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July 10, 20

Welland Canal Saturday - Eric Holmes
1-Ojibway-07-09-11-eh.jpg (74479 bytes)
Ojibway under Bridge 5 upbound.
2-Algosea-07-09-11-eh.jpg (61249 bytes)
Algoeast below Lock 2 upbound.
3-Algosea-07-09-11-eh.jpg (56381 bytes)
Stern view
4-Canprovider-07-09-11-eh.jpg (49088 bytes)
Canadian Provider below Lock 2 downbound keeping the decks cool.
5-Canprovider-07-09-11-eh.jpg (59078 bytes)
Stern view
6-Algoguradian-07-09-11-eh.jpg (57493 bytes)
Algoma Guardian below Lock 2 upbound.
7-Algoguardian-07-09-11-eh.jpg (62819 bytes)
Stern view

Detroit River Saturday -
Dave Wobser
1-Buffalo-7-9-11-djw.jpg (86302 bytes)
Buffalo down bound under the Ambassador Bridge
2-Buffalo-7-9-11-djw.jpg (83411 bytes)
 J. W. Westcott II servicing the Buffalo
3-AmMariner-7-9-11djw.jpg (90375 bytes)
 American Mariner under the bridge
4-AmMariner-7-9-11-djw.jpg (85108 bytes)
Wescott delivers the mail
5-Quebecois-7-9-11-djw.jpg (61556 bytes)
Quebecois upbound
6-Westcott-7-9-11-djw.jpg (107827 bytes)
Westcott returns to pick up more mail
7-Manitowoc-7-9-11-djw.jpg (107160 bytes)
Manitowoc under the bridge
8-Am-Integrity-7-9-11-djw.jpg (88982 bytes)
American Integrity
9-D-Jack-7-9-11-djw.jpg (103032 bytes)
Diamond Jack giving the passengers a close up of American Integrity

Detroit River Saturday -
Mike Nicholls
AMERICANINTEGRITYb111E0EE9.jpg (59833 bytes)
American Integrity downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
AMERICANINTEGRITYs131E0EE8.jpg (47109 bytes) MANITOWOCb08070911mn.jpg (69547 bytes)
Manitowoc downbound off Nicholson's Detroit.
MANITOWOCs10070911mn.jpg (59827 bytes) MCLEODNORMANb16070911mn.jpg (59237 bytes)
Norman Mc Leod loading liquid asphalt at Sterling Fuel for Trois Rivers, QC.
MCLEODNORMANs17070911mn.jpg (52990 bytes)        

Pride of Baltimore II from Marine City to Port Huron on Saturday -
Don Detloff
1-pride-09jul11-djd.jpg (83391 bytes) 2-pride-09jul11-djd.jpg (70727 bytes) 3-pride-09jul11-djd.jpg (57837 bytes) 4-pride-09jul11-djd.jpg (68667 bytes) 5-pride-09jul11-djd.jpg (72836 bytes)

Recent Welland Canal Photos
- Paul Beesley
1-atleri-7-07-11-pb.jpg (56447 bytes)
Atlantic Erie below Lock 2.
2-canoly-7-07-11-pb.jpg (56201 bytes)
Canadian Olympic also below Lock 2.
3-comence-7-07-11-pb.jpg (71140 bytes)
 I must admit to being overtired whislt taking this photo.  "Why", I wondered, "would anyone name an obvious tanker Commen Cement?"
4-comence-7-07-11-pb.jpg (90087 bytes)
And this red thing reminded me of something younger people might stick through a hole in their lips or nose.
5-comence-7-07-11-pb.jpg (69924 bytes)
"Oh.  Commencement".  Duh.

Commencement Saturday -
Eira Voth
Commencement-2011-07-07-UBL1L2-emv.jpg (66402 bytes) Commencement-2011-07-07-UBL1L2-emv-(1).jpg (74438 bytes)      

Capt. Henry Jackman at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1chj_7_7_11_rb.jpg (71641 bytes)
At anchor in the morning
2chj_7_7_11_rb.jpg (62137 bytes)
Loading ore in the evening
3chj_7_7_11_rb.jpg (97294 bytes)
Stern view

Historical perspective - Canadian Ambassador maiden voyage, July 4, 1983
- Al Howard
Canadian-Ambassador-maiden-voyage-waits-to-depart-lock-6.jpg (65965 bytes) Canadian-Ambassador-being-raised-at-lock-6.jpg (52174 bytes) Canadian-Ambassador-departs-lock-6.jpg (45965 bytes) Canadian-Ambassador-maiden-voyage-at-lock-3--view-from-bridge.jpg (179805 bytes) Canadian-Ambassador-maiden-voyage-in-lock-4-view-from-bridge.jpg (93817 bytes)
Sauniere-upbound-with-Can.jpg (89488 bytes)        

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