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June 22, 20

South Chicago Tuesday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0799.jpg (64956 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passes Atlantic Huron & G tug Massachusetts preparing to leave KCBX at 5:34 a.m.
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0813.jpg (70610 bytes)
The Challenger approaches 106th st.
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0834.jpg (85044 bytes)
The photographer is the subject of these photographers at 106th St.
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0839.jpg (73937 bytes)
Happy passengers as they pose for the not so awake photographer.
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0851.jpg (77199 bytes)
Clear of 106th St. she heads for Wisconsin Steel Bend.
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0886.jpg (60207 bytes)
Coming around Cargill Bend.
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0897.jpg (78947 bytes)
Going under Abandoned C&WI RR bridge and Torrence Ave.
Stmarchall-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0903.jpg (68932 bytes)
Passing the Lafarge silos and entering Lake Calumet at Stoney Island Ave.
Atlanhuron-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0855.jpg (96591 bytes)
Massachusetts Leading Atlantic Huron through Ns 5 bridges.
Atlanhoron-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0858-.jpg (98883 bytes)
Atlantic Huron approaching 95th St.
Atlanhuron-6-21-11-lg-DSC-0879.jpg (72402 bytes)
The Huron encounters some floating friends at 92nd St. bend. with the Colorado working the stern.

Soo Tuesday afternoon - Dave Wobser
1-Cort-6-21-11-djw.jpg (81098 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort up at the Mission in the rain.
2-Boatnerds-6-21-11-djw.jpg (95494 bytes)
Hardy Boatnerds don't miss a shot.
3-JLBlock-6-21-11-djw.jpg (98020 bytes)
Joseph L. Block approaching the Poe Lock downbound
 4-PaulR-6-21-11-djw.jpg (89184 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha up at the Mission
5-JLBlock-6-21-11-djw.jpg (100036 bytes)
Joe Block down at the Mission
6-JLBlock-6-21-11-djw.jpg (64918 bytes)
Stern view

Welland Canal
- John McCreery
1-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (80505 bytes)
Leitch over from Hamilton and raising in lock 1
2-Jackman-6-19-11-jm.jpg (58128 bytes)
Followed by the Capt. Henry Jackman
3-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (68559 bytes)
Exiting lock 1
4-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (71161 bytes)
Passing the dry dock
5-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (56244 bytes)
Upbound between locks 1 and 2
6-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (38423 bytes)
No other markings save the house flag to say she is with Algoma
7-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (73322 bytes)
Another day another dollar
8-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (63808 bytes)
Stern view
9-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (100181 bytes)
Head on
10-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (89603 bytes)
Entering lock 2
11-GCLeitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (109404 bytes)
Pellets left on deck from unloading at Dofasco
12-Algowood-6-19-11-jm.jpg (77795 bytes)
Algowood downbound below lock 3
13-Algowood-Leitch-6-19-11-jm.jpg (62065 bytes)
Leitch meeting the loaded Algowood
14-Cedarglen-6-19-11-jm.jpg (56891 bytes)
Nightfall with the Cedarglen in lock 2
15-Cedarglen-6-19-11-jm.jpg (64136 bytes)
Stern view

American Integrity stopped at the Carbide Dock in the Soo for unspecified repairs -
Herm Klein
1-AMD-6-21-11-HK.jpg (65395 bytes)
American Integrity makes the Carbide Dock
2-AMC-6-21-11-HK.jpg (65526 bytes)
She was expected to resume her upbound trip, and lock through, in a few hours.
3-AMW-6-21-11-HK.jpg (82733 bytes) 4-AMX-6-21-11-HK.jpg (96217 bytes)  

Algoma Mariner anchored in Davao, Philippines Tuesday
Algomamariner6-21-11.jpg (52336 bytes)
Waiting to fuel for the long trip to Panama.
Algomamariner-s6-21-11.jpg (67832 bytes) Algomamariner-b6-21-11.jpg (53913 bytes) Algomamariner-c6-21-11.jpg (56207 bytes)  

Alpena, Mich.
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Missiga-6-21-11-BCM-01.jpg (68417 bytes)
Mississagi coming into the river to unload salt
Missiga-6-21-11-BCM-02.jpg (60018 bytes) Missiga-6-21-11-BCM-03.jpg (44430 bytes) Missiga-6-21-11-BCM-04.jpg (61748 bytes)  

Marquette, Mich.
- Lee Rowe
IMG_2579.jpg (60135 bytes)
Pathfinder at the dock, Honorable James L Oberstar waiting for the south side of the dock.
IMG_2583.jpg (51383 bytes)
Dorothy Ann
IMG_2610.jpg (54020 bytes)
Mesabi Miner departing after bringing coal
IMG_2638_2.jpg (59264 bytes)
Honorable James L Oberstar heading for the dock
IMG_2635.jpg (42817 bytes)

Edward E. Gillen III and the tug Champion working together at 31st. Chicago building a new breakwall and harbor Tuesday
  - Tim Eaker
durocher-&-Gillen-015.jpg (82107 bytes) durocher-&-Gillen-011.jpg (85325 bytes) durocher-&-Gillen-008.jpg (98289 bytes)    

H. Lee White shelters from northeast gales on Lake Superior off of the western end of Madeline Island on Tuesday - Tim Eldred
1-HLeeWhite-6-21-11te.jpg (63593 bytes)        

Cleveland, Ohio -
John Unterwagner
01-Kathy-Lynn-6-19-11-jru.jpg (102778 bytes)
Kathy Lynn pushing Barge GL 5 on the Cuyahoga River Sunday
01-Tony-Celebrezze-6-19-11-jru.jpg (111600 bytes) 
Cleveland Fire Department's Tony J Celebrezze docked on the Cuyahoga River

Robert S. Pierson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1rsp_6_17_11_rb.jpg (99693 bytes)
Arriving to load ore

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