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June 23, 20

Challenger in Milwaukee - Peter Groh
1-SMC-6-22-2011-PG.jpg (85274 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger sliding down the St. Marys Cement dock on its way out to the Lake.
2-SMC-6-22-2011-PG.jpg (79404 bytes)
 Stern view from Skipper Buds
3-SMC-6-22-2011-PG.jpg (74933 bytes)
The Crew of Captain Al Tielke, 12 to 4 Wheelman Mike Cushman, and Second Mate John McNabb.
4-SMC-6-22-2011-PG.jpg (50642 bytes)
Captain Tielke and company guest on the Bridge Wing as Captain Tielke lines up for the Chicago & NorthWestern railroad bridge.
5-SMC-6-22-2011-PG.jpg (71602 bytes)
Passenger on the boat deck

Slow Soo traffic on a rainy Wednesday - Dave Wobser
7-Rich-6-22-11-djw.jpg (63636 bytes)
Richeleiu up at Mission Point
8-Rich-6-22-11-djw.jpg (73175 bytes)
Stern view
9-StateM-6-22-11-djw.jpg (59311 bytes)
State of Michigan practicing river navigation
10-Jackson-6-22-11-djw.jpg (67042 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson late in the afternoon.
11-Jackson-6-22-11-djw.jpg (77318 bytes)
Jackson stern view

Marquette Wednesday -
Luke Archer
1-HJLOberstar-6-22-11-la.jpg (56485 bytes)
A work boat heads out to the Oberstar with more containment booms.
2-HJLOberstar-6-22-11-la.jpg (70897 bytes)
 A boarding ladder is over the side as the work boat takes the booms back aft. 
3-HJLOberstar-6-22-11-la.jpg (77495 bytes)
Bow view
4-Michipicoten-6-22-11-la.jpg (60045 bytes)
 Michipicoten on the north side of the dock.
5-Michipicoten-6-22-11-la.jpg (48125 bytes)
Wide view of the harbor and Michipicoten.
6-Superior-6-22-11-la.jpg (62499 bytes)
Rough lake Superior outside the break wall.

Toledo docks traffic Monday & Tuesday
- Steven  Feher
ships-6-22-11-001.jpg (91835 bytes)
McKee sons loading at #4 coal machine
ships-6-22-11-003.jpg (46701 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson coming in to load coal
ships-6-22-11-005.jpg (77779 bytes)
James L Kuber pulling in with Kaye E Barker backing down from unloading ore at Torco dock
ships-6-22-11-009.jpg (128797 bytes)
Kuber on back wall, Barker to load first.
ships-6-22-11-010.jpg (65447 bytes)
Kaye E. barker loading

H. Lee White is passed by the Madeline Island Ferry Bayfield -
Tim Eldred
1-hleewhite-bayfield-6-22-11.jpg (74582 bytes)
She begins her second day at anchor waiting out gale warnings off of the western end of Madeline Island in Lake Superior on Wednesday.

Chicago area Sunday - Tom Kort
01-KASTEELBORG-06-19-11-tk.jpg (70711 bytes)
Kasteelborg unloading
02-KASTEELBORG-06-19-11-tk.jpg (90734 bytes) 03-KASTEELBORG-6-19-11-tk.jpg (62400 bytes) 04-tugbarge-06-19-11-tk.jpg (74156 bytes)
Barge Great Lakes and tug Michigan.
05-tugbarge--6-19-11-tk.jpg (94221 bytes)
 Opposite side view. 
06-tugbarge-06-19-11-tk.jpg (73003 bytes)
View of the tug Michigan.

Cuyahoga making its way out to Lake Erie June 12
0612011803.jpg (62264 bytes) 0612011803a.jpg (62103 bytes)      

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