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July 8, 20

Detroit traffic Thursday -  Mike Nicholls
CUYAHOGAb01070711mn.jpg (58059 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound off Great Lakes Steel, Ecorse, MI.
CUYAHOGAs02070711mn.jpg (41749 bytes) SAGINAWb04070711mn.jpg (47776 bytes)
Saginaw unloading at the Coco Dock in Windsor.
SAGINAWs05070711mn.jpg (53903 bytes) FRONTENACb06070711mn.jpg (50791 bytes)
Frontenac unloading at the Lafarge Dock.
FRONTENACs08070711mn08.jpg (54961 bytes) ALGOLAKEb09070711mn.jpg (35621 bytes)
Algolake loading salt at Ojibway.
VICTORIAb10070711mn.jpg (60664 bytes)
Victoria still in Ojibway Anchorage.
VICTORIAs11070711mn.jpg (58423 bytes) COLUMBIAV12070711mn.jpg (82405 bytes)
Auto ferry Columbia V in Amherstburg.

Recent Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1gr_amar_7_4_11_rb.jpg (91458 bytes)
Great Republic and American Mariner at the ore dock July 4.
2amar_7_4_11_rb.jpg (58553 bytes)
American Mariner departing
1hlw_7_2_11_rb.jpg (73809 bytes)
H. Lee White at the Lower Harbor in Marquette

BBC Emsland departing Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-emsland-07-07-11-rb.jpg (75194 bytes)
2-emsland-07-07-11-rb.jpg (103635 bytes)
Cabin and stack detail.
3-emsland-07-07-11-rb.jpg (68697 bytes)
BBC Emsland is formerly Beluga Liberty and Elvira.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-mani-7-7-11-ts-a.jpg (85958 bytes)
 Manitowoc at the Bay Aggregates slip early Thursday morning

Algorail and John Aird on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Thursday -
Dianne Donati
John-Aird-7-7-11dd.jpg (67523 bytes) Algorail-7-7-11-dd.jpg (99467 bytes)      

Lynx at Marine City on Thursday afternoon -
Don Detloff
lynx-07jul11-djd.jpg (65880 bytes)        

Fishing tugs -
James M. Carlson
W-A-Spears.jpg (125766 bytes)
W A Spears in August, 2010 at
Killarney, Ontario.
W-A-Spears-(another-View).jpg (109013 bytes) John-Emil-Nov-13-2010-Blind-River-Ontario.jpg (72268 bytes)
John Emil November 13, 2010 at Blind River, Ontario.
John-Emil-Nov-13-2010-Blind-River-Ontario-(1).jpg (91989 bytes) Kelsey-T-Nov-2010.jpg (66947 bytes)
Kelsey T in November, 2010 at Blind River.

Sauniere and Halifax scrapping at Aliaga Turkey on July 6 - Selim San 
HALIFAX-7-06-11-ss.jpg (95545 bytes) SAUNIERE7-06-11-ss.jpg (66431 bytes)
Sauniere arrived at Aliaga Turkey July 2.
SAUNIERE7-06-11-ss-b.jpg (79169 bytes)    

Algorail in Fairport Harbor Sunday -
Dave Beach
1-algorail-7-3-11-db.jpg (76205 bytes)        

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