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July 14, 20

Welland Canal Wednesday - Bill Bird
1-Algocape-07-13-11-a-bb.jpg (53983 bytes)
Algocape sliding along the east wall into Lock 7
2-Algocape-07-13-11-b-bb.jpg (48926 bytes)
Stern shot on her way to Quebec
3-Algocapeshade-07-13-11-bb.jpg (80627 bytes)
crew member uses shade of lifeboat to keep cool
4-AlgowoodGordonCLeitch-07-13-11-bb.jpg (70479 bytes)
Passing entry above Lock 1 as Algowood eases along the wall and Gordon C Leitch heads towards Lock 2
5-GordonCLeitch-07-13-11-a-bb.jpg (53414 bytes)
Leitch closeup
6-GordonCLeitch-07-13-11-b-bb.jpg (52685 bytes)
Stern shot
7-GordonCLeitchpellets-07-13-11-bb.jpg (126651 bytes)
Short trip from Dofasco in Hamilton to the canal means crew didn't get a chance to finish cleaning the deck of taconite pellets.
8-Pineglen-07-13-11-a-bb.jpg (81542 bytes)
Pineglen out of Lock 4
9-Pineglen-07-13-11-a-bb.jpg (59702 bytes)
Bound for Baie Comeau
10-SongaSapphire-07-13-11-a-bb.jpg (61081 bytes)
Tanker Songa Sapphire clear of Lock One
11-SongaSapphire-07-13-11-b-bb.jpg (67369 bytes)
Headed to Sarnia

Ojibway at Milwaukee - 
Lou Gerard
DSC_1051_28478.jpg (72200 bytes)
Ojibway loading grain at the Nadera elevator in the inner harbor.
DSC_1066_28493.jpg (72338 bytes)
Scene from across the inner harbor from Jones Island with the Allen-Bradley clock tower in the distance.
DSC_1058_28485.jpg (99879 bytes)
Close up of stern.
DSC_1098_28525.jpg (82013 bytes)
Leona B. of Midwest Marine passes by in the inner harbor.

Green Bay -
Scott Best
1-manistee-07-13-11-sb.jpg (73485 bytes)
Heading up the Fox River under the I-43 bridge at the mouth of the Fox River.
2-manistee-07-13-11-sb.jpg (85287 bytes)
Close up approaching the first RR Bridge.
3-manistee-07-13-11-sb.jpg (85152 bytes)
Passing through the Walnut St Bridge downntown.
4-manistee-07-13-11-sb.jpg (93527 bytes)
Approaching Mason St Bridge, downtown Green Bay in background.
5-manistee-07-13-11-sb.jpg (87088 bytes)
Unloading in the former Fort Howard Paper slip.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-flinter-12-07-11-rb.jpg (62316 bytes)
Flinterstar returns to visit the Lakes after 9 years sailing under another name.
2-flinter-12-07-11-rb.jpg (66330 bytes)
She last visited when new from the shipyard in 2002.
1-vac-12-07-11-rb.jpg (129315 bytes)
Vac under the bridge at Cornwall with a deck barge alongside barge S/VM 86. Note the whitewater on the bows. The barges are stationary, the current is that strong.
2-hm10-12-07-11-rb.jpg (111139 bytes)
 Barge HM 10 spudded down under the bridge. A new bridge is being built.
3-vac-12-07-11-rb.jpg (103303 bytes)
Vac is preparing to depart.
4-vac-12-07-11-rb.jpg (124655 bytes)
Going sideways at 6 knots.

Detroit River Wednesday -
Mike Nicholls
ALGOMARINEMAPLEGLENP01071311MN.jpg (50075 bytes)
Algomarine passing Mapleglen above Fighting Island North Light then tieing up at Ojibway Salt to load for Toronto.
ALGOMARINEb02071311mn.jpg (49469 bytes) ALGOMARINEs03071311mn.jpg (52098 bytes) GREATLAKESTRADERb05071311mn.jpg (71499 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and Joyce L Van Enkevort downbound off Nicholson's Detroit.
VANENKEVORTJOYCELb061E299E.jpg (67322 bytes)
VANENKEVORTJOYCELs071E2997.jpg (58923 bytes) GREATLAKESTRADERs09071311mn.jpg (56390 bytes) DIAMONDQUEENb10071311mn.jpg (127829 bytes)
Diamond Queen downbound off Windsor.
DIAMONDQUEENs11071311mn.jpg (94004 bytes)  

Welland Canal Tuesday -
Heather Maguire
1-cslniagara-7-12-11-hm.jpg (59471 bytes)
 CSL Niagara, upbound approaching the Homer Bridge.
2-victoriaborg-7-12-11-hm.jpg (61801 bytes)
Victoriaborg, taking Lock 2 on the fly.  Speaking of flying, shouldn't those geese be doing that?
3-Everlast-7-12-11-hm.jpg (64993 bytes)
Everlast/Norman McLeod, downbound from Lock 3.
4-Cinnamon-7-12-11-hm.jpg (64445 bytes)
Cinnamon, downbound below Lock 4
5-Victorious-7-12-11-hm.jpg (91479 bytes)
Here's the sister to the Everlast, ATB Victorious/John J. Carrick, upbound approaching Lock 2. 
6-Victorious-7-12-11-hm.jpg (65609 bytes)
 Captain of the Victorious/John J. Carrick.
7-Algolake-7-12-11-hm.jpg (86078 bytes)
Victorioius/John J. Carrick passes Algolake, above Lock 2
8-Richelieu-7-12-11-hm.jpg (71377 bytes)
 The Richelieu passes by, below Lock 3. 

Recent Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-barband-7-08-11-pb.jpg (73991 bytes)
 Barbara Andrie and barge A-390 on her way to Lock
2-east-7-09-11-pb.jpg (66684 bytes)
Algoeast leaving Lock 2.
3-guard-7-09-11-pb.jpg (68712 bytes)
Algoma Guardian passes Victoria above Lock 2.
4-guard-7-09-11-pb.jpg (60719 bytes)
On her way to Lock 3.
5-moon-7-09-11-pb.jpg (44454 bytes)
 Working ship versus fun ship.  Blue Moon and Victoria above Lock 2. Superyacht Blue Moon is offering a fantastic Special Offer Charter: Caribbean: $395,000/week plus expenses. New England: $325,000/week plus expenses **Regular rate was $475,000/week**.
6-canprov-7-09-11-pb.jpg (66780 bytes)
Canadian Provider below the Flight Locks.
7-canprov-7-09-11-pb.jpg (53552 bytes)
And approaching Lock 3.  Hogging prevention in effect.
8-isa-7-09-11-pb.jpg (98751 bytes)
Isa under the Glendale Bridge.
9-victoria-7-09-11-pb.jpg (68145 bytes)
 Victoria approaching Lock 2.  Of interest is how her hull flares out just aft of the focsle.
10-victoria-7-09-11-pb.jpg (65865 bytes)
 And flares back in at the superstructure.  Above Lock 2 with the Algoma Guardian.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-7-13-11-ts-a.jpg (114161 bytes)
Olive L. Moore uncoupled from the Lewis J. Kuber before Departing Bay Aggregates
2-ljkuber-7-13-11-ts-b.jpg (77864 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber pushed partially into the Saginaw River from the Bay Aggregates Slip

Historical Perspective
- Tug B. H. Becker in the 1950's & 60's - William Hoey 
The B. H. Becker is today the Jenny Lynn sunk near Cheboygan Michigan
a.-B.H.BeckerA1960swah.jpg (39160 bytes)
The B. H. Becker has made her nearly daily trip from Detroit to Port Huron with the barge ABL 501, and Captain Warren Fuller is backing the tug down from the bow towing location to the stern push for the return trip.  This Peerless plant was located where the Thomas Edison Inn is today at Port Huron.
b.-B.H.BeckerB1960swah.jpg (37169 bytes)
 The B. H. Becker is on the Detroit Boat Basin marine railway for regular maintenance.
C.-B.H.BeckerC1965wah.jpg (24444 bytes)
The B. H. Becker is "on the hip" of the bunker barge Fuel Oil bound for the Ford steel mill to fuel a Ford Motor Company ship.

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