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June 28, 20

Montreal - Kent Malo
TonyMacKay6-27-11-km.jpg (39971 bytes)
Tony Mackay pushing on the port side of the ex Algontario while departing Montreal for Aliaga, Turkey
Herakles6-27-11-km-a.jpg (29283 bytes)
Herakles and tow downbound at Vercheres Quebec
Herakales6-27-11-km-b.jpg (47092 bytes)
Herakles downbound at Verchers
Tony-MacKay6-27-11-km.jpg (57358 bytes)
Tony MacKay on the stern at Verchers Quebec.
Enchanter6-27-11-km-b.jpg (47117 bytes)
Big Lift vessel Enchanter departing Montreal sec 32 for Europe June 27
Posillipo6-27-11-km.jpg (37393 bytes)
Tanker Posillipo upbound at Verchers for Montreal

Point Edward -
 Marc Dease
1-lat-6-12-11-md.jpg (48633 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha downbound above 1 & 2.
2-ihar-6-18-11-md.jpg (33834 bytes)
Indiana Harbor down at 1 & 2.
3-nia-6-18-11-md.jpg (32731 bytes)
CSL Niagara emerges from the fog.
4-jdl-6-20-11-a-md.jpg (56732 bytes)
John D. Leitch upbound at 1 & 2.
5-jdl-6-20-11-b-md1.jpg (65048 bytes)
New stack logo.
6-pine-6-20-11-md.jpg (44639 bytes)
Pineglen down at 1 & 2.
7-cape-6-25-11-md.jpg (51705 bytes)
Algocape downbound at 1 & 2.
8-fron-6-25-11-md.jpg (42516 bytes)
 Frontenac downbound at 1 & 2.
9-stel-6-25-11-md.jpg (45723 bytes)
Algosteel downbound at 1 & 2.
10-cedr-6-26-11-md.jpg (47859 bytes)
Cedarglen head on, downbound at 1 & 2.
11-tran-6-26-11-a-md.jpg (57094 bytes)
Algoma Transfer downbound at 1 & 2.
12-tran-6-26-11-b-md.jpg (59420 bytes)
New stack markings.

Detroit Monday
- Kenneth Borg
IMG_1563.jpg (60857 bytes)
Alpena downdound the Detroit River for 
Cleveland, Ohio
IMG_1558.jpg (59138 bytes)
Great Republic unloading limestone at 
Carmuse Lime in River Rouge, MI
IMG_1567.jpg (56952 bytes)
McKee Sons/Invincible down the Rouge River 
from ServStal Steel with mill scale for Burns  Harbor.
IMG_1506.jpg (53968 bytes)
Mackinaw 1 and 2 at Mackinaw City, MI on 25 
June 2011
mackinaws6-25-11-kb.jpg (69593 bytes)

Algocape at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1acape_6_23_11_rb.jpg (65163 bytes)
Arriving to load ore on a foggy morning
2acape_6_23_11_rb.jpg (92899 bytes)
Bow view

Green Bay, Wis. -
 Scott Best
1-MIGL-gb-06-27-11-sb.jpg (80669 bytes)
Bow view at the dock Monday evening.
2-MIGL-gb-06-27-11-sb.jpg (74751 bytes)
Stern view along the Fox River.

St. Clair River
- Dawn Roberts
1-HCJ-06-25-11-dcr.jpg (54921 bytes) 2-Amst-06-25-11dcr.jpg (64028 bytes) 3-Essr-06-25-11-dcr.jpg (51311 bytes) 4-PRT-06-25-11-dcr.jpg (54040 bytes) 5-AmMar-06-25-11-dcr.jpg (71722 bytes)
6-Man-06-25-11-dcr.jpg (60162 bytes) 7-Rich-06-26-11drc.jpg (42881 bytes) 8-Alrl-06-26-11-Algorail---Copy.jpg (75920 bytes) 9-AmInt-06-26-11-dcr.jpg (53263 bytes) 10-Cdr--06-26-11-dcr.jpg (75587 bytes)
11-JWS-06-26-11-dcr.jpg (52900 bytes) 12-Ksbg-06-26-11-dcr.jpg (108377 bytes) 13-CR-06-26-11-dcr.jpg (73801 bytes)    

Halifax at Aliaga, Turkey June 22 -
Selim San
Halifax6--22-11-ss-c.jpg (63846 bytes)
Arriving at Aliaga,
Halifax6-22-11-ss-b.jpg (58699 bytes)
Prior to beaching,
Halifax6-22-11-SS-a.jpg (62740 bytes)
Halifax being beached
Halifax6-22-11-ss-d.jpg (99512 bytes)
On the beach at Aliaga.

- John McCreery
1-Chestnut-6-27-11-jm.jpg (74863 bytes)
Chestnut unloading at Redpath Sugar
2-Chestnut-6-27-11-jm.jpg (123312 bytes)
The unloader takes another bite
3-Chestnut-6-27-11-jm.jpg (99309 bytes)
View from across the harbor
4-Can-Miner-6-27-11-jm.jpg (70820 bytes)
Canadian Miner awaits her final journey, her name and logo painted over
5-Can-Miner-3-27-11-jm.jpg (61728 bytes)
As she appeared 3 months earlier on March 27
6-Algontario-3-27-11-jm.jpg (63255 bytes)
A look back to March 27 and Algontario
7-Can-Ranger-3-27-11-jm.jpg (86465 bytes)
Back in March and the Canadian Ranger appeared as if ready for the start of another season
8-Can-Ranger-3-27-11-jm.jpg (80486 bytes)
  March 27, but now the harbor is looking rather empty
9-3Master-6-27-11-jm.jpg (73863 bytes)
A 3 master
10-Trillium-6-27-11-jm.jpg (100905 bytes)
The Trillium crossing Toronto Harbor and sporting the Star Spangled Banner? 

Monday Soo traffic - Dave Wobser
101-JLO-6-27-11-djw.jpg (90125 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar making a U-turn in Soo Harbor to tied up at the Carbide Dock.
102-JLO-6-27-11-djw.jpg (72292 bytes)
Slowly coming around
103-JLO-6-27-11-djw.jpg (63140 bytes)
Putting men on the dock
104-JLO-6-27-11-djw.jpg (63366 bytes)
Securing the forward end
105-JLO-6-27-11-djw.jpg (64047 bytes)
Forward cabins looking good.
106-Kam-6-27-11-djw.jpg (91277 bytes)
Kamistiqua downbound at Mission Point
107-Kam-6-27-11-djw.jpg (120853 bytes)
Kam stern view
108-Kam-Shelley-6-27-11-djw.jpg (99337 bytes)
Kaministiqua meets J. W. Shelley below Mission Point
109-JWS-6-27-11-djw.jpg (115785 bytes)
J.W. Shelley upbound
110-JWS-6-27-11-djw.jpg (85077 bytes)
Shelley stern view
111-Zeuz-6-27-11-djw.jpg (105685 bytes)
Tug Zeus and barge Robert F. Deegan
112-Zeus-6-27-11-djw.jpg (85499 bytes)
113-GLO-Int-6-27-11-djw.jpg (89653 bytes)
Tug G.L. Ostrander and barge Integrity upbound
114-GLO-6-27-11-djw.jpg (83729 bytes)
G.L. Ostrander
115-Speer-6-27-11-djw.jpg (90137 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer downbound
116-Mich-6-27-11-djw.jpg (77541 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound
117-Mich-6-27-11-djw.jpg (89355 bytes)
Michipicoten stern view 
118-JLV-6-27-11-djw.jpg (90766 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkenvort and Great Lakes Trader
119-JLV-6-27-11-djw.jpg (74298 bytes)
Joyce L. Van Enkenvort
120-Munson-6-27-11-djw.jpg (69847 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound
121-Munson-6-27-11-djw.jpg (78725 bytes)
Munson stern view
122-Geese-6-27-11-djw.jpg (129322 bytes)
DNR rounding up Canada geese for banding and relocation.

Welland Canal -
 Paul Beesley
1-algnav-6-24-11-pb.jpg (62433 bytes) 2-algnav-6-24-11-pb.jpg (73711 bytes) 3-atleri-6-24-11-pb.jpg (44791 bytes) 4-hamene-6-24-11-pb.jpg (80364 bytes) 5-mrsc-6-24-11-pb.jpg (73877 bytes)
6-norcop-6-24-11-pb.jpg (63726 bytes) 7-norcop-6-24-11-pb.jpg (95861 bytes) 8-weller-6-24-11-pb.jpg (62341 bytes) 9-sbr-6-24-11-pb.jpg (68940 bytes) 10-sbr-6-24-11-pb.jpg (84233 bytes)

Victoria, BC -
Paul Beesley
1-swl-6-21-11-pb.jpg (59347 bytes) 2-carspi-6-20-11-pb.jpg (72232 bytes) 3-coho-6-20-11-pb.jpg (62933 bytes) 4-confid-6-20-11-pb.jpg (69555 bytes) 5-pacscou-6-20-11-pb.jpg (94194 bytes)
6-sapprin-6-18-11-pb.jpg (69293 bytes) 7-bart-6-12-11-pb.jpg (49428 bytes) 8-scout-6-11-11-pb.jpg (100532 bytes) 9-rhapsea-6-02-11-pb.jpg (104817 bytes) 10-pacpil-6-01-11-pb.jpg (113308 bytes)

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