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July 11, 20

Around Lake Superior - Mike Sipper
1-HCJ-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (81645 bytes)
Jackson loading at CN
2-SJC-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (60918 bytes)
Cort Departing Superior
3-AD-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (63453 bytes)
Algoma Discovery arriving Superior
4-AD-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (55603 bytes) 5-CJC-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (67195 bytes)
Callaway departing Poe Lock
6-CJCSJC-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (76152 bytes)
Callaway passing the Cort at the Soo
7-SJC-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (51719 bytes)
Cort unloading at Burns Harbor
8-AM-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (45293 bytes)
American Mariner in the St. Marys River
9-AS-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (73343 bytes)
Algosteel downbound Mission Point
10-CJC-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (73288 bytes)
Callaway departing Poe Lock downbound
11-PI-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (66419 bytes)
Presque Isle in the St. Marys River
12-CT-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (66461 bytes)
Canadian Transport entering Whitefish bay
13-JRB-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (134819 bytes)
Barker loading coal in Superior.
14-JRB-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (51225 bytes)
Barker Departing Duluth
15-JRB-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (63275 bytes)
16-AC-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (124439 bytes)
American Courage loading at CN Duluth
17-EG-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (123186 bytes)
Edna G. at Two Harbors
18-EBSRB-7-10-11-MS.jpg.jpg (55892 bytes)
Speer & Roger Blough loading at CN Two Harbors.

Marquette activity Saturday -
Luke Archer
1-GRepublic-7-9-11-la.jpg (56280 bytes)
Great Republic finished loading and slowly backing away from the dock.
2-GRepublic-7-9-11-la.jpg (44233 bytes)
Republic turning as the Kaye E. Barker comes in to take her place at the ore dock.
3-SagGRepKEBar-7-9-11-la.jpg (49817 bytes)
Three lakers in sight: Saginaw, Great Republic & Kaye E. Barker
4-Saginaw-7-9-11-la.jpg (38102 bytes)
Saginaw in the evening sun.
5-Saginaw-7-9-11-la.jpg (54111 bytes)
Wider view
6-KEBarker-7-9-11-la.jpg (49793 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker docking with the aid of her bow thruster.
7-KEBarker-7-9-11-la.jpg (59985 bytes)
Docked at dusk

St. John's Newfoundland and St Lawrence river -
Clarence Vautier and Kent Malo
Ambassador7-09-11-CV.jpg (78708 bytes)
Ambassador Port of Montreal sec 44 Saturday
Artic7-09-11-cv.jpg (40385 bytes)
Artic St Lawrence river below Montréal
Azoresborg7-09-11-cv.jpg (47691 bytes)
Azoresborg at Becancour
LowlandsOpal7-09-11-cv.jpg (54124 bytes)
Lowlands Opal at Sorel Quebec
Maresuperum7-09-11-cv.jpg (75056 bytes)
Mare Superum Montreal Quebec
ScandiMega7-09-11-cv.jpg (44409 bytes)
Scandi Mega St John's Newfoundland
SeaVoyager7-09-11-cv.jpg (64254 bytes)
Sea Voyager ex Cape May Light St John's Newfoundland.
 DeepConstructor-cv.jpg (101515 bytes)
Deep Constructor at St John's Newfoundland
AtlanticErie7-09-11-km.jpg (72660 bytes)
Atlantic Erie passing at Cap Charles, Quebec below Trois Riveres destination Halifax.
Azoresborg7-09-11-km.jpg (50591 bytes)
Azoresborg up bound at Cap Charles, destination Becancour.
WHISTLER7-09-11-KM.jpg (48703 bytes)
Whistler in ballast for Boston, passing Cap Charles Quebec below Trois Rivieres

Cedarglen downbound off Mistersky's in the Detroit River Sunday - Mike Nicholls
CEDARGLENb01071011mn.jpg (54899 bytes) CEDARGLENs03071011mn.jpg (56188 bytes)      

Historical Perspective -
Aquarama unloading passengers from Cleveland at the city park next to the J.W. Westcott Co. in 1963.  - by Hartland Smith, William Hoey collection
Aquarama-1-ADJ.jpg (114226 bytes) Aquarama-2-ADJ.jpg (72508 bytes) Aquarama-3-ADJ.jpg (28844 bytes)    

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