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July 18, 20

Port Huron weekend traffic - Bruce Hurd
100_8147.jpg (69733 bytes)
Algoma Transfer
100_8142.jpg (38717 bytes)
100_8138.jpg (69033 bytes)
100_8135.jpg (53481 bytes)
St Clair
100_8133.jpg (55904 bytes)
J W Shelley
100_8129.jpg (63040 bytes)
100_8126.jpg (64898 bytes)
American Mariner passes Algomarine
100_8124.jpg (65969 bytes)
American Mariner off St Clair
100_8120.jpg (66807 bytes)
Federal Miramichi
100_8118.jpg (65741 bytes)
Federal Ems
100_8114.jpg (45996 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha
100_8112.jpg (71850 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson
100_8109.jpg (50693 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder
100_8107.jpg (57231 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson
100_8106.jpg (51789 bytes)
100_8099.jpg (60044 bytes)
Tug Cleveland and Barge Cleveland Rocks
100_8093.jpg (56826 bytes)
CSL Niagara
100_8090.jpg (121532 bytes) 100_8088.jpg (77860 bytes)
Tug Tenacious
100_8086.jpg (48144 bytes)
100_8082.jpg (71270 bytes)
100_8080.jpg (52356 bytes)
Algoma Discovery

American Mariner in Buffalo Sunday -
Brian W.
1-Mariner-7-17-11-BW.jpg (65897 bytes)
American Mariner heading through the Watson Basin on her way up to General Mills with the Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock in the background.
2-Mariner-7-17-11-BW.jpg (80101 bytes)
Here is a detailed view of the stern superstructure and unloading rig, nicely lit by the evening sun.
3-Mariner-7-17-11-BW.jpg (60319 bytes)
 If stood on end, the Mariner would reach 200 feet higher into the sky than Buffalo's tallest building, the HSBC office tower seen in the background.
4-Mariner-7-17-11-BW.jpg (65120 bytes)
Detail shot of the rudder and stern anchor pocket with the prop turning slowly ahead as the ship transits the Watson Basin and enters the Buffalo Ship Canal.
5-Mariner-7-17-11-BW.jpg (81429 bytes)
Mariner heads down the reach under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge towards the General Mills Frontier Elevator, carefully avoiding the boats tied up along the canal.

Manistee backing out of the Buffalo Ship Canal Sunday - Brian W.
1-Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (89513 bytes)
Backing herself under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge as she departs the City Ship Canal.
2-Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (60506 bytes)
Abeam of the old Connecting Terminal grain elevator and has transitioned out of the canal into the Watson Turning Basin.
3--Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (67130 bytes)
The ship is backing through the Watson Basin and coming alongside the Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock.
4-Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (81831 bytes)
Here we see the stern as the Manistee begins her turn out of the Watson and into the Buffalo River Entrance Channel.
5--Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (101384 bytes)
The bow thruster is giving her a little kick to starboard as the ship maneuvers for the next line up for the reach below the Watson Basin.
6-Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (66277 bytes)
Almost out of the basin and just about lined up for the Entrance Channel, still using the bow thruster, now shoving the bow around to starboard.
7--Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (84162 bytes)
As they head for the Outer Harbor, the ship is now backing into the Buffalo River Entrance Channel, the thruster is checking the swing and lining her up for the center.
8-Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (84452 bytes)
Manistee backs down the river as seen from the forward superstructure of the USS Little Rock. The Admiral of the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean would have occupied the Flag Bridge in the lower right of the photo when the cruiser was in active service with the Navy. 
9-Manistee-7-17-11-BW.jpg (59389 bytes)
Now passing the US Coast Guard Base in Buffalo as she heads towards the Main Light, the Outer Harbor, and a hazy Lake Erie.

Iroquois Lock weekend traffic
- Murray Blancher
1-VM-S-Maisonneuve-07-16-11-mb.jpg (130687 bytes)
VM S Maionneuve secured at Iroquois
2-Songa-Topaz-07-16-11-mb.jpg (57034 bytes)
Songa Topaz down at Iroquois
3-Algobay-07-17-11-mb.jpg (67052 bytes)
Algobay up at Iroquois
4-Federal-Sakura-07-17-11-mb.jpg (88735 bytes)
 Federal Sakura up at Iroquois
5-Federal-Maas-07-17-11-mb.jpg (84255 bytes)
 Federal Maas down at Iroquois
6-Canadian-Provider-07-17-11-mb.jpg (106031 bytes)
Canadian Provider up at Iroquois
7-BBC-Portugal-07-17-11-mb.jpg (85957 bytes)
BBC Portugal down at Iroquois
8-Africaborg-07-17-11-mb.jpg (70682 bytes)
Africaborg down at Iroquois

Marquette Sunday -
Danielle Adams
1-7-17-11-AMariner-DA.jpg (66023 bytes)
American Mariner leaving
2-7-17-11-HCJackson-DA.jpg (36707 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson coming into load
3-7-17-11-Michipicoten-DA.jpg (28379 bytes)
Michipicoten loading on this hot & humid day
4-7-17-11-HCJackson-DA.jpg (42627 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson waiting to load
5-7-17-11-PRClarke-DA.jpg (26923 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke anchored just off the Upper Harbor

Great Republic in Green Bay
- Scott Best
1-GR-gb-07-17-11-sb.jpg (82138 bytes)
Unloading stone Sunday evening.
2-GR-gb-07-17-11-sb.jpg (61944 bytes)
Another view.

Great Republic in Green Bay
-  Wendell Wilke
greatrepII0001.jpg (66368 bytes)        

Algoma Fleet Mates at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jbaasoo_7_15_11_rb.jpg (96084 bytes)
Algosoo loading ore with John B. Aird at anchor

Recent Marquette activity -
Luke Archer
1-KEBarker-7-16-11-la.jpg (47642 bytes)
Interlake's Kaye E. Barker unloading stone in the lower harbor.
2-Michipicoten-7-16-11-la.jpg (111344 bytes)
 Bow view of the Michipicoten
3-Michipicoten-7-16-11-la.jpg (91940 bytes)
Wide view
4-Algosoo-7-16-11-la.jpg (70994 bytes)
Algosoo loading
5-Algosoo-7-16-11-la.jpg (75014 bytes)
Algosoo continues to load while her fleet mate, John B. Aird, waits for the laker to finish.
6-HCJackson-7-16-11-la.jpg (79522 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson busy loading
7-oredockweight-7-16-11-la.jpg (107076 bytes)
A counterweight from pocket 378 is under repair in the LS&I dock shop.  These boxes are filled with material and go up inside the dock when the chutes drop down.  A simple process that is used daily to fill the ore boats with taconite.  The safety sign is original from the beginning days of the dock.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Jim Windsor
1-Algosea-2011-07-16.jpg (73810 bytes) 2-Rt.HON.Paul-J-Martin-2011-07-16.jpg (69307 bytes) 3-Algosea-Paul-M-2011-07-16.jpg (65382 bytes) 4-Algosea-2011-07-16.jpg (60169 bytes) 5-Algosea-2011-07-16.jpg (93921 bytes)
6-Moonshot-2011-07-16.jpg (108735 bytes) 7-Federal-Maas-2011-07-16.jpg (68693 bytes) 8-Federal-Maas-2011-07-16.jpg (85961 bytes) 9-Canadian-Transport-2011-07-16.jpg (83668 bytes) 10-Algoma-Discovery-Canadian-Transport-2011-07-16.jpg (75647 bytes)
11-Algoma-Discovery-2011-07-16.jpg (59356 bytes) 12-Algoma-Discovery-2011-07-16.jpg (73008 bytes) 13-Algoma-Discovery-2011-07-16.jpg (72345 bytes)    

Cleveland -
Paul Magyar
1-St.Clair7-16-11-pm-042.jpg (45418 bytes)
St. Clair Inbound Cleveland Harbor with a load of taconite for the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.
2-St.-Clair-7-16-11-pm-064.jpg (49332 bytes)
Turning in the in the West Basin.
4-St.-Clair-7-16-11-pm-100.jpg (51407 bytes)
Arriving at the CBT Dock.
5-ALGOMA-TRANSFER-7-16-11-PM-147.jpg (61946 bytes)
Algoma Transfer Inbound Cleveland with stone bound for the CRP dock at W. 3rd. Street. Assistance was provided by the tugs Iowa and California.
6-ALGOMA-TRANSFER-7-16-11-PM-160.jpg (82652 bytes)
Algoma Transfer about to pass under the Flats Industrial R.R. lift bridge.

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Sunday -
Dianne Donati
John-G-Munson-2-7-16-11-dd.jpg (90618 bytes) Manitowoc-7-16-11-dd.jpg (103626 bytes)      

Saginaw Bay - Ed Cotto
1-algoway-7-15-11-ts-a.jpg (56182 bytes)
Algoway inbound at the Confined Disposal Island
2-algoway-7-15-11-ts-b.jpg (51253 bytes)
Stern View

Badger at Ludington Thursday evening - 
Lou Gerard
DSC_1133.jpg (73819 bytes)
Badger arriving at Ludington Thursday evening with usual greeting party.
DSC_1136.jpg (73214 bytes)
Starting her turn.
DSC_1137.jpg (74896 bytes)
DSC_0003.jpg (55449 bytes)
Turned and starting to back into her slip.
DSC_0006.jpg (49187 bytes)
Almost docked.

Recent Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-gcl-7-13-11-pb.jpg (60955 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch passes the Algowood above Lock
2-gcl-7-13-11-pb.jpg (91885 bytes)
The Leitch now flies Algoma's house flag, although the Upper Lakes logo remains on her wheelhouse top.
3-gcl-7-13-11-pb.jpg (53363 bytes)
 Another view of the Leitch above Lock 1.
4-gcl-7-13-11-pb.jpg (107895 bytes)
She has already had 3 different logos on her funnel and they can still be seen:  The Misener styleized version from early in her career, Misener's two silver bands, Upper Lakes' diamond. 
5-pine-7-13-11-pb.jpg (55521 bytes)
Pineglen approaching Lock 2 downbound.
6-pine-7-13-11-pb.jpg (99239 bytes)
Pineglen's anchor pocket and guide.
7-sapph-7-13-11-pb.jpg (57260 bytes)
Songa Sapphire above Lock 2.  She is registered in the Marshall Islands.  The Marshall Islands Ship Registry is one of the ten largest Open Registries in the world.  Vessels may be owned by a Marshall Islands corporation, LLC, partnership, or a qualified Foreign Maritime Entity.
8-sapph-7-13-11-pb.jpg (67325 bytes)
Flag of the Marshall Islands.  The term flag of convenience describes the business practice of registering a merchant ship in a sovereign state (flag state) different from that of the ship's owners, and flying that state's civil ensign on the ship.
9-sapph-7-13-11-pb.jpg (65125 bytes)
On her way to Lock 3.  A ship operates under the laws of its flag state, and these laws are used if the ship is involved in an admiralty case. 

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