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June 27, 20

Sunday at the Welland - Bill Bird
1-Amstelborg-06-26-11-a-bb.jpg (76938 bytes)
Amstelborg clear of Lock 8 at Port Colborne
2-Amstelborg-06-26-11-b-bb.jpg (57223 bytes)
apparently lightship, she's headed overseas
3-Algocape-06-26-11-a-bb.jpg (54010 bytes)
Algocape in Port Colborne harbour
4-Algocape-06-26-11-b-bb.jpg (78402 bytes)
underneath Clarence St bridge
5-Algocape-06-26-11-c-bb.jpg (58898 bytes)
heading to the west wall above the lock
6-AlgocapeBBCArizona-06-26-11-a-bb.jpg (67248 bytes)
Algocape taking on supplies while BBC Arizona slides by on the east wall.
7-BBC-Arizona-06-26-11-a-bb.jpg (82071 bytes)
BBC Arizona closeup.
8-BBC-Arizona-06-26-11-b-bb.jpg (63590 bytes)
heading to Lake Michigan with windmill parts
9-Algonova-06-26-11-a-bb.jpg (65383 bytes)
Algonova leaving Lock 7
10-Algonova-06-26-11-b-bb.jpg (62362 bytes)
Headed to Nanticoke
11-Quebecois-06-26-11-a-bb.jpg (61807 bytes)
Quebecois clear of Lock 3
12-Quebecoisflag-06-26-11-a-bb.jpg (30471 bytes)
Algoma houseflag on her mast is the only hint as to her new owners
13-Quebecois-06-26-11-b-bb.jpg (74498 bytes)
headed to Baie Comeau with grain

Port Cartier and Lower Cove NL
- Captain Clarence Vautier
Salarium6-23-11-cv.jpg (70624 bytes)
Salarium ariving at Lower Cove
Rugia6-23-11-cv.jpg (74691 bytes)
Rugia at anchor Port Cartier.
Algobay6-22-11-cv.jpg (68936 bytes)
Algobay unloading at Port Cartier

Iroquois Lock and Newfoundland -
Ron Beaupre
1-adriatic-24-06-11-rb.jpg (54363 bytes)
Adriaticborg in the river below Iroquois Lock.
2-adriatic-24-06-11-rb.jpg (58971 bytes)
Sliding the wall into the lock.
3-adriatic-24-06-11-rb.jpg (58781 bytes)
This is the first trip for this new ship into the Lakes.
4-keewatin-14-06-11-rb.jpg (75184 bytes)
Tug Keewatin in St. John's Harbour, Newfoundland. She once sailed the Lakes.
5-ewjones-20-06-11-rb.jpg (69809 bytes)
Former Morristown, N.Y. to Brockville ON ferry Elmer W Jones at Port Aux Choix, Newfoundland.
6-ewjones-20-06-11-rb.jpg (76938 bytes)
Built 1926 at Groton, CT for this service. Left for East Coast in 1953.

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
ALGOSTEELb14062511mn.jpg (51519 bytes)
Algosteel downbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal Saturday.
ALGOSTEELs15062511mn.jpg (54479 bytes) BLOUGHROGERs03062411mn.jpg (48114 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound just above the Ambassador Bridge Friday.
MARVINOb06062411mn.jpg (97882 bytes)
Tug Marvin O upbound just above the Ambassador Bridge.
MARVINOs08062411mn.jpg (84554 bytes)
VICTORIAb10062411mn.jpg (51675 bytes)
Victoria (Antigua) unloading clay at Morterm in WIndsor.
CRESSWELLPETERRb12062411mn.jpg (54700 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell loading salt for Toronto at Ojibway Salt in Windsor.
CRESSWELLPETERRs14062411mn.jpg (60907 bytes)    

 Port of Montreal sec 44 June 25
- Kent Malo
Algontario6-25-11-km-d.jpg (48901 bytes)
Algontario with name painted out being readied for the tow to Aliaga
Birchglen6-25-11-km.jpg (38810 bytes)
Birchglen downbound to Quebec City,
Herakles6-25-11-km-b.jpg (54792 bytes)
Bow view of the tug Herakles preparing the tow of the Algontario, said to be leaving Monday at 4 a.m.
Herakles6-25-11-km-c.jpg (92335 bytes)
Sternview of the tug Herakles
Herakles6-25-11-km-d.jpg (58850 bytes)
Wheel house and funnel of the Herakles at Montreal, Quebec
Koztocze6-25-11-km.jpg (62459 bytes)
Poland Steamship Koztocze unloading sugar at the Atlantic Sugar Refinery dock sec 45 Port of Montreal
RubyT6-25-11-km.jpg (63246 bytes)
Tanker Ruby T up bound for the Seaway and Hamilton, Ontario

Sorel and Quebec City
-  Normand Daneau 
Soulanges6-16-11-nd-b.jpg (111818 bytes)
Tug Soulanges built in 1905 with a smaller tug on the hip, Cap Brule or the Cape Crow, seen here at Quebec City June 16-2011 
OceanBertrandJeansonne6-25-11-nd.jpg (77013 bytes)
Ocean Group tug Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne docking the tanker Energy Commander at the Hydro Quebec Thermal plant at Tracy Quebec, taken from the tug Duga.
Herakles6-25-11-nd-b.jpg (63263 bytes)
Herakles going by Tracy Quebec, at 0600 am

St. Clair River -
Don Detloff
adria-26jun11-djd.jpg (46371 bytes)
Adriaticborg at Marine City on Sunday
roman-25jun11-djd.jpg (41546 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman at Marine City on June 25
blough-6-24-11-djd.JPG (2938301 bytes)
Roger Blough at Marine City on June 24

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-6-26-11-ts-a.jpg (73094 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber at Bay City Wirt
2-sbroman-6-26-11-ts-a.jpg (90669 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman at the Essroc Dock
3-roar-6-26-11-ts-a.jpg (95345 bytes)
Bay City River Roar action with SSt-45 boat catching air
4-roar-6-26-11-ts-b.jpg (101188 bytes)
 SST-45 boats speeding into the turn
5-roar-6-26-11-ts-c.jpg (122145 bytes)
More River Roar
1-kristas-6-24-11-ts-a.jpg (120435 bytes)
 Krista S. upbound at Veteran's Memorial Bridge
2-kristas-6-24-11-ts-b.jpg (114729 bytes)
Stern view

Fish tugs in Port Stanley -
Allen Vary
Royka-Bros-Jun-25-11-AV.jpg (74207 bytes)
Royka Bros.
Nancy-A.-Siddall-Jun-25-11-AV.jpg (58144 bytes)
Nancy A. Siddall
James-D.-Jun-25-11-AV.jpg (98272 bytes)
James D.
William-T.R.-Jun-25-11-2-AV.jpg (98203 bytes)
William T.R.
Carol-Ann-II-Jun-25-11-AV.jpg (57098 bytes)
Carol Ann II

Kingsville and Leamington Sunday -
John van der Doe
Kingsville-26-June-2011-(3).jpg (98408 bytes) Kingsville-26-June-2011-(5).jpg (98457 bytes) Kingsville-26-June-2011-(4).jpg (51381 bytes) Leamington-26-June-2011-(9).jpg (82148 bytes)
Pelee Islander leaves for Sandusky, Ohio
Leamington-26-June-2011-(1).jpg (97805 bytes)
Leamington-26-June-2011-(7).jpg (54889 bytes)        

SS United States in Philadelphia -
D. McColloch
1-US-06152011-dm.jpg (99936 bytes)        

Former CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert in Victoria, British Columbia -
Paul Beesley
1-polpri-5-31-11-pb.jpg (100466 bytes)
 Polar Prince at Ogden Point, Victoria.  She was built as Class 100A medium-duty icebreaker for service in Canadian Arctic.
        Former Name(s):Gilbert I , CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert.
        IMO: 5329566, MMSI: 316001007
       Year Built1959.
       Yard:Davie Shipbuilding LTD,.Lauzon,PQ.,Canada
2-polpri-5-31-11-pb.jpg (65503 bytes)
 In the early 90's her hull forward of the house was removed and replaced with a better icebreaking bow complete with a bubbler system  She also received new holds and new McGregor Hatches.
3-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (75817 bytes)
Looking to port in the wheelhouse.  There are 3 control stations, centre, port and starboard.
      Vessel Type:General Cargo/Ice Reinforced
      Gross Tonnage:2,062 tons.
      Net Tonnage:618 tons.
      Dead Weight: 960 tons.
      Vessel Length:69.07 m (220'), Breadth 14.63 m (48'),Depth 6.40 m (16').
4-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (78477 bytes)
Chief Officer's cabin.  The ship was alongside for maintenance and preparation for Solas inspection.  For a ship over 50 years old she is in good shape.  They don't build them like that anymore.
5-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (73368 bytes)
 Looking aft from the well-deck.  Alaska Crane that was installed by the new owners.  The lifting gear that was installed with the new bow was removed last year.  Just aft of the crane
      you can see the cover of the Moon Pool.  I never saw that open.
6-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (46293 bytes)
Looking aft down the port side, complete with my shadow.  I could not get any photos of the engine spaces because my flash unit decided not to cooperate.
     Unlike her many near sisters, the Gilbert had the propulsion motors forward of the 4 generators.  This gives rise to very long propeller shafts.
     M/C: Diesel (4) electric, Fairbanks, twin screw.3,820KW, 4250 SHP
     Speed13.0 knots
     Owner/Mngr: GX TECHNOLOGY CANADA LTD.,Calgary Alta.,Canada.
     Flag: Canada
     Call Sign:CFK9552
7-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (71482 bytes)
 The wheelhouse looking to starboard.  The telegraphs (Chadburns) are at the extreme ends of the consoles so the person doing the manoeuvering can see the stern and the docks/ships they
      are assisting.
8-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (53836 bytes)
Formerly the Officer's Mess.  This will be changed into a hospital.  We only had 9 people on board.  Minimum safe manning was 10, so when we went out to anchor (because we would be displaced by cruise ships) we would hire
     a local fellow to bump the complement up.
9-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (178055 bytes)
Anchor windlass, goal posts, house and A-Frame.  The A-frame originally held the lifting gear that was stepped aft.  Much like the Alexander Henry, same class.  When the new bow was installed a new
     set of lifting gear was installed, stepped forward, using the new goal posts.  The goal posts also contain the exhaust conduits for the bubbler engine.
10-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (70436 bytes)
 Centre console in the wheelhouse.  This was mostly used by the Quartermaster (wheelsman), as the Captain would maneuver from either of the bridge wing consoles.  The top left shows
      where one of the windows has been removed.  It was broken in refit.  Telegraphs are to the upper right of the wheel.  Bowl and spoon are available options.
11-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (109712 bytes)
Another view of the focsle deck and my shadow.  As with many of her class she did not have self-stowing anchor chain, so when heaving the anchor someone had to be at the
      entrance to the chain locker with a chain hook to make sure the chain did not tangle as it was fed onto itself.  Not the most glamorous job.
12-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (88841 bytes)
The Poop deck.  With only 10 people on board she is a large ship to tie up.  Fortunately, the Captain was a great shiphandler and made it much easier for us.
13-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (55999 bytes)
Part of the flight deck and hanger.  On the starboard side is the exhaust for the newly installed incinerator.   As the Gilbert she used to be tasked to escort various ferries on their appointed rounds in North East Newfoundland.
      Much of this ice escort work was done moving astern as she broke ice better that way.  The rudder would be locked amidship and off she'd go.
14-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (75149 bytes)
Much was done to prepare her for inspection, including repair and replacement of various vents.  You can see some of the detail of the hatch covers.  These were moved with a wire, snatch block and tugger winch.
      Notice all the paint containers.  They are full and waiting to be applied once the steel is prepared.  Paint locker is full, too.  The crane is also waiting for a new window.
15-polpri-6-05-11-pb.jpg (66286 bytes)
Looking forward on the starboard side.  This is a run-about.  The 'Approved Boat' is on the port side.  The ship is being used as a support vessel for seismic survey ships in the Arctic.

Historical Perspective -
Dave Otterman
M.V.-Arctic.jpg (62146 bytes)
Shown loading liquid product at Nanticoke mid 80's

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