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July 16, 20

Welland Canal - Jim Windsor
1-Canadian-Leader-2001-07-15.jpg (48925 bytes) 2-Algoma-Progress-2011-07-15.jpg (114914 bytes) 3-Algoma-Progress-2011-07-15.jpg (60073 bytes) 4-Algoma-Progress-2011-07-15.jpg (88102 bytes) 5-Algoma-Progress-2011-07-15.jpg (79969 bytes)
6-Federal-Maramachi-2011-07-15.jpg (65694 bytes) 7-Algosteel-2011-07-15.jpg (67141 bytes) 8-Algosteel-2011-07-15.jpg (57126 bytes) 9-Algosteel-2011-07-15.jpg (79589 bytes) 10-Federal-Marimachi-2011-07-15.jpg (79757 bytes)
11-Federal-Marimachi-2011-07-15.jpg (78957 bytes) 12-Federal-Marimachi-2011-07-15.jpg (59959 bytes) 13-Federal-Marimachi-2011-07-15.jpg (64753 bytes) 17-BBC-Portugal-2011-07-15.jpg (82650 bytes) 16-BBC-Portugal-2011-07-15.jpg (102392 bytes)
3-Songa-Topaz-2011-07-15.jpg (52906 bytes) 4-Songa-Topaz-2011-07-15.jpg (54103 bytes) 5-Songa-Topaz-2011-07-15.jpg (59577 bytes) 6-Songa-Topaz-2011-07-15.jpg (51668 bytes) 7-Moon-Shot-2011-07-15.jpg (44212 bytes)

Iroquois Thursday -
Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Miramichi-07-14-11-mb.jpg (94042 bytes)
Federal Miramichi up at Iroquois
2-Federal-Mieamichi-07-14-11-mb.jpg (101929 bytes) 3-Federal-Miramichi-07-14-11-mb.jpg (99280 bytes) 4-Mapleglen-07-14-11-mb.jpg (63799 bytes)
Mapleglen down at Iroquois
5-Mapleglen-07-14-11-mb.jpg (80729 bytes)
6-Africaborg-07-14-11-mb.jpg (83384 bytes)
 Africaborg up at Iroquois
7-Africaborg-07-14-11-mb.jpg (76437 bytes) 8-Elbeborg-07-14-11-mb.jpg (68345 bytes)
Elbeborg down at Mariatown On
9-Elbeborg-07-14-11-mb.jpg (66389 bytes) 10-Federal-Rhine-07-14-11-mb.jpg (71245 bytes)
Federal Rhine up at Mariatown
11-Federal-Rhine-07-14-11-mb.jpg (82441 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-victor-7-12-11-pb.jpg (72690 bytes)
John J Carrick and Victorious upbound from Lock 1.
2-victor-7-12-11-pb.jpg (56157 bytes)
Victorious in the notch.
3-victor-7-12-11-pb.jpg (91054 bytes)
Each season these trees grow farther out toward the shipping channel. 
4-arizo-7-12-11-pb.jpg (69026 bytes)
BBC Arizona below Lock 2.
5-arizo-7-12-11-pb.jpg (60787 bytes)
Pilot taking a moment to check out the houses along the canal.
6-arizo-7-12-11-pb.jpg (107098 bytes)
BBC Arizona down to her salt water mark.  The International Convention on Load Lines (ICLL) is an IMO Convention that is applicable for all vessels engaged in international trade, with the following exceptions: ships of war; ships of less than 24 metres  in length; pleasure yachts not engaged in trade; fishing vessels.
7-ll-7-12-11-pb.jpg (51753 bytes)
The ICLL defines the maximum allowed draught of the vessel, and how this is to be marked on the side of the vessel.  The International Load Line Certificate verifies that the vessels strength and stability have been approved for the draught corresponding to the freeboard mark given on the certificate and that the vessel at the maximum draught has a reserve buoyancy and bow height in compliance with the requirements of the ICLL.  The requirement for reserve buoyancy is to ensure that the vessel is not broken down by heavy seas, while the requirement for bow height is to limit the amount of green seas on the deck.
8-cape-7-13-11-pb.jpg (60314 bytes)
Algocape below Lock 2.
9-house-7-13-11-pb.jpg (169887 bytes)
How close do the ships pass to my house?  Close enough to knock Santa off the roof.
10-wood-7-13-11-pb.jpg (70018 bytes)
Algowood approaching Lock 1 with the Gordon C Leitch above her deck.

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-happy-15-07-11-rb.jpg (67686 bytes)
Happy Rover slides the wall below Iroquois Lock.
2-happy-15-07-11-rb.jpg (78659 bytes)
She has cargo for Burns Harbor.
3-rescue-15-07-11-rb.jpg (147542 bytes)
 CCGS Cape Rescue passing Mariatown on her way to Kingston and Burlington.
4-vanborg-15-07-11-rb.jpg (55141 bytes)
Vancouverborg heads down the river with a load for Liverpool.

Federal Miramichi in the Welland Canal -
Eric Holmes
1-Fedmiramichi-07-15-11-eh.jpg (51728 bytes)
Head on below Lock 3
2-Fedmiramichi-07-15-11-eh.jpg (69046 bytes) 3-Fedmiramichi-07-15-11-eh.jpg (65279 bytes) 4-Fedmiramichi-07-15-11-eh.jpg (77096 bytes)  

Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_4036_2.jpg (63121 bytes)
Kaye E Barker turning in the lower harbor
IMG_4042_2.jpg (87744 bytes)
Michipicoten loading
IMG_4043_2.jpg (69702 bytes)
Algosoo still loading, John B Aird waiting
IMG_4053_2.jpg (60260 bytes)
John B Aird and the upper harbor light
IMG_3975.jpg (78686 bytes)
IMG_3990.jpg (53458 bytes) IMG_4008.jpg (67789 bytes) IMG_4011.jpg (96552 bytes)    

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday -
Dianne Donati
Ojibway-7-15-11-dd.jpg (94877 bytes) Joyce-L-Van-Enkevort-Great-Lakes-Trader-7-15-11-dd.jpg (76177 bytes)      

Peterborough, Ontario -
Andre Blanchard
1-Trent-7-13-11-ab.jpg (127385 bytes)
The restored 1948 tug Trent docked near the Peterborough Lift Locks (a Canadian National Heritage Landmark) on July 13. This vessel is still an active workboat that operates in the Trent-Severen Waterway.

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