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Soo Gathering Gallery
June 24 - 27, 20

Engineer's Day at the Soo - Dave Wobser
20-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (138502 bytes)
Group photo
21-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (172496 bytes)
Waiting to get into the lock center pier
22-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (81034 bytes)
Quebecois in the MacArthur Lock
24-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (58953 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha in the Poe Lock
25-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (90433 bytes)
Lee A. passing the reviewing stand at Mission Point
26-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (60465 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound at Mission Point
27-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (46650 bytes)
Michipicoten meets Algosoo below Mission Point
28-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (65917 bytes)
Algosoo at Mission Point
29-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (87642 bytes)
Algosoo stern view
30-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (54424 bytes)
Michipicoten meeting American Courage below Mission Point in the haze and mist
31-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (69555 bytes)
31 - American Courage
32-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (78000 bytes)
Canadian Olympic following Michipicoten down bound
33-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (89357 bytes)
Canadian Olympic stern view
34-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (49379 bytes)
Anglian Lady and barge in the upbound parade
35-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (60599 bytes)
Saginaw upbound
36-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (72055 bytes)
Sam Laud is the next upbounder
37-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (65712 bytes)
John G. Munson following the Laud
38-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (40843 bytes)
Algocape downbound
39-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (63542 bytes)
Algocape forward cabins
40-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (43629 bytes)
Algocape stern view
41-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (53752 bytes)
Algocape meets Australiaborg, with Algosar following, below Mission Point
42-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (60221 bytes)
Australiaborg at Mission Point
43-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (77868 bytes)
Australiaborg stern view
44-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (59928 bytes)
Algosar passing Mission Point
45-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (78636 bytes)
Plenty of cameras in action
46-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (45702 bytes)
Algosar meets Herbert C. Jackson above Mission Point
47-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (55557 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
48-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (53508 bytes)
Jackson meeting Cason J. Callaway below the Mission with Kaministiqua following the Callaway.
49-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (47865 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway
50-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (66036 bytes)
A wave from Callaway's engine room
51-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (85338 bytes)
Callaway stern view
52-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (49692 bytes)
53-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (99512 bytes)
Cameras up aboard the LeVoyegeur
54-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (82940 bytes)
Approaching the Victory/Kuber from behind
55-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (97808 bytes)
Checking out the Kaministiqua
56-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (69126 bytes)
John B. Aird waiting for a lock upbound
57-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (75096 bytes)
Aird stern view
58-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (62447 bytes)
Aird waiting for the MacArthur Lock as Paul R. Tregurtha leaves the Poe Lock
59-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (78375 bytes)
Anglian Lady at Essar Steel
60-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (71798 bytes)
John Spence at Essar
61-Soo-6-24-11-djw.jpg (66453 bytes)
Canadian Olympic leaving the MacArthur Lock upbound, and Victory/Kuber entering the Poe, as we wait to go downbound. The end of an awesome day at the Soo.

Saturday Soo Traffic - Dave Wobser
62-Richelieu-6-26-11-djw.jpg (68513 bytes)
Richelieu downbound in Soo Harbor
63-AmIntegrity-6-26-11-djw.jpg (87191 bytes)
American Integrity
64-Blough-6-26-11-djw.jpg (100528 bytes)
Roger Blough being serviced by Ojibway in Soo Harbor
65-CGlen-6-26-11-djw.jpg (83394 bytes)
Cedarglen entering the MacArthur Lock
66-OStar-6-26-11-djw.jpg (76104 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar up at Mission Point
67-OStar-6-26-11-djw.jpg (60063 bytes)
Oberstar forward cabins
68-CGlen-6-26-11-djw.jpg (96860 bytes)
Cedarglen down at Mission Point
69-Kast-6-26-11-djw.jpg (86906 bytes)
Kasteelborg downbound
70-Kast-6-26-11-djw.jpg (74473 bytes)
Kasteelborg stern view
71-JDLeitch-6-26-11-djw.jpg (64868 bytes)
John D. Leitch up at the Mission in the late evening

Sunday traffic at the Soo - Dave Wobser
72-AlgoSoo-6-26-11djw.jpg (64369 bytes)
Algosoo downbound in the morning
73-M-Glen-6-26-11-djw.jpg (83974 bytes)
Mapleglen, the only upbound of the day
74-M-Glen-6-26-11-djw.jpg (93500 bytes)
Mapleglen stern view
75-A-Discov-6-26-11-djw.jpg (94197 bytes)
Algoma Discovery downbound
76-A-Discov-6-26-11-djw.jpg (98174 bytes)
Algoma Discovery stern view

Video by Roger LeLievre

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