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July 15, 20

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-miramichi-14-07-11-rb.jpg (74056 bytes)
Federal Miramichi upbound at Mariatown.
2-miramichi-14-07-11-rb.jpg (150547 bytes)
Flag painted on cabin.
3-africa-14-07-11-rb.jpg (64232 bytes)
Africaborg passing Mariatown.
4-africa-14-07-11-rb.jpg (65294 bytes)
She is bound for Hamilton.
5-fedrhine-14-07-11-rb.jpg (56095 bytes)
Federal Rhine passing Mariatown.
6-fedrhine-14-07-11-rb.jpg (71596 bytes)
She is heading for Toronto.
7-elbeborg-14-07-11-rb.jpg (45957 bytes)
Elbeborg downbound at Mariatown.
8-vega-14-07-11-rb.jpg (59841 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes upbound after sunset at Mariatown.

Soo Wednesday -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-01.jpg (86021 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder at West Pier
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-02.jpg (117036 bytes)
Joseph L. Block approaching the Poe Lock
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-04.jpg (61484 bytes)
JW Shelly upbound 
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-05.jpg (97418 bytes) Soo-7-13-11-BCM-06.jpg (85651 bytes)
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-07.jpg (79308 bytes)
Block at the Rock Cut
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-08.jpg (109138 bytes) Soo-7-13-11-BCM-09.jpg (96690 bytes) Soo-7-13-11-BCM-10.jpg (94092 bytes)
BBC Portugal with special cargo
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-11.jpg (87804 bytes)
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-12.jpg (97227 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-13.jpg (91482 bytes)
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-14.jpg (79865 bytes)
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-15.jpg (126853 bytes)
Soo-7-13-11-BCM-16.jpg (72009 bytes)

Welland Canal -
Jim Winsor
1-Pineglen-JW-2011-13-07.jpg (109068 bytes)
Pineglen exits lock 4
2-Pineglen-JW-2011-13-07.jpg (75356 bytes) 3-Pineglen-JW-2011-13-07.jpg (66203 bytes) 1-Algocape-2011-13-07.jpg (129320 bytes) 2-Algocape-2011-13-07.jpg (102220 bytes)
3-Mapleglen-2011-13-07.jpg (109188 bytes) 5-Robert-S-Person-2011-13-07.jpg (97445 bytes) 7-Robert-S-Person-2011-13-07.jpg (95463 bytes) 8-Gordon-C-Leitch-2011-13-07.jpg (78730 bytes) 10-Gordon-C-Leitch-2011-13-07.jpg (74801 bytes)
11-Gordon-C-Leitch-2011-13-07.jpg (62165 bytes) 12-Gordon-C-Leitch-2011-13-07.jpg (60053 bytes)      

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
NIAGARASPIRITs01071411mn.jpg (65093 bytes)
Niagara Spirit and John Spence unloading steel coils at Nicholson's Detroit.  She departed later bound for Cleveland.
SPENCEJOHNb03071411mn.jpg (61308 bytes) SPENCEJOHNs02071411mn.jpg (65565 bytes) SAGINAWb07071411mn.jpg (63275 bytes)
Saginaw downbound off Mistersky's.
CSLNIAGARAb08071411mn.jpg (48469 bytes)
CSL Niagara loading salt at the Ojibway Salt Dock.
CSLNIAGARAs09071411mn.jpg (57600 bytes) SONGASAPPHIREb11071411mn.jpg (60585 bytes)
Songa Sapphire (Mashall Islands) upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
SONGASAPPHIREs12071411mn.jpg (58085 bytes) LEITCHGORDONCb15071411mn.jpg (45479 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch upbound at the upper Livingstone Channel.

LEITCHGORDONCs17071411mn.jpg (44931 bytes)

BBC Portugal passing Marine City Thursday -
Bill Beutell
bbcPortugal003.jpg (53202 bytes) bbcPortugal005.jpg (60585 bytes) bbcPortugal010.jpg (44331 bytes)    

Manistee in Green Bay Wednesday afternoon -
Matt Ludvigson
1-Manistee-7-13-11-ml.jpg (74489 bytes)
Manistee arrives
2-Manistee-7-13-11-ml.jpg (95003 bytes)
Navigates the Ray Nitschke Bridge

3-Manistee-7-13-11-ml.jpg (80489 bytes)
Three classic lakers in Green Bay - Manistee, Alpena, and the S.T. Crapo

4-Manistee-7-13-11-ml.jpg (76155 bytes)
Pulling into the slip

Cason J. Callaway unloading stone at Huron, Ohio -
Thomas Seiler
Cason-J-Callaway-7-13-11-ts.jpg (89013 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-jdl-7-10-11-pb.jpg (50147 bytes)
John D Leitch below Lock 2.
2-jdl-7-10-11-pb.jpg (73060 bytes)
All signs of Upper Lakes have been extirpated.
3-jdl-7-10-11-pb.jpg (97779 bytes)
Funnel markings partly completed.
4-lake-7-12-11-pb.jpg (63213 bytes)
Algolake passing the ferry dock at Port Robinson.  One of the best places to take photos.
5-lake-7-12-11-pb.jpg (73126 bytes)
The previous Captain kept the ship looking spiffy and it appears that tradition is being followed.
6-topaz-7-12-11-pb.jpg (64333 bytes)
Songa Topaz also at Port Robinson.
7-topaz-7-12-11-pb.jpg (98110 bytes)

 Bulbous bow. Probably not helping much at this speed and draft. How do they work? "Although much is known about the bulb, much of its functions are still in dispute. To say that on a hydrodynamic level the destructive interference of the primary and secondary wave trains causes an overall reduction in drag which is beneficial to the vessels resistance characteristics would be true. A bit of a mouth full, but true! Or on a more physical level, that the water coursing over the top of the bulb is exerting a downward pressure that is keeping the stern from squatting, thereby allowing flatter trim, causing the vessel to run with less resistance. Still others would argue the finer points of laminar flow, with no clear conclusions. In any case, it is a fact that bulbs do work and in some cases reduce resistance as much as 25%." Thanks to Diesel Duck for this info.


Canadian Ranger arrives at Aliaga, Turkey -
Selim San
Canadian-Ranger-Anakonda7-13-11-ss-b.jpg (48847 bytes)
Canadian Ranger at anchor at Aliaga
CANADIAN-RANGER7-13-11-ss-a.jpg (57682 bytes) HALIFAX7-13-11-ss-a.jpg (72634 bytes)
Halifax being scrapped
HALIFAX7-13-11-ss.jpg (82174 bytes)  

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1grtrep_7_9_11_rb.jpg (97736 bytes)
Great Republic in to load ore
2kebgrtrep7_9_11_rb.jpg (82277 bytes)
Great Republic loading with Kaye E. Barker at anchor
3hcj_7_13_11_rb.jpg (86883 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson waiting to load ore

Manitowoc being pulled by tug Iowa
- Kate White
2-Mantowoc-7-14-11-kw.jpg (117279 bytes)
Taken from Columbus Road bridge
1-Mantowoc-7-14-11-kw.jpg (112771 bytes)
Taken from Hope Memorial bridge

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