSC_0061.jpg (99196 bytes)
Scott Purvis tug
DSC_0070.jpg (54023 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac
DSC_0065.jpg (72607 bytes) DSC_0068.jpg (87563 bytes) DSC_0080.jpg (50319 bytes)
Rosaire A. Desagagnes
DSC_0077.jpg (62192 bytes) DSC_0079.jpg (58737 bytes) DSC_0074.jpg (73308 bytes)    

Toledo, Ohio Friday -
Steve Feher
toledo6-17-11-sf-(2).jpg (72777 bytes)
Michipicoten heading out into Maumee bay
toledo6-17-11-sf-(3).jpg (62503 bytes)
Great Republic just finished unloading ore at the Torco dock
toledo6-17-11-sf-(4).jpg (58917 bytes) toledo6-17-11-sf-(5).jpg (43954 bytes)
Atlantic Huron  stopping to back in to Torco ore dock
toledo6-17-11-sf-(1).jpg (60769 bytes)
Turning in to the Torco ore dock

Canadian Enterprise up at Mariatown Ont. Friday -
Murray Blancher
1-Canadian-Enterprize-06-17-11-mb.jpg (68287 bytes) 2-Canadian-Enterprize-06-17-11-mb.jpg (60066 bytes) 3-Canadian-Enterprize-06-17-11-mb.jpg (57912 bytes)    

W.I. Scott Purvis and barge GLB No. 2 at Mooretown, Ont. -
George Lee
Misc-618.jpg (73491 bytes) Misc-617.jpg (89632 bytes) Misc-619.jpg (63301 bytes)    

Tug boats at MCM Marine in the Soo Friday
- Herm Klein
1-EPS-6-17-11-HK.jpg (140748 bytes)
Tug Empire State used now as the pilot boat
2-MOH-6-17-11-HK.jpg (137129 bytes)
Tug Mohawk
3-KEN-6-17-11-HK.jpg (117398 bytes)
Tug Kentucky in the floating drydock with a welder working on the hull.

Manitowoc, WI  Wednesday -
Dick Sheehy
Tug-ISLAY-at-Manitowoc,-06-15-11.jpg (96261 bytes)
tug Islay tied up at what used to be the site of Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company. 
BADGER's-Fuel-Truck,-Manitoowc,-06-15-11.jpg (75449 bytes)
fuel truck for the carferry Badger, in route from the C. Reiss Coal Company to the nearby Badger dock. 

Historical Perspectives -
John S. Scott
IMG_0110.jpg (59312 bytes)
Mather arriving at Marquette
IMG_0046.jpg (41277 bytes)
William G. Mather and the Champlain were fitting out in Huron for the 1965 season
IMG_0086.jpg (51789 bytes)    

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