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July 1, 20

Presque Isle in the Welland Canal Thursday on her way to pick up her barge in Erie - Michel Gosselin
1-pres-6-30-11-mg.jpg (85809 bytes)
 Presque Isle departing Lock 8
2-pres-6-30-11-mg.jpg (79711 bytes) 3-pres-6-30-11-mg.jpg (99733 bytes) 4-pres-6-30-11-mg.jpg (59722 bytes) 5-pres-6-30-11-mg.jpg (73157 bytes)
6-pres-6-30-11-mg.jpg (70567 bytes)        

Iroquois and Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-fedmac-30-06-11-rb.jpg (65318 bytes)
Federal Mackinac in the Seaway above Canada Island.
2-oste-30-06-11-rb.jpg (74733 bytes)
Chemtrans Oste slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
3-oste-30-06-11-rb.jpg (65764 bytes) 4-shannon-30-06-11-rb.jpg (51546 bytes)
Shannon Star on her first trip into the Great Lakes.
5-shannon-30-06-11-rb.jpg (56988 bytes)
Shannon Star passing Mariatown.

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock -
 Murray Blancher
1-Chestnut-06-30-11-mb.jpg (63341 bytes)
Chestnut down at Mariatown
2-Chestnut-06-30-11-mb.jpg (76584 bytes)
Chestnut stern
3-Mct-Altair-06-30-11-mb.jpg (60879 bytes)
MCT Altair up at Mariatown
4-Mct-Altair-06-30-11-mb.jpg (66314 bytes) 5-Federal-Patroller-06-30-11-mb.jpg (62603 bytes)
Federal Patroller down at Mariatown
6-Algoma-Guardian-06-30-11-mb.jpg (59971 bytes)
Algoma Guardian down at Mariatown
7-John-B-Aiard-06-30-11-mb.jpg (74570 bytes)
John B Aird down at Mariatown
8-Morman-Mcloud-&-Everlast-06-30-11-mb.jpg (83457 bytes)
Norm McCloud & Everlast down at Mariatown
 9-Catherine-Desgagnes-06-30-11-mb.jpg (74830 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes down at Mariatown
10-Canadian-Provider-06-30-11-mb.jpg (106301 bytes)
Canadian Provider up at Iroquois Lock
11-Canadian-Provider-06-30-11-mb.jpg (103030 bytes)
Canadian Provider stern
12-Federal-Mackinac-06-30-11-mb.jpg (88257 bytes)
Federal Mackanac up at Mariatown
13-Algoma-Spirit-06-30-11-mb.jpg (69408 bytes)
Algoma Spirit up at Iroquois Lock
14-Chemtrans-Oste-06-30-11-mb.jpg (89889 bytes)
hemtrans Oste up at Iroquois
15-Chemtrans-Oste-06-30-11-mb.jpg (85699 bytes)
Chemtrans Oste stern
16-Shannan-Star-06-30-11-mb.jpg (55818 bytes)
Shannon Star up at Mariatown
 17-Shannon-Star-06-30-11-mb.jpg (57406 bytes)
Shannon Star stern
18-McCleary-Spirirt-&-William-J-Moore-06-30-11-mb.jpg (62604 bytes)
McCleary Spirit & William J Moore down at Mariatown

Calumet delivered a load of coal to the Sims Power Plant in Grand Haven Thursday - Herm Phillips
IMG_0269.jpg (70705 bytes)
 She arrived at about 1 a.m. and departed outbound about 8 a.m. for South Chicago.    
IMG_0274.jpg (71810 bytes) IMG_0280.jpg (56457 bytes) IMG_0292.jpg (75158 bytes) IMG_0308.jpg (70709 bytes)
IMG_0318.jpg (66000 bytes) IMG_0322.jpg (70674 bytes)      

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
CRESSWELLPETERRb03063011mn.jpg (67650 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell about to enter the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
CRESSWELLPETERRs01063011mn.jpg (64616 bytes) INNOVATIONb06063011mn.jpg (65836 bytes)
Barge Innovation and tug Samuel De Champlain at the Lafarge Springwells dock.
INNOVATIONs04063011mn.jpg (72638 bytes) FEDERALNAKAGAWAb09063011mn.jpg (67829 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa (Hong Kong) unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
FEDERALNAKAGAWAs07063011mn.jpg (69510 bytes) CINNAMONb10063011mn.jpg (68015 bytes)
Cinnamon (Cyprus) unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
CINNAMONs08063011mn.jpg (66563 bytes) CGB12001b25063011mn.jpg (65124 bytes)
CGB 12001 and Bristol Bay upbound in the Ballards Reef Channel.
CGB12001s29063011mn.jpg (58300 bytes)
BRISTOLBAYb28063011mn.jpg (60622 bytes) ATLANTICERIEb17063011mn.jpg (53518 bytes)
Atlantic Erie upbound off Sterling Fuel.
ATLANTICERIEs18063011mn.jpg (52529 bytes) CLEVELANDROCKSb12063011mn.jpg (56934 bytes)
Cleveland Rocks and tug Cleveland downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
CLEVELANDb13063011mn.jpg (88167 bytes)
CLEVELANDROCKSs22063011mn.jpg (53026 bytes) BIRCHGLENb15063011mn.jpg (50330 bytes)
Birchglen at Sterling Fuels in Windsor.
BIRCHGLENs20063011mn.jpg (53090 bytes)    

Algosoo and John B. Aird at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1asoo_6_25_11_rb.jpg (60808 bytes)
Algosoo loading ore at sunrise
2jba_6_25_11_rb.jpg (61294 bytes)
John B. Aird waiting to load
3asoojba_6_25_11_rb.jpg (46433 bytes)
Wide view

Halifax at Aliaga -
Kent Malo
Halifax6-29-11-ss-a.jpg (94726 bytes)
No time was wasted in cutting up the ex CSL Halifax ex Hall Frankcliffe Hall in Aliaga Turkey.
Halifax6-29-11-ss-b.jpg (82544 bytes)      

Marquette, Mich. -
 Lee Rowe
IMG_3486.jpg (107794 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson ready to load, Pierson visible through the dock.
IMG_3474.jpg (125520 bytes)
Robert S Pierson arriving at the dock.

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