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June 24, 20

Marquette, Mich. - Luke Archer
1-HCJackson-6-23-11-la.jpg (76869 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson waits at the ore dock as some Canada geese get a closer look.
2-bows-6-23-11-la.jpg (79685 bytes)
Bow of Jackson with Algocape on the other side.
3-Algocape-6-23-11-la.jpg (85779 bytes)
Head on with Algocape
4-Algocape-6-23-11-la.jpg (72390 bytes)
Both bow profiles with harbor fog
5-Algocape-6-23-11-la.jpg (111124 bytes)
Loading begins
6-Algocape-6-23-11-la.jpg (71733 bytes)
The dock workers partially lower chutes that will be used in the loading of the Algocape.
7-Algocape-6-23-11-la.jpg (88245 bytes)

Hamilton Thursday
- John McCreery
1-Federal-Patroller-6-23-11-jm.jpg (97729 bytes)
 Federal Patroller arriving at Hamilton
2-Federal-Patroller-6-23-11-jm.jpg (102496 bytes)
Patroller entering the Burlington piers
3-Federal-Patroller-6-23-11-jm.jpg (85748 bytes)
Stern view
4-Federal-Patroller-6-23-11-jm.jpg (66674 bytes)
Approaching pier 14 with tug assistance
5-Federal-Nakagawa-6-23-11-jm.jpg (76169 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa arriving from Contrecoeur Quebec
6-Federal-Nakagawa-6-23-11-jm.jpg (66215 bytes)
Inside the Burlington piers she called in her next port as Detroit
7-Federal-Nakagawa-6-23-11-jm.jpg (114588 bytes)
Stern view under the bridges and headed to the anchorage
8-Federal-Nakagawa-6-23-11-jm.jpg (90833 bytes)
Another view with the new grain storage domes at the west end of the harbour
9-Algolake-6-23-11-jm.jpg (89716 bytes)
Algolake departing
10-Algolake-6-23-11-jm.jpg (115706 bytes)
Stern view

Green Bay, Wis. -
Scott Best
1-texas-06-23-11-sb.jpg (59688 bytes)
Stern view of the Tug Texas waiting in the Fox River to assist the Manitowoc.
2-Texas-06-23-11-sb.jpg (74045 bytes)
Tug Texas pulls full as they fight the current getting the Manitowoc lined up for the first RR Bridge.

3-Texas-06-23-11-sb.jpg (89345 bytes)
Close up of the Texas as they head downriver near the Mason St Bridge.
1-manitowoc-06-23-11-sb.jpg (50869 bytes) 2-manitowoc-06-23-11-sb.jpg (52196 bytes)
Bow view as they head out of the slip and into the main river with a very strong current.

3-manitowoc-06-23-11-sb.jpg (75439 bytes)
Manitowoc and Texas pour on the power while fighting to get the Manitowoc lined up against the current.
4-Manitowoc-06-23-11-sb.jpg (61235 bytes)
Approaching the Mason St Bridge in downtown Green Bay.

5-manitowoc-06-23-11-sb.jpg (67620 bytes)
Stern view heading for the Walnut St Bridge.

Slow traffic day at the Soo Boatnerd picnic - Dave Wobser
1-Picnic-6-23-11-djw.jpg (180374 bytes)
Waiting for the coffee to brew
2-Soo-6-23-11-djw.jpg (96928 bytes)
Mini marine mart and socializing while waiting for any traffic
3-A-Discovery-6-23-11-djw.jpg (37843 bytes)
An upbounder appears thru the fog
4-A-Discovery-6-23-11-djw.jpg (48609 bytes)
Algoma Discovery
5-A-Discovery-6-23-11-djw.jpg (65712 bytes)
Capt. Anders Rasmussen gives a wave to assembled multitude.
6-A-Discovery-6-23-11-djw.jpg (78840 bytes)
Stern view
7-Picnic-6-23-11-djw.jpg (126296 bytes)
The cooks at work
8-Picnic-6-23-11-djw.jpg (157193 bytes)
Lets eat!
9-Picnic-6-23-11-djw.jpg (135284 bytes)
Group picture next to the Rotary Park sign being taken by Bill Rowe
10-Picnic-6-23-11-djw.jpg (141979 bytes)
Bonnie, the 50-pound lapdog
11-McCarthy-6-23-11-djw.jpg (31916 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy heading to Duluth/Superior
12-McCarthy-6-23-11-djw.jpg (72590 bytes)
Everybody getting a good shot
13-Spence-6-23-11-djw.jpg (51173 bytes)
Tug John Spence pushing the barge Niagara Spirit headed for Essar Steel in Soo Ontario
14-Spence-6-23-11-djw.jpg (79080 bytes)
Strange canopy on 1/2 of the barge
15-Spence-6-23-11-djw.jpg (58540 bytes)
Spence stern view

Detroit River-
Mike Nicholls
MARINETWOs01062311mn.jpg (99152 bytes)
Marine Two off Wyandotte, MI.
KUBERLEWISJb03062311mn.jpg (41454 bytes)
Lewis J Kuber and Olive L Moore at Sterling Fuel in Windsor, ON.
MOOREOLIVELb04062311mn.jpg (52073 bytes) KUBERLEWISJs07062311mn.jpg (59128 bytes) MOOREOLIVELs05062311mn.jpg (68667 bytes)
AUSTRALIABORGb09062311mn.jpg (55210 bytes)
Australiaborg upbound off Sterling Fuel.
AUSTRALIABORGs11062311mn.jpg (49721 bytes) CANADIANOLYMPICb12062311mn.jpg (40019 bytes)
Canadian Olympic upbound off Nicholson's Ecorse.
CANADIANOLYMPICs13062311mn.jpg (51500 bytes) DESGAGNESCATHERINEb11D9C26.jpg (50523 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes upbound above Fighting Island North Light.
DESGAGNESCATHERINEs21D9C25.jpg (48810 bytes) JACKMANHENRYCAPTb38062311mn.jpg (52139 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman at Blue Circle Cement in the Rouge River.
IDAHO56062311mnJPG.jpg (83661 bytes)
Jackman and Idaho outbound the Rouge at the Short Cut Bridge.
VICTORIAb60062311mn.jpg (54064 bytes)
Victoria at Morterm in Windsor, ON.
VICTORIAb22062311mn.jpg (45103 bytes)
GREATREPUBLICb04062211mn.jpg (51092 bytes)
Great Republic downbound off USS Great Lakes Works.
GREATREPUBLICs05062211mn.jpg (52965 bytes) CRESSWELLPETERRb08062211mn.jpg (45164 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell unloading at Blue Circle Cement in the Rouge River.
JACKMANHENRYCAPTS31062211mn.jpg (43624 bytes) CALLAWAYCASONJb17062211mn.jpg (74868 bytes)
Cason J Callaway unloading in the Zug Island Hopper.
CALLAWAYCASONJs11062211mn.jpg (81152 bytes) STORMONTLACSTJEANb131D91F9.jpg (56093 bytes)
Stormont and barge Lac St Jean downbound off Zug Island.
STORMONTb15062211mn.jpg (66994 bytes) DIAMONDBELLEb21062211mn.jpg (91001 bytes)
Diamond Belle off Stroh River Place in Detroit.
AUSTRALIABORGb25062211mn.jpg (47575 bytes)
Australiaborg unloading at Morterm in Windsor.
JACKMANHENRYCAPTb28062211mn.jpg (51605 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman in the Ojibway Anchorage.
CSLASSINIBOINEb30062211mn.jpg (53285 bytes)
CSL Assisiboine loading at Ojibway Salt in Windsor.
CSLASSINIBOINEs33062211mn.jpg (46351 bytes)    

Oakglen at Sorel anchorage June 16 -
Francoise Mathews
Oakglen6-16-11-fm.jpg (83163 bytes)
Waiting its turn to unload at QIT

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