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July 2, 20

Rechristening of the Museum Ship Col. James M. Schoonmaker Friday at Toledo - Roger LeLievre
All-ready.jpg (56332 bytes)
All ready for her big day.
Bunting.jpg (78774 bytes)
Bedecked with bunting.
Hatch-crane.jpg (71430 bytes)
Fresh paint on the deck crane.
Looking-aft.jpg (63293 bytes)
Looking aft from gangway.
Schoonmaker-and-wife.jpg (71984 bytes)
James M. Schoonmaker II and his wife Treecie, the ship's sponsor
Schoonmaker-guests.jpg (65986 bytes)
Executive Director Paul C. LaMarre II with Rep. Marcy Kaptur and the Schoonmakers.
Schoonmaker-launch.jpg (62161 bytes)
Launching photo from 100 years ago.
Schoonmaker-tug.jpg (66486 bytes)
Tug Nebraska makes a pass.
Schoonnmaker-family.jpg (111852 bytes)
Members of the Schoonmaker and Snyder families look on.
Steam-engine.jpg (73560 bytes)
Antique steam engine provided the power for an historic whistle blow.
Superstructure.jpg (36806 bytes)
Visitors tour the Schoonmaker.
Volunteers-2.jpg (80022 bytes)
Schoonmaker volunteers (brown shirts) and painters (blue shirts) line the superstructure.
xLynx.jpg (76415 bytes)
Tall ship Lynx sounded her cannon.
zChris-Gilchrist.jpg (45787 bytes)
Great Lakes Historical Society's Chris Gillcrist speaks at a luncheon at the Toledo Club following the christening.
zModel.jpg (64636 bytes)
James M. Schoonmaker II and his wife Treecie with a model of he vessel built by the J.W. Westcott's Sam Buchannan.
zStanding-O.jpg (58887 bytes)
The Schoonmakers join in a standing ovation for Executive Director Paul LaMarre III, recognized for a job well done.

Canada Day morning at Hamilton -
Bill Bird
1-CanadianProvider-07-01-11-a-bb.jpg (42460 bytes)
Canadian Provider with ore from Port Cartier Quebec at Burlington piers
2-CanadianProviderhatches-07-01-11-bb.jpg (77750 bytes)
Hatch covers being removed in preparation for unloading at Dofasco
3-CanadianProvider-07-01-11-b-bb.jpg (58683 bytes)
As Provider enters the harbour, a small flotilla of boats heads for Lake Ontario
4-BBCEmsland-07-01-11-a-bb.jpg (44458 bytes)
BBC Emsland anchored in the bay, awaiting berth
5-JohnDLeitch-07-01-11-a-bb.jpg (49526 bytes)
About two and a half hours after Provider, John D Leitch also with ore from Superior Wisconsin for Dofasco.
6-JohnDLeitch-07-01-11-b-bb.jpg (81710 bytes)
Stern shot-both Provider and Leitch will be heading to Superior after unloading. 

Hamilton and Welland Canal
- John McCreery
1-BBC-Emsland-7-1-11-jm.jpg (120503 bytes)
BBC Emsland in the Hamilton anchorage
2-BBC-Emsland-7-1-11-jm.jpg (45897 bytes)
Morning view after arriving the night of the 30th
3-BBC-Emsland-7-1-11-jm.jpg (86792 bytes)
View from Burlington
4-BBC-Emsland-7-1-11-jm.jpg (74398 bytes)
5-BBC-Emsland-7-1-11-jm.jpg (82730 bytes)
Another view
6-Chemtrans-Oste-7-1-11-jm.jpg (67726 bytes)
Chemtrans Oste On the wall below lock 2
7-Chemtrans-Oste-7-1-11-jm.jpg (34215 bytes)
 Crew members of the Oste
8-Chemtrans-Oste-7-1-11-jm.jpg (72454 bytes)
Stern view entering lock 2
9-Chemtrans-Oste-7-1-11-jm.jpg (71968 bytes)
Exiting lock 2
10-Chemtrans-Oste-7-1-11-jm.jpg (79446 bytes)
Chemtrans Oste through the Homer bridge
11-Shannon-Star-7-1-11-jm.jpg (82696 bytes)
Shannon Star holding in lock 1
12-Shannon-Star-7-1-11-jm.jpg (66761 bytes)
Passage between 1 and 2
13-Shannon-Star-7-1-11-jm.jpg (77243 bytes)
Stern view at the approach to lock 2
14-Shannon-Star-7-1-11-jm.jpg (110975 bytes)
Entry to lock 2
15-Shannon-Star-7-1-11-jm.jpg (141613 bytes)
Shannon All-Stars
16-Chemtrans-Oste-Algowood-7-1-11-jm.jpg (78736 bytes)
Chemtrans Oste meets Algowood
17-Chemtrans-Oste-7-1-11-jm.jpg (124669 bytes)
The Oste at the entrance to lock 3

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-wenonah-6-30-11-ts-a.jpg (80601 bytes)
Princess Wenonah at the dock during the 1st night of Bay City Fireworks
2-greyfox-6-30-11-ts-a.jpg (101256 bytes)
SCS Greyfox at Wenonah Park

Rouge River -
Ken Borg
IMG_1687.jpg (67260 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading coke at ServStal Steel in Dearborn, MI as the Herbert C. Jackson arrives with another load of taconite to feed the hungry furnace.

Historical Perspectives -
Herm Phillips
1-Algontario-6-27-07-hp.jpg (46702 bytes)
 Welland Canal, leaving lock 8. June 07.
2-Algontario-8-6-07-hp.jpg (52378 bytes)
St Mary's River. Aug. 07.
3-Halifax-8-11-08-hp.jpg (53380 bytes)
Six mile point St Mary's River Aug. 08.

Rechristening of the Museum Ship Col. James M. Schoonmaker video

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