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June 21, 20

St. Clair River Monday - Don Detloff
inte-20jun11-djd-1.jpg (41689 bytes)
American Integrity at Port Huron
leit-20jun11-djd-2.jpg (56094 bytes)
John D Leitch
leit-20jun11-djd-3.jpg (132763 bytes) leit-20jun11-djd-4.jpg (65963 bytes) pine-20jun11-djd-5.jpg (84495 bytes)
pine-20jun11-djd-6.jpg (60065 bytes) cham-20jun11-djd-7.jpg (89540 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain and Innovation
home-20jun11-djd-8.jpg (105538 bytes)
Homeland Security patrol boat at Port Huron
gray-20jun11-djd-9.jpg (66113 bytes)
Sea Cadet's training vessel Grayfox at Port Huron
front-20jun11-djd-10.jpg (49738 bytes)
Frontenac at Marine City on Monday

Straits and Soo -
David Kaye
1-cuyahoga-6-19-11-dk.jpg (52312 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing under the Mackinac Bridge.
1-Pineglen-6-19-11-dk.jpg (85644 bytes)
Pineglen after Locking down at the Soo.

Hamilton, Ont. Monday -
 John van der Doe
Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(70).jpg (117113 bytes)
Federal Kivalina
Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(71).jpg (80683 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(106).jpg (91051 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(87).jpg (81190 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(85).jpg (80890 bytes)
Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(101).jpg (44755 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(100).jpg (60522 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(86).jpg (59417 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(84).jpg (66614 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(88).jpg (118320 bytes)
Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(90).jpg (69736 bytes) Hamilton-Dundas-20-June-2011(93).jpg (44941 bytes)      

Detroit Traffic -
 Mike Nicholls
LAUDSAMb03061911mn.jpg (39014 bytes) 
Sam Laud was upbound off Fort Wayne.
LAUDSAMs04061911mn.jpg (57807 bytes) ALGOMARINEb06061911mn.jpg (46682 bytes)
Algomarine loading at the Ojibway Salt Dock.
ALGOMARINEs07061911mn.jpg (55300 bytes) KUBERJAMESLb10061911mn.jpg (46748 bytes)
James L Kuber and tug Victory downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
KUBERJAMESLs11061911mn.jpg (53813 bytes)        

Boyer repainting Sunday evening
01-Boyer-6-19-11.jpg (68722 bytes) 02-Boyer-6-19-11.jpg (79651 bytes) 03-Boyer-6-19-11.jpg (117778 bytes)    

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