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July 7, 20

South Chicago Wednesday - Lou Gerard
Colorado-7-6-11-lg-DSC-0754.jpg (125933 bytes)
Tug Colorado at 92nd St. returning from escorting Federal Maas.
Federalmaas-7-6-11-lg-DSC--0763.jpg (54471 bytes)
 Like old times when a lot of salties called at Iroquois Landing. Federal Maas heads out to the lake passing the Cinnamon, Vancouverborg, and Elbeborg.
Stmarchall-7-6-11-lg-DSC-0770.jpg (68574 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger enters Calumet Harbor enroute to temporary layup at Lake Calumet. But she wasn't going too far.
Stmarchall-7-6-11-lg-DSC-0775.jpg (60392 bytes)
The Challenger passes the salties as she enters the Calumet River.
Stmarchall-7-6-11-lg-DSC-0780-.jpg (59231 bytes)
She steams under the "J" bridge.
Stmarchall-7-6-11-lg-DSC-0790.jpg (76304 bytes)
The view through Crowley's Marina from 95th St.
Stmarchall-7-6-11-lg-DSC-0797.jpg (63733 bytes)
Tied up at North American Salt waiting for NS 5 bridge repairs.
Stmarchall-7-6-11-lg-DSC-0814.jpg (93325 bytes)
Stern view from 92nd St.

Menominee and Marinette
- Scott Best
1-BBCArizona-07-02-11-sb.jpg (64003 bytes)
BBC Arizona tied up at K&K in Menominee Saturday morning.
1-Algomarine-07-02-11-sb.jpg (66568 bytes)
Close up Algomarine unloading salt Saturday morning.
2-Algomarine-07-02-11-sb.jpg (62736 bytes)
Wide view with American Flag at MF&D for the Fourth of July weekend.
3-Algomarine-07-02-11-sb.jpg (57767 bytes)
Heading out through the piers before noon Saturday.
4-Algomarine-07-02-11-sb.jpg (62377 bytes)
Turning on the power as they depart the Menominee River.

Buffalo in the Cuyahoga River -
Kate White
1-Buffalo-7-6-11-kw.jpg (114184 bytes)
Taken from the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Saginaw River Wednesday -
Galen Witham and Hunter Maxon
1.-alp-grw-607-06-11.jpg (73509 bytes)
The Alpena, just north of Zilwaukee, MI., on the Saginaw River.
2.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (103445 bytes)
Hunter Maxon (a young boatnerd) waves to the Steamer Alpena on the Saginaw River. 
4.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (72333 bytes)
Outbound from Zilwaukee.
5.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (74738 bytes)
Approaching Cheboyganing Creek.
6.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (45379 bytes)
The Master of the Alpena looks on as he transits the river.
7.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (89621 bytes)
Making the turn at Cheboyganing Creek.
8.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (84675 bytes)
The Alpena heads outbound towards the Airport Turning Basin.
9.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (74978 bytes)
Approaching Cass Ave.
14.-alp-grw-07-06-11.jpg (95607 bytes)
 Passing through the Lake State Railway bridge.

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-maple-04-07-11-rb.jpg (57437 bytes)
Mapleglen's accommodations get a paint job on the run.
2-quebec-05-07-11-rb.jpg (45002 bytes)
Quebecois passing Mariatown.
3-quebec-05-07-11-rb.jpg (54154 bytes)
Quebecois will soon have new stack colours.
4-fedmac-05-07-11-rb.jpg (56605 bytes)
Federal Mackinac heads down the Seaway at Mariatown.
5-harbour-05-07-11-007.jpg (71641 bytes)
Harbour Feature departing Iroquois Lock.
6-harbour-05-07-11-rb.jpg (75959 bytes)
Harbour Feature is completing her first voyage into the Lakes.

Saginaw River Tuesday -
Todd Shorkey
1-alpena-7-5-11-ts-a.jpg (42300 bytes)
Alpena making the turn in Essexville and passing the Manitowoc
2-alpena-7-5-11-ts-b.jpg (61550 bytes)
Another view
3-alpena-7-5-11-ts-c.jpg (65074 bytes)
Alpena upbound at Smith Park
4-alpena-7-5-11-ts-d.jpg (64779 bytes)
 Stern view

Cason J. Callaway westbound through the Straights of Mackinac Tuesday -
Michael Straus
DSCF2088.jpg (87291 bytes) DSCF2095.jpg (61222 bytes) DSCF2093.jpg (64624 bytes)    

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
DESGAGNESJANAb12070311mn.jpg (48143 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes upbound off the old Bob-Lo Dock.
DESGAGNESJANAs15070311mn.jpg (58291 bytes) FEDERALNAKAGAWAb05070211mn.jpg (65800 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa at Nicholson's Detroit
LAUDSAMb06070211mn.jpg (52491 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound at the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
.LAUDSAMs07070211mn.jpg (64631 bytes)
TUSCARORAb03070311mn.jpg (50213 bytes)
Tuscarora in Ojibway Anchorage.
TUSCARORAs04070311mn.jpg (53915 bytes) VICTORIAb09070211mn.jpg (65357 bytes)
Victoria in Ojibway Anchorage.
VIDACb10070311mn.jpg (66803 bytes)
Vida C

Paul R. Tregurtha on the Detroit River
- Michael A. Turnquist
IMGP3467.jpg (83975 bytes)
Downbound Tuesday to Monroe, Mich.
IMGP3473.jpg (67793 bytes)
Upbound Wednesday

Port Stanley fishing tugs -  James M Carlson
Noskca-J.jpg (86856 bytes)
Noskca J Wednesday
Noskca-J-Stern-View-.jpg (89873 bytes) Mr-Minor-.jpg (61561 bytes)
Mr. Minor on Monday heading to off load

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