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July 3, 20

Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre

1-elbeborg-02-07-11-rb.jpg (60469 bytes)
Elbeborg approaching Iroquois Lock.
2-elbeborg-02-07-11-rb.jpg (70845 bytes)
First trip into the Lakes.
3-bbcport-02-07-11-rb.jpg (73472 bytes)
BBC Portugal approaching Iroquois Lock.
4-bbcport-02-07-11-rb.jpg (79052 bytes)
First trip for the smallest salty of the year into the Lakes.

Montreal - Kent Malo  and Normand Daneau
HMCS-Montreal7-2-11-ND-a.jpg (54134 bytes)
Canadian Patrol Frigate HMCS Montreal passing Sorel Saturday afternoon. Normand Daneau
HMCSMontreal7-2-11-nd-b.jpg (56109 bytes)
On her way to Montreal to transport the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will & Kate) from Montreal to Quebec city.
Salarium7-2-11-km-c.jpg (72831 bytes)
CSL Salarium upbound in the St Lawrence Seaway above Montreal showing her chartered  logo on the funnel as she heads to Picton Ontario

Marquette Friday -
Lee Rowe
IMG_3518.jpg (127405 bytes)
 Tugs Billmeier and Hammond Bay with the dredge barge H J Schwartz at the former lower harbor ore dock.
IMG_3537.jpg (74047 bytes)
Michipicoten loading.
IMG_3526.jpg (105131 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar finishing her load
IMG_3556.jpg (60267 bytes)
Turning after backing away from the dock
IMG_3559.jpg (64891 bytes)
Departing the harbor.

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1sag_6_29_11_rb.jpg (134166 bytes)
Saginaw waiting to load ore
2prt_6_30_11_rb.jpg (87420 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha unloading coal

Saginaw River Friday - Todd Shorkey
1-greyfox-7-1-11-ts-a.jpg (72730 bytes)
SCS Greyfox dounbound near Independence Bridge
2-appledoreIV-7-1-11-ts-a.jpg (62983 bytes)
Schooner Appledore IV on the Saginaw Bay
3-wenonah-7-1-11-ts-a.jpg (71091 bytes)
Princess Wenonah at her dock for the Bay City fireworks on Friday

Col. James M. Schoonmaker Re-Christening
- Dave Wobser
1-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (121805 bytes)
Period dressed hostess during tours
2-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (83694 bytes)
New name on hatch crane
3-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (80749 bytes)
Guest lounge
4-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (94391 bytes)
Guest observation room
 5-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (93378 bytes)
6-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (86953 bytes)
Builders plate
7-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (50644 bytes)
Shenango Furnace Co. logo on the stack
9-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (145088 bytes)
Steam whistles from famous Great Lakes vessels of the past
10-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (117724 bytes)
Assembled spectators for the re-christening ceremony
11-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (68264 bytes)
Volunteers and painting crew man the rails
12-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (102668 bytes)
Ms. Leah Williams signs the National Anthem
13-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (80232 bytes)
Rev. Al Hart gives the invocation
14-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (134511 bytes)
A hearty whistle salute for the renamed vessel
15-Boyer-7-1-11-djw.jpg (72796 bytes)
Rep. Marcy Kaptur presents an American flag to Mr. Schoonmaker II

Col. James M. Schoonmaker christening and celebration of 100 years -
Luke Archer
1-Stack-7-1-11-la.jpg (20300 bytes)
 Close up of stack with a fresh Shenango Furnace Co. marking
2-CJMSchoonmaker-7-1-11-la.jpg (67472 bytes)
Bow view of the Schoonmaker
3-Hatchcrane-7-1-11-la.jpg (67247 bytes)
Hatch crane with name and Shenango diamonds
4-Buntings-7-1-11-la.jpg (88202 bytes)
Forward end of the vessel adorned with signal flags, company flags and buntings
5-Name-7-1-11-la.jpg (66813 bytes)
 Name on bow with glistening rivets
6-Ceremony-7-1-11-la.jpg (136168 bytes)
Ceremony as seen from the boat
7-flags-7-1-11-la.jpg (54438 bytes)
Flags flying proudly
8-Structure-7-1-11-la.jpg (134905 bytes)
Col. James M. Schoonmaker
9-Schoonmaker-7-1-11-la.jpg (77779 bytes)  

Col. James M. Schoonmaker
- Bob Vincent
1.jpg (112808 bytes) 2.jpg (63107 bytes) 5.jpg (78632 bytes) 4.jpg (57127 bytes) 3.jpg (92725 bytes)
9.jpg (107853 bytes) 10.jpg (72337 bytes) 11-Ohio-9th-Distrist-Representative-Macy-Kaptur-and-Paul-LaMarre,III.jpg (69578 bytes) 12-Representative-Marcy-Kaptur-and-Mr.-James-M.-Schoonmaker-II.jpg (63151 bytes) 13-Great-Lakes-Balladeer-Russ-Franzen.jpg (69293 bytes)
14.jpg (96836 bytes) 15.jpg (83381 bytes) 16.jpg (65231 bytes) 17.jpg (67275 bytes) 19.jpg (57479 bytes)
20-Varies-steam-boat-whistle1.jpg (106822 bytes) 22-hatch-crane1.jpg (89996 bytes) 23-Looking-forward1.jpg (81089 bytes) 25-Forward-deck-winch1.jpg (95099 bytes) 31-name-board1.jpg (59885 bytes)
32-Texas-deck-passagers-observation-room1.jpg (49720 bytes) 33-Dual-wheels1.jpg (106694 bytes) 34-Rudder-indicator1.jpg (41235 bytes) 35-Looking-out-of-the-pilot-house1.jpg (75575 bytes) 36-Starboard-running-light-(Green)1.jpg (121693 bytes)
37-View-look-aft1.jpg (98408 bytes)        

Col. James M. Schoonmaker Rechristening - Jake Northup
Boatnerd1.jpg (87908 bytes)
After the rechristening, the ship was open for tours.
Boatnerd2.jpg (127965 bytes)
Still some painting to be done.
Boatnerd3.jpg (163146 bytes)
Tall ship Lynx docked nearby.

Re-christening - Kathryn Schroeder
P1010096.jpg (96749 bytes)        

Col. James M. Schoonmaker Re-Christening - Jill Vander Meulen
P7010506.jpg (61541 bytes)        

 Canada Day at Port Stanley - Monty Young
James-D-Port-Stanley-Canada-Day.jpg (48502 bytes)
James D
Royka-Bros-Port-Stanley-Canada-Day.jpg (70598 bytes)
Royka Bros
Royka-Bros-Port-Stanley-Stern-Canada-Day.jpg (75778 bytes) Mr-Minor-Canada-Day-Lift-Bridge.jpg (98811 bytes)
Mr Minor
Mr-Minor-Canada-Day.jpg (122273 bytes)

Soo Wednesday and Thursday - Phil Nash
1-AmericanInt-29-6-11-pn.jpg (59118 bytes)
American Integrity upbound Wednesday
2-Mackinaw-29-6-11-pn.jpg (82387 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw was upbound right behind the Integrity.
3-Owen-Fredrick-29-6-11-pn.jpg (84661 bytes)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's Tug Owen M. Frederick with Barge Harvey upbound.
4-Boatnerds-29-6-11-pn.jpg (90475 bytes)
A few Boatnerds were still hanging around Mission Point as the Tug Owen Frederick continues upbound.
5-CdnEnterp-29-6-11-pn.jpg (80995 bytes)
Algoma's  Canadian Enterprise upbound.
6-BurnsHarb-29-6-11-pn.jpg (59900 bytes)
Burns Harbor upbound.
7-BurnsHarb-29-6-11-pn.jpg (47065 bytes)
Burns Harbor upbound drawing the water away from the shoreline, it returned after they passed.
8-Steelhead-29-6-11-pn.jpg (70660 bytes)
Michigan Department of Natural Resources vessel Steelhead upbound.
9-HLWhite-29-6-11-pn.jpg (72183 bytes)
H. Lee White upbound.
10-Kelso-29-6-11-pn.jpg (96818 bytes)
CCGS Kelso was upbound approaching Mission Point when they were hailed by a runabout which had broken down. The Kelso towed the vessel to Roberta Bondar dock in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario as the people in the runabout were Canadian, it was the Kelso's destination.
11-SooLocks-29-6-11-pn.jpg (76429 bytes)
 Two workers on their way up to the roof of new public observation deck at the Soo Locks to do some repairs.
12-SooLocks-29-6-11-pn.jpg (74276 bytes)
Workers reach the roof as the H. Lee White enters the Poe Lock.
1-Algolake-30-6-11-pn.jpg (65674 bytes)
Algolake upbound at Mission Point Thursday.
2-Algolake-30-6-11-pn.jpg (99034 bytes)
Algolake sliding the wall below MacArthur Lock.
3-Algolake-30-6-11-pn.jpg (88918 bytes)
Algolake entering MacArthur Lock.
5-Algolake-30-6-11-pn.jpg (72428 bytes)
Some dents to the hull on the stern of the Algolake
6-AMAnder-30-6-11-pn.jpg (77167 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson downbound clearing the Poe Lock as the Supply Vessel Ojibway comes along side with supplies.
7-HonJOber-30-6-11-pn.jpg (70293 bytes)
Hon James L. Oberstar upbound.
8-HonJOber-30-6-11-pn.jpg (69353 bytes)
Stern view of the Oberstar as she passes by Mission Point.
9-AMAnder-30-6-11-pn.jpg (63481 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson in the Rock Cut.
10-AMAnder-30-6-11-pn.jpg (72913 bytes)
Stern view of the Anderson.

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