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July 4 - 6, 20

Welland Canal Tuesday - Heather Maguire
1-Isolda-7-5-11-hm.jpg (64541 bytes)
Isolda, downbound just leaving Lock 2.
2-Isolda-7-5-11-hm.jpg (72750 bytes)
 Crew of the Isolda, taking a photograph of the boatnerd taking a photograph of the crew.
3-Isolda-7-5-11-hm.jpg (69930 bytes)
Isolda, heading towards Lock 1, where the Sea Eagle II was stopped.
4-Mapleglen-7-5-11-hm.jpg (90504 bytes)
Mapleglen tied up below Lock 2.
5-Mapleglen-7-5-11-hm.jpg (71444 bytes)
6-Mapleglen-7-5-11-hm.jpg (89595 bytes)
Fitting nice and snugly into Lock 2.

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
ALGOMASPIRITb12070211mn.jpg (36905 bytes)
Algoma Spirit upbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
ALGOMASPIRITs13070211mn.jpg (44397 bytes) AMERICANCOURAGEs14070211mn.jpg (46083 bytes)
American Courage upbound at the Hole In The Wall.
INTERGITYb01070311mn.jpg (64656 bytes)
Integrity unloading at Lafarge Springwells Dock.
CAPEDUNDASb07070311mn.jpg (74160 bytes)
Cape Dundas oubound the Wyandotte Channel passing Mud Island.
CAPEDUNDASs08070311mn.jpg (102399 bytes)        

Marquette Tuesday -
Luke Archer
1-KEBarker-7-5-11-la.jpg (38277 bytes)
Bow view, sitting high in the water as her thrusters are visible
2-KEBarker-7-5-11-la.jpg (56479 bytes)
The boom goes up as LS&I locomotives bring full ore cars to the dock
3-KEBarker-7-5-11-la.jpg (53513 bytes)
The Barker's lifeboat lowered down near the water
4-KEBarker-7-5-11-la.jpg (91674 bytes)
 Stern detail
5-KEBarker-7-5-11-la.jpg (69967 bytes)
A beautiful afternoon as the Kaye Barker finishes loading
6-KEBarker-7-5-11-la.jpg (51326 bytes)
Profile view at the dock

Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_3592.jpg (51761 bytes) IMG_3600.jpg (139771 bytes) IMG_3640.jpg (66079 bytes) IMG_3716.jpg (75800 bytes) IMG_3713.jpg (107084 bytes)
IMG_3607.jpg (37570 bytes) IMG_3628.jpg (106736 bytes)      

BBC Portugal
- Herm Klein
1-BBP-7-5-11-HK.jpg (74315 bytes)
BBC Portugal up bound at Mission Point
2-BBB-7-5-11-HK.jpg (59150 bytes)
3-BBS-7-5-11-HK.jpg (58099 bytes)
4-BBA-7-5-11-HK.jpg (87489 bytes)
Stern view

Goderich, Ont.  Monday - Bruce Douglas
1-Algorail-7-4-11-bjd.jpg (163606 bytes)
Algorail about to back in 8:30 p.m.
2-Algorail-7-4-11-bjd.jpg (66132 bytes)
MacDonald tugs assisting.
3-Algorail-7-4-11-bjd.jpg (105504 bytes)
Slowly nudging back to load grain.
4-Algorail-7-4-11-bjd.jpg (94370 bytes)
Basking in the sun while backing up.

Toledo's fireworks show, seen from the Col. James M. Schoonmaker museum ship -
Roger LeLievre
Schoonmaker-Fireworks-2-rl.jpg (86285 bytes) Schoonmaker-Fireworks-1-rl.jpg (67506 bytes) Schoonmaker-Fireworks-3-rl.jpg (62456 bytes)    

Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Union-Furnace-Dock-7-4-11.jpg (100902 bytes)
South Slip of the old Union Furnace Company ore dock where BIDCO has completely rebuilt the property to fit their flexi-barges, work boats, and construction equipment. The New York State Power Authority tug Breaker is also seen rafted to her barge Hivausu II.
2-Union-Furnace-Dock-7-4-11.jpg (90057 bytes)
Great Lakes Towing Co. dock with the tugs Washington and New Jersey tied up along with the new Niagara River Ice Boom storage facility in the background. This was once the site of Buffalo's first Blast Furnace for iron making.
3-Union-Furnace-Dock-7-4-11.jpg (112182 bytes)
The remains of the North Slip of the old ore dock, now buried with fill, but under restoration as a riverfront "Pocket Park" with a canoe/kayak launch ramp being installed right down the center of the old slipway.

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Monday
- Dianne Donati
Mississagi-7-4-11-dd.jpg (92263 bytes) Algomarine-7-4-11-dd.jpg (76796 bytes)      

Wind damage to the unloading legs at Sorel -
Normand Daneau
Kamisitiqua7-3-11-nd-b.jpg (99402 bytes) Kaministiqua7-3-11-nd-a.jpg (104279 bytes) Kaministiqua7-3-11-nd-c.jpg (81883 bytes)    

Soo July 4 -
Joey Reaume
1algowood7-4-11.jpg (70193 bytes)
Algowood upbound approaching the Poe Lock
2hjloberstar7-4-11jr.jpg (105944 bytes)
Fireworks over the Hon. James L. Oberstar

Lower Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mack_LH_7_2_11_rb.jpg (91325 bytes) USCG Mackinaw secured at Mattson Park 2corp_LH_7_2_11_rb.jpg (129951 bytes)
Corp Tug Billmaier and Barge H.J. Schwartz at the Lower Harbor ore dock

Algoway in Manistee Lake Monday headed to PCA to unload coal
1-Algoway-7-4-11.jpg (142469 bytes)        

South Chicago Sunday -
Steve Bauer
1-PrMQT-7-3-11-sb.jpg (128135 bytes)
 Pere Marquette 41 and Undaunted en route to Lake Calumet near 130th St.  She will meet the outbound St. Marys Challenger.
2-Alpn-7-3-11-sb.jpg (102563 bytes)
Alpena unloading cement at the La Farge silos at 130th St.
3-Alpna-7-3-11-sb.jpg (90693 bytes)
View of the Starboard side.
4-Alpna-7-3-11-sb.jpg (135020 bytes)
Unloading through the tubes at the center right of the image instead of the main chute behind the cabins and wheelhouse
5-Alpna-7-3-11-sb.jpg (176354 bytes)
Old Glory flying at the stern.
6-Alpna-7-3-11-sb.jpg (79533 bytes)
Two long time veterans meet as the St. Marys Challenger heads for Lake Michigan after departing St. Marys Cement.  She has 2000 tons for Milwaukee and then will return to Charlevoix to load.
7-Chlngr-7-3-11-sb.jpg (73088 bytes)
A pleasure boat ducks in the clear as the Challenger approaches 106th St bridge.
8-Chlngr-7-3-11-sb.jpg (152837 bytes)
Watching the clearance from the deck and wheelhouse as she negotiates the bend at 106.
9-Chlngr-7-3-11-sb.jpg (144059 bytes)
Past 100th St bridge. Unlike the past few trips to Chicago, the Challenger finds the NS bridge already open and waiting.
10-Chlngr-7-3-11-sb.jpg (125974 bytes)
Clear of 95th St bridge and making the turn for 92nd St.
11-Chlngr-7-3-11-sb.jpg (80954 bytes)
Outbound past the Cinnamon and Vancouverborg tied up at the North American Dock.  

South Chicago Sunday -
 Lou Gerard
-Stmarchall-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0683.jpg (47175 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaching 100th St. outbound for the lake Sunday afternoon.
Stmarchall-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0671.jpg (136866 bytes)
1st Mate calling clearances.
Stmarchall-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0700.jpg (76036 bytes)
Clear of NS 5 approaching 95th St.
Stmarchall-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0705.jpg (94269 bytes)
Coming through 95th St. Bridge.
Stmarchall-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0720.jpg (71723 bytes)
Clear of 95th she comes up on 92nd.
Stmarchall07-3-11-lg-DSC-0732.jpg (81902 bytes)
Ready to pass the  Salties Cinnamon and Vancouverborg at Iroquois Landing.
Stmarchall-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0737.jpg (101328 bytes)
Steaming under "J" bridge.
Stmarchall-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0744.jpg (80057 bytes)
Heading out to the lake.

Marquette Sunday -
Luke Archer
1-JHThompson-7-3-11-la.jpg (104067 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson departing Marquette
2-LATregurtha-7-3-11-la.jpg (73869 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha preparing to load upon her arrival
3-LATregurtha-7-3-11-la.jpg (72118 bytes)
Bow view
4-ACEngineers-7-3-11-la.jpg (130105 bytes)
Army Corps of Engineers vessels and barges moored at the old ore dock in the lower harbor

Tour of the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw -
Luke Archer
1-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (65104 bytes)
Bow view of the Mackinaw docked at the Lower Harbor Mattson Park dock.
2-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (70263 bytes)
Stern view
3-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (101061 bytes)
Winch and flags on the stern
4-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (62011 bytes)
Crews mess and galley
5-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (109243 bytes)
Entrance to the Chief's mess
6-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (102091 bytes)
Damage control lay-out
7-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (75461 bytes)
 Looking down a hall with some quarters
8-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (111740 bytes)
 Looking down on the stern
9-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (76795 bytes)
Stack markings
10-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (98338 bytes)
One of the main control panels
11-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (44994 bytes)
A table area on the bridge
12-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (76338 bytes)
Chart area
13-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (87278 bytes)
Mackinaw's bell
14-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (50425 bytes)
A mainstay for any vessel
15-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (164455 bytes)
Looking forward from the pilot house
16-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (120720 bytes)
 View from the buoy deck
17-Mackinaw-7-3-11-la.jpg (125831 bytes)
Little Mackinaw Archer with the big Mackinaw, his response once aboard was, "Big Boat"

South Chicago Sunday -
Lou Gerard
Saginaw-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0566.jpg (84605 bytes)
A rare visitor to Chicago the Saginaw approaches 100th st outbound to lake Michigan Sunday morning after discharging its cargo at Midwest near 121st. st.
Saginaw-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0594.jpg (94411 bytes)
After NS5 malfunctioned on Saturday, Saginaw passes through and approaches 95th St.
Saginaw-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0610.jpg (79903 bytes)
Pilot House and forward cabin detail.
Saginaw-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0615.jpg (69101 bytes)
Coming around 92nd st. bend.
Saginaw-7-3-11-lg-DSC-0633.jpg (85636 bytes)
Passing under "J" bridge.
Saginaw-7-3-11-lg-CSC-0752.jpg (91245 bytes)
She heads out into the lake as the Federal Maas rides at anchor.

Michigan and barge Great Lakes in Green Bay Sunday - Wendell Wilke
michiganfrbridge0001.jpg (118203 bytes)
Dockside at the U.S. Venture Dock

St. Mary's River in June -
Jeff Dale
1-Pineglen-6-11-JD.jpg (261459 bytes) 2-CJCALLOWAY-7-5-11-JD.jpg (48512 bytes) 3-CGCMACKINAW-6-11-JD.jpg (81910 bytes)    

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